Xavier Wingback Victorian-Style Leather Sofa

Are you looking for a classic sofa with a hint of historic design? Well, here it is. This Xavier Wingback Victorian-Style Leather sofa comes to you in top grain leather with the most exquisite style known to man. It is an amazing sofa that will definitely turn heads in your home. 

Xavier comes to you in four colors from which you can choose from and each color has the ability to set your home in motion. At first, this sofa may just look like a regular sofa with an old design, but once you take time to internalize the appeal of this sofa then you will start to understand its true value in your home. 

Xavier Wingback Victorian-Style Leather Sofa

Well as a Victorian-style sofa you can use it in almost any modern set up. It can easily blend in with the surroundings and do some good up in your home. 

Xavier is generally a classic that can fit very well in almost any decorative style you have. With the right accent, this sofa can set fire to your living room, lounge, or even bedroom. 

The  Victorian-inspired Wingback Sofa comes with a tall, beautifully upholstered backrest and dainty legs that are made from wood and have the same Victorian-style setup. Xavier is crafted from exclusive top Grain Leather Match and will bring a truly effortless, classic chic into your home, office, or private practice.


  • Is a top grain leather sofa
  • Is strong and durable
  • Has a unique design
  • Can blend in almost any decor
  • Is easy to clean


  • Leather is very delicate in the sunlight


When it comes to looks this sofa definitely deserves its pum pums and awards. The classic all together says everything about this sofa. It is basically a classic vintage sofa that will pretty much change how you view your home. With its Vintage class, this sofa will set levels in your home. It comes in five colors, amongst them are brown, black, blue, green, grey and a darker shade of brown. 

From its name you can tell that the back has a wingback design that almost looks like three N’s that have been joined together. It has leather throughout and firm wooden legs that have that Victorian style. 

When it comes to style, don’t even get me started, with its Vintage classic look and the Victorian style, this sofa has managed to cut lines in being a modern sofa and being a historic heirloom. It can work well with almost any home you set it in. 


Sitting at a dimension set at (H x W x D):39″ x 83″ x 32″ this sofa may not be the biggest to exist, but it definitely is not small. With a width like that, anyone who is below 5’8 can manage to curl up to a very comfortable nap. 

The sofa is generally regular-sized but can fit well in small to large rooms. It’s a three-seat sofa that can obviously sit in more than just three people. However, because we don’t know its weight capacity, following the standard would be the best idea for it. It’s a sofa that you can easily move or clean under seeing as it has a clear allowance. 


Now when it comes to comfort this sofa offers more of a firm feeling than the natural soft feeling you may be used to. It’s not the sofa that you will sink into just like that. Especially the first days when it is still new and very tough. With the leather upholstery you can expect a cool smooth surfacing, especially against your skin. 

Leather is like that, you can take the longest nap and you won’t wake up with any lines unless of course, you were facing the seam. This sofa is overly stable. With the heavy solid wood frame, you can bet this sofa will not topple down when you exert a large amount of force on it. The wooden legs offer it the right sturdy set and balanced steadiness it needs 


Durability is not an issue here. This is top-grain and top quality upholstery. Top grain leather is one of the cleanest and one of the strongest leather grades out there just after genuine leather. It is tough and can withstand almost any weather element thrown its way. 

It can last you just about 25 years even without using any conditioners on it. Now imagine exactly what it can do if you actually make sure to use leather conditioners. Now even though leather is strong and durable. 

That does not mean it is fireproof, also it cannot stand direct sunlight so be sure to set it somewhere where there is very little contact with the sun. As for the frame, you have nothing to worry about. All-natural wood will definitely last you a while. 


As much as I hate to say it. This sofa definitely deserves to cost more than the price it is set at. Now, this doesn’t mean it is cheap. It is pricey but with all that it can provide for you this sofa could cost more, and all I am saying is that you would still understand because you get what you pay for and more. 


In conclusion, I have to say that this sofa is pretty impressive. I mean who would have thought that a sofa of its size could do so much in one’s home. It is a great sofa if you love Vintage class and aestheticism. 

Fact that it is Victorian style definitely sets it up as a very impressive sofa. I know for a fact that with this sofa in your home, you may not even recognize your own living room. Not to mention the level of quality that it dishes out. 

Who would not want such a classy, elegant, and top quality sofa in their home? Though it comes at a high price. I mean with sofas that are the general bet right. The more expensive it is the higher the quality.

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