Xavier Wingback Victorian-Style Leather Match Loveseat

Considering getting the Xavier Wingback Victorian-Style Leather Match Loveseat? When it comes to class and style the Victorian style set up will never lose its trend in modern-day furniture designs. This Xavier wingback loveseat comes with not only a unique look but as a unique feel that will bring freshness and class into any home that this sofa is set in. 

This sofa is that sofa that you would want to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee on. It is that sofa that you would want in your bedroom giving you not only beautiful scenery but a classy feel and touch up as well.

Xavier Wingback Victorian-Style Leather Match Loveseat

Disappointment can never come when you have this sofa, whether you want to have a touch up in your living room, or you want to add furniture to your bedroom. This sofa is definitely the one you need. 

Besides all that we all know that loveseats are best known for their aesthetic. Which is what you’ll love the most about this sofa. So quick talk, Xavier is a classic loveseat that will not only play the part of a classy loveseat but will also look the part. 

With its Victorian-inspired Wingback design, this loveseat stands tall and beautiful. It is that loveseat with a tall, beautifully upholstered backrest and dainty legs. It even has the nailhead trimming lines to add to the class style. 

It is crafted from an exclusive top grain leather match and will bring a truly effortless, classic chic into your home, office, or private practice.


  • Is made from top-grain leather
  • Comes with a unique style and look
  • Is comfortable to sit in
  • Is both visually stunning and functional


  • May not suit all interiors



When it comes to looks we definitely have to give this sofa an award. Known for its ability to create a new look in any room this sofa is placed in. I have to say for all loveseats this has to be one of the best out there. 

With the casual look, it brings to you this sofa will definitely set a difference to your home. You’ll find that Xavier comes in five different colors, the dark brown and the black tones being common. There’s also blue. Green and a lighter shade of brown.

Xavier Wingback Victorian-Style Leather Match Loveseat

Trust me all of them bring an earthly feel to your home and will definitely be able to blend in with whatever set pieces you have in your home so don’t worry about distortion, because that’s one thing that this loveseat can’t do for you. 

So if you want an elegant and sophisticated sofa in your home I’m happy to tell you that you just found it. You will find that this loveseat has borderline nailhead trimming which adds to its fine artistic look which will set any room ablaze.



As a loveseat, you will generally find this sofa to be smaller than all regular sofas but not as small as a tiny chair. In its loveseat manner, it is capable of sitting two fully grown adults with comfortable moving space. 

It can also allow you to take full and comfortable naps and you will be very pleased to know that will accommodate not only human companionship but pets as well. 

It comes at a cute size that would work well in any room be it large or small this is because of the aesthetic clasp that it will have on the room if it is large and the general space efficiency it will have if the room is small. Coming at a dimension of (H x W x D):39″ x 60″ x 32″ this sofa is definitely the right size for any room.


With such a stunning look and appeal to anyone, it would be impossible if this loveseat came off as uncomfortable. It may not be the most comfortable sofa out there given that the seat cushions are a bit limp and not as thick but it is definitely something you can work with. 

The sofa is made out of leather will certainly come off as cold to the skin but because it is leather it will quickly adapt and start to generate some heat as you sit on it. As stated before it is made from top-grain leather and may come with some natural imperfections that are slightly visible to the eye.

However besides all that the general feel of the loveseat will be white soft and slightly flat as the cushions are not as thick as you would want them!


Leather is a durable material and used on any sofa you can expect that sofa to last you more than 15 years. Obviously, with such a feature you cannot expect this sofa to come off a cheap now, would you? 

Maintaining leather is very easy. With quick wipes, you can be done in just a few minutes. If you want to make it spicier you can always add a bit of scented conditioner and leather oil just to maintain its shine. 

As well all know leather is made from animal skin, and like all skins, if they are not kept moisturized and are always kept in the sun they will wrinkle and lose texture which is exactly what happens with leather sofas. 

So if you want your sofa to last. It would be best to leave it out of the sun. The hardwood wood on the sofa is easy to maintain. You just have to avoid abusing the sofa and it will last you a lifetime.


Coming highly recommended, I think this sofa definitely deserves a pump of hands. From its aesthetic feel to the comfort it provides how could you ever think you don’t need it. Though not cheap which is completely understandable because of the standard this sofa has set. 

I would say this sofa definitely is something you may want to look into. So take some time and really on it, it could be the best choice you’d have ever made.

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