Zinus Sofa Review

Zinus Sofa

Zinus Jocelyn Contemporary Armless Sofa

What we have here is a contemporary sofa from Zinus that comes with the classic Scandanavian chic. It is a beautiful armless sofa that will transform your living room into a beautiful cozy recreational spot in your home. 

If you enjoy those movie nights or those thursday nights where you just want to read a book and think about absolutely nothing. Game nights with a friend, not a problem this is the sofa for you. This armless Zinus sofa comes as a 3 seat sofa. 

Perfect when you just want to have a chatty day with a friend or you want that long Friday afternoon nap. This sofa is basically designed to offer comfort and nothing but comfortZ you can’t go wrong with this sofa. If you do go wrong with it, it’s probably you and not the sofa. 

Made from wood, foam and fiber cushions I can’t say anything bad about this sofa at all. From its style to the way it just fits perfectly into any room. Getting this sofa would definitely be a win for you.

Imagine having that cozy spot that you can just wing yourself to without as much as a second thought about it. You would love it, trust me. Read on to find out what’s more on this sofa.


  • Is very comfortable 
  • Can be used for taking naps 
  • Is a three seat sofa and can accomodate more


  • Is not waterproof or stain resistant 


So take a look at your living room. Imagine a simple but beautiful armless sofa just in that spot. The angle is perfect for the TV, you can see a cozy table in front of you perfect for snacks and resting your legs on. Is that cozy enough for you? 

Or do you feel the need to actually lie down instead? This sofa can accommodate both needs. What I love most about this sofa is tmits contemporary feel. Perfect for any home, ranging from modern set ups to traditional ones. 

With the right accents this sofa could change your life for a long time. It’s beautifully designed to the aesthetic eye, as the line tufts make it completely worth the attention. It’s simple beige color makes it pop without being the elephant in the room. All I can say is that this sofa would be perfect for you. Think about it. 


Well all in all, this sofa is classified as a 65 inch sofa. Its a 3 seat making it the perfect size to accommodate 3 or more people if you want to have a nice chat up or a game night. If you want to take a nice relaxing nap it would also work wonders. Lastly it is set at a dimension of 30.3’ by 65’ by 33.5’. 

Which makes it rather the perfect fit for a large room where it will shine as a perfect aesthetic piece at the same time creating a cozy spot. Which also makes it the perfect fit for a small start up apartment or studio apartment or even a bedroom. 


So you could ask yourself, is this sofa really what i want. Well let me tell you something about this sofa. You see it has a strong, solid wood frame construction that just makes it one of the strongest sofas out there. 

Looking clearly and deeply if you are looking to last a life long sentence with a sofa then this sofa here is definitely the way to go. It is made from reliable foam and fibers making it not only durable and strong enough for heavy usage, but also very comfortable. 

Basically its a strong natural wood frame that is wrapped up in cozy foam supportive cushioning and all of that is upholstered in polyester fiber. So know that if you buy this sofa, you are getting yourself a long time cushion cozy buddy. 


One of the best things about this sofa that actually grabbed my attention is its construction. Naturally strong wood that has not been tampered with is actually capable of withstanding heavy usage for long periods of time without even as much as budging. 

If you think that’s amazing, let’s talk about the supportive foam wrapping that leaves your sofa stronger and sturdy but also very comfortable. Unlike normal cushions this sofa will not sink or lose shape and deform. 

So imagine experiencing the same comfort for the longest time in your life. How loyal can a sofa actually get? So is this sofa strong enough to handle you? Trust me you should be questioning yourself instead. 


Though the price is set to change you will likely find this sofa within a budget range of $200-400 inclusive of the shipping charges at times. Do you think it’s worth it? Are you doubting it? I always say worry not. This sofa is going to last you a long time. Its durability is nothing to doubt. 

The comfort is actually amazing. I would say it is definitely worth it. Trust yourself this time. Buying it feels right and you know it. That cozy set up you have been imagining has become more possible than you could ever think. 


Now comes the hard part. Can I manage it? Yes you can manage it. However can you manage it? I feel that we are scared of taking the risk when we actually don’t know how thing will pan out. Trust me on this one. If you are looking for a great sofa, if you are looking for a cozy set up. 

This sofa will definitely give you what you need. Give it a try, give it a chance and see where it will lead you. This Zinus sofa is perfectly perfect. With a one year worry free guarantee what else could you be asking for? Trust me, whatever happens within the first year you don’t have to worry. 

How much more do you need from this sofa? Anyways my part here is done. Enjoy your shopping and know that you are making the best decision by getting it. I hope our Zinus Sofa Review has been of help. Pop any questions below.

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