Yellow Sofa: Our 5 Favourites

Looking for the best yellow sofa? Well, look no further because you’ve found it, or should I say you’ve found them. Yellow is such an attractive color. All over the world it has been associated with the sun and the life-giving warmth it bears. Having a yellow sofa in your home will not only give it a bright and warm setting but will also send some psychological settling effects to you and your household.

If you’re looking to define optimism and cheerfulness then yellow is definitely the way to go. A sofa is the centerpiece of any room it sits in. Be it the office, lounge, living room or family room. To define a room is to define the couch, if you want a classic interior the best way to go is to find a classic sofa. So you see, a couch will define almost everything about you, and if you choose to go yellow, then let’s go bright and optimistic in our sofa shopping.

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Let’s talk about the couch we want to get. Yellow is just a color after all. What’s more important is the look, the style it sets out, the size you’re going for, functionality and other features as well. You could get yellow in recliners, leather, sectionals, rattans so many options to choose from, which will make it a whole lot stressing.

But lucky for you, we’re going to be with you through this so relax, switch to shopping gear and let’s look at some of the yellow sofas we have out there. You might be asking yourself, isn’t yellow too bright for my house? Well here’s a few facts about the color yellow and why you definitely need a yellow couch in your home. Unlike blue, it may not be the most calming color out there, but it has been said to make people a whole lot happier and optimistic in dire situations.

In A Hurry

With all that being said, I’m sure you need a quick guide to finding the best yellow couch for your home right? That’s why we’re here. With our quick guide to some of the different yellow couches out there we’ll be sure to find the best one for you. Walk with us through this journey, learn from us, and lets get you happy and cheerful by the end of it  so let’s get started right?


For our top pick this time we went for something more simple but also very relaxing and comfortable. This time we chose the Christopher Knight Home Single Recliner sofa. Coming in a shade of muted yellow, this single recliner will definitely grant you some relaxing, therapeutic alone time. It’s comfortable, warm and inviting. Forget the bubble baths after a long day, just take a quick shower, come back relax and let the stress fade away. Besides it being a single sofa, it definitely deserves the take. It’s quality over quantity with this one and you won’t regret it at all. 


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Though it comes in different colors, this yellow accent chair has a Mid-Century Modern look. It’s rather an elegant piece that will grab your guests’ attention and at times even your own. It’s perfect for any room really. Whether it’s the office, hallway, lobby or bedroom this sofa will still give you the comfort and luxury that you are seeking.

However, you should be careful with this piece, if you sit on it, you may never want to get up again, it’s just a warning don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find the will to get up at some point. Just keep in mind, the comfort you’re about to experience, is sumptuous and spontaneous.

Looking a this yellow piece of art, what comes to mind? What do you see apart from yellow? Well, this couch has a modern on-trend look, that will fit in with any, and I mean any décor.  It will accentuate your taste and style, at the same time adding its own stance in the picture. It stands on natural wooden legs that are angled and tapered from top to bottom. 

The back rest is tufted and the thick seat padding adds comfort to the linen upholstery. Minimal assembly will be required as you still have to screw the legs in, but that’s all you have to do. The dimensions are set as follows; (L*W*H) : 30.5”* 25”*31.5” and it’s weight capacity is 220lbs perfect for you to relax comfortably.


  • Very comfortable
  • Requires minimal assembly
  • Has thick cushioning
  • Has an on-trend style perfect for all decors
  • Can be used in more than one room


  • Is a single seater
  • Not waterproof or stain resistant

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Though it comes in 6 other colors, this DRF Sectional sofa has a reversible chaise lounge. It’s a small space sectional sofa, so if you want to fill up a small space it should be the perfect fit. Like every other sectional sofa  this one allows you to configure it to different positions especially with the reversible chaise lounge.

This means you have a footrest, an extra seat  or a coffee table. This couch has a soft modern look so if you’re one of those friendly people who always wants to have a drink with a few friends at home and chat away then this should work just fine for you.

Sitting on a hardwood frame, this sofa has overstuffed back cushions and a memory foam seat cushion and it also comes with two decorative pillows. The whole setup is in soft linen fabric giving it a unified and uniform look. It’s sits on hardwood legs, and is a very sturdy couch. So don’t worry yourself with toppling over just sit back or kick back with the chaise, relax and let the show go on. 

Dimensions: 34”H*75”W*50”D


  • Comfortable
  • Has unified and uniform look
  • Comes with 2 decorative pillows
  • Has a sturdy look


  • Is not waterproof or stain resistant
  • Does not have reclining features

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Let’s forget bubble baths for a moment, let’s forget walks and shower massages. This single chair recliner could be the next best thing for you. Looking at this sofa, you’d just think that it’s an ordinary chair, it’s so ordinary that no one could ever imagine the comfort and relaxing feel it could bring to you. The reclining effect is completely unexpected, but definitely there.

The slightly tufted back and extra padded cushion definitely work it when it comes to comfort. Everyone who takes a sit in this chair will definitely want to go another round. It’s modern mid-century look serves it as a lavish addition to any household. The clean lines and smooth settings make it’s reclining feature almost impossible to even notice. Guests will probably think it’s an ordinary chair till they see you kick back at it and take a breather.

Lets get factual now, shall we? This recliner is made from 100% polyester (considered a microfiber) it sits on birch legs that have a dark espresso finish, giving it a beautiful contrast between its frame and cushioning. As stated before its available in different colors, in case you want to get a sibling chair for it as well.

There’s not much to say about this recliner chair except that it definitely hits home if you’re looking for a relaxing feel to destress after a long hard day. Last but not least it sits at a dimension of; 32.25D” * 27 25”W and 38”H with a seat height of 18.5”. This is definitely a win, try it and see if you’ll regret. 


  • Very comfortable
  • Has a reclining feature
  • Had double seat cushioning for extra comfort
  • Will go with any interior
  • Comes in different color choices.


  • Is stain-resistant but only to a certain extent

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Coming in 8 different colors this sectional sofa which also features a reversible chaise lounge, will definitely add a vibrant drop of color into your home. It can fit in any space  including the smallest apartment space you could think of.

With it’s Mid-Century modern look, this linen fabric sofa has a quilted stitch design on the seater. It’s frame is hardwood and is upholstered in soft fabric linen  with overstuffed cushions to bring you that welcoming feel we know you need. For an extra feel it has 2 decorative pillows in the same covering hence it has a uniform and unified look.

Though assembly is required, it’s very minimal and all required hardware will be provided for. The best part about this sofa is that you can configure it to different positions until you find one that suits your taste and spacing as well.

The reversible chaise can either work as a comfy footrest, coffee table or an extra seat on the sofa, meaning you can always have an extra person around. The chaise makes it quite versatile so you can either use your sofa for lounging, sitting or sleeping. Yes I said it, actual sleep and you’re guaranteed you won’t wake up with any aches or pain in your neck. So there you go, you wanted bright comfort there you have it.

Lastly, this sofa sits at the following dimensions: (W*D*H)”

Overall dimension: 76*29*33

Seat dimension: 18*64*18.5

Chaise: 50*22


  • Has a reversible chaise lounge
  • Can be configured to suit your taste and space
  • Comfortable
  • Can be a sofa for lounging and napping as well
  • Has a uniform and unified look
  • Has a mid-century modern style to suit various interiors


  • Is not durable as leather
  • Not waterproof

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This Plush cushioned sofa comes to you with an organic shape that’s set to intrigue your senses. It’s specifically designed according to mid-century sentiments at the same time blending it with a bit of modern crafting to make it suitable for modern homes as well.

With this sofa, you’re creating for yourself a recreational spot in your home. The bright sunny color it brings, is definitely an eye catcher that will have your visitors drooling. It’s design is very much inviting, making it super convenient for you and your friends to dive into deep conversations whilst smothered in comfort.

This couch sits atop tapered solid wood legs that have non-marking caps so you know your floor is definitely safe. It’s organic shape brings with it flared arms and padded cushions to heighten your space and feel when seated. It’s upholstered in 100% quality polyester, giving it an eye-catching appeal that will definitely bring depth and modernity to any contemporary home room.

It has a weight capacity of 662lbs and sits at the following dimension(LWH), 32.5”*74”*32.5”. So why not go full natural with this bright organically shaped sofa. Perfect if you enjoy having plants around you or even for a green room so you can spend time with you plants.


  • Has modern design to compliment modern home designs
  • Will not damage your floor
  • Offers deep comfort and a relaxing feel
  • Is quite spacious


  • Is not waterproof or stain resistant

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Buyer’s Guide

Yellow helps your mind concentrate more on the bright aura around you. It symbolizes hope, sunshine and warmth. It’s associated with so many positive things it’d be hard to even have negative thoughts in your living room. We associate yellow with happiness, enlightenment, honor, intellect, and loyalty. Its like inviting everything positive to your home. Who wouldn’t want that? 

A couch is already a home within a home, it’s a bed outside a bedroom, it brings us closer to our friends, giving us the space to connect with the people we find dear and at times gives us comfort when we’re alone. It’s at those times that we require a positive aura, it’s at those times when we’re alone after a hard day that we need something to cheer us up and give us the will to go through another day. For your mentality, yellow would be the perfect addition to your home. Combine it with everything a couch adds to your house, it will definitely be roses and cranberries everyday. 


Yellow is a color mostly associated with happiness, optimism and creativity. It creates a setting where negative thoughts are limited because of its bright look. Like the sun, the color yellow gives off a feeling of warmth and it’s also very unique as there are no dark shades when it comes to yellow. All of them are bright and light. 


Like the bright color it is, yellow will normally brighten up one’s mood or at least reduce the grey areas, giving off a balance of optimism and joy. However, because of its brightness for others it may be overwhelming especially to babies who then tend to cry more in yellow rooms and some people who tend to lose their tempers in bright rooms. 


One good thing about couches is that they are universal and at least one thing about them can change to make them suitable for any environment. With yellow couches, you can check on the style it gives out and if it blends in with your current home style. Also there are many shades of the color yellow. Though no dark shades, you can find dull sets that may end up being very neutral and subtle for any home interior. 


Stains come in various forms, a stain caused by a yellow substance may not have much of an impact  but simply put, depending on the upholstery, staining a yellow couch is very possible. Could be coffee, wine, juice or even soup but anything that can seep through or bleach your couch will definitely leave a stain. 


Amongst a range of colors  yellow is one of the most stressful on the eyes because of the amount of light that bounces off of it. Also for some cultures it represents cowardice and deceit so may not be a good color for some. Generally yellow is a spontaneous and unstable color which some people feel doesn’t give them a settling feel. 


People who are normally associated with the color yellow tend to be very energetic and fun lovers. They are very cautious but also enjoy adventure and happy moments. People who like the color yellow are optimistic and if you’re feeling down they may be one of the best people to talk to or invite over. 

Final Thoughts

Yellow, it’s such a beautiful color associated with happiness, brightness and optimism. If you ever have a rough time at work, or you’re just in a slump, relaxing on a yellow sofa will definitely get some of that tension released. Perfect for naps, all this is of course scientifically proven. So if you’re ready to get that warmth and rays of joy floating around in your home, then let’s go yellow.

For its comforting look and relaxing feel, a yellow sofa will definitely give you the much needed restful nap you might be needing to get your mind off of things. Hoping we managed to help you get that sunshine couch you’ve been craving, we wish you a happy shopping journey. 

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