Will Sofa Fit through Doorway?

Nowadays you will find that people either buy sofas that are too large or they get sofas that are too small for them. How and why do we forget to consider measurements when we are buying one of the most important investments of our lives will always be a shock to me. This has been brought to my attention so I figured maybe I could help. Will Sofa Fit through Doorway?

You’ll find that whether you are buying a sofa straight from the shop or online some of them will have measurement details on them and if you are worried what if it doesn’t fit and you want to take that chance, trust me, it probably won’t get through the doorway.

I’ve seen sofas in hallways and entryways. Be certain they were not meant for the hallways because some of them are just way too classy for that. Make no mistake in getting a sofa and you could end up more disappointed that you could have ever imagined. 

Has anyone ever really been able to properly define a sofa? I mean we get tales and tell on what a sofa really is. Simply put, a sofa is a padded bench that can come in different upholsteries that offers seating for two or more people, and it has a backrest and an armrest. I think that’s a clear way to put it don’t you think so too? See this with a sofa is that it is more of a design-driven piece. 

A sofa will get its name from the style and shape it presents. For example, we have a loveseat, why would it be called a loveseat? We have sectional sofas and like their name, they come in sections. Looking at other designs like the armless sofa and so on you’ll see that the design is the name, but with a chair it’s different and I’ll look to that later on. 

So now you know what a sofa is right? It’s simply an upholstered bench with arms and a back, it’s basically a piece of furniture, convertible or stagnant that is normally used for lounging, sitting, napping and relaxing.

See when buying a sofa there are so many things to consider, and size is amongst one. You’ll be shocked to find out that getting a sofa is actually not all that hard, you just have to maximise or in this case minimise and narrow it down to a few questions to see if you are heading in the right direction. One question you have to answer is if it’s a sofa that you are really looking for or maybe even a chair can suffice but let’s look at that later. 

See sofa shopping is tough no lie, I mean there are over a thousand interior stylists and designers and brands that will tell you different things about which sofa would be best for your home and why. However, in my mind, I believe that for such a long term investment its best to get something that you have 100% input in. This sofa will be with you for a very long time and if you don’t like it replacing it is going to take a long time meaning a few years of regret and hatred for an innocent piece of furniture of them.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when buying a sofa is that they don’t measure it, they never really consider its size and if it will fit into their home. Don’t make this mistake ever. See if you are buying yourself a sofa, then you know where you live and the kind of space as well as the kind of space you want to measure.

Check on the measurements of both your space and get a sofa that is going to match along with those. Getting a sofa too small for your living space may make the whole place look a bit odd, but at the same time, you will not find the sight of that couch pleasing at all. Or in worst case scenario your sofa may not even be able to fit in through the door, you’ll make it an entry sofa to your home if you are not smart about this.

But besides all that, what if you have a big home but your doors are small. Have you ever wondered if the sofa will even fit n through the door? do you have a large opening to get the sofa into your home or do you perhaps plan on opening up the roof and getting a helicopter to drop it off for you?

My point, and I’m sure you can get it clearly is that measurements are important and that’s what we are going to work on today so let’s get to it. Let’s look at the ways you can measure your sofa even before buying it to make sure that it will fit into your home and to make sure that it will definitely fit in through your door.

How To Measure

So there are basically three methods one can use to measure and know if their sofa will even get through the hallways or will even fit in through their door and so let’s have a look and see if we can solve our little problem here.

1. Measure the space you will be working with

So when I say “the space you will be working with” I am referring to your living space, that’s where you want to situate the sofa, The hallways or passages that you will use when the sofa is being delivered, and lastly your doors, all of them or at least the ones that the sofa will go through. Truly speaking if you are not smart about this then your sofa will be a public sofa in a hallway because you simply couldn’t find a way to make it fit in through the doorway. 

If you are not sure then I think it wise to find or hire a professional who will do it for you, and if not let us continue and see what else is necessary and has to be done. So you will need to be very accurate with your measurements and so right them down in case you forget when you get to the store, I’ve realised writing things down is probably one of the best ways to get something done without many failures.

So first measure your passages and hallways, write every measurement down, then move on to your entryways and doors, as well as stairways if you are sceptical about those too. Use a tape measure for accuracy and make sure to measure the necessary widths, heights and estimate the clearance required for the safe passage of your sofa.

After writing these down, you are done with the first step and ready for step two. Don’t worry it gets easier and not harder and this is all for a good cause. So make sure to keep that paper with you and do not lose it unless you want to start the whole process over again.

2. Measure the sofa 

If you are buying online, then at least make sure that you have the measurements and dimensions of that sofa that you want to buy so that comparison will be easy. If you do not trust the internet as most people claim, then go pick the sofa you want and either measure on your own or as the attendants there to help you measure the sofa, such that at least you get accurate information. 

If you think that you might not be able to do it in your get a friend to help you or again just hire a professional to make things easier for you. Also in case you are deciding to buy online, check the page at the bottom-most of them have listed dimensions at the end after product descriptions.

So when measuring the piece you want to buy, make sure that you write down the width of the sofa so you know how wide it is. Also, take note of the height of the sofa once you want to use a low entrance as it might not go through, then the depth of the sofa.

However, apart from all these, the most important one is the diagonal depth which will tell you if the piece can be carried through the entryways at an angle. Once you have these 4 measurements including the measurement from your home we are now able to move on to step three which is the most interesting of them all.

3. Making sure it fits

So that now you have all your measurements what’s left is to see if you can get it through the door before you make the last and final decision to purchase it, lest you want it as a public sofa or a hallway and entryway sofa to your home. So for most if not all furniture the width and the diagonal depth are the most important when you want to fit it through the door, 

This is because the width will determine how far in it will go before you have to turn an angle and then the diagonal depth will be the one to determine if it will even fit through the door, to begin with. So there is a simple technique which others may decide to use as their calculator to determine if the sofa will actually fit through the doorway. It’s not actually a calculator it’s just simple knowledge, so let’s move on and see to the final stage of this which is calculating to see if it will fit.


This is not actually a calculator but it’s just a reliable guide that will help you and guide you to make sure that the sofa you get will be the right size and will fight through your door. So remember those measurements you were jotting downright, we are going to be using those and comparing the two groups of measurements.

For most sofas to fit through the width of the entryway must be larger than the width of your sofa depth, height or diagonal depth.  So you will find that your furniture will fit as long as one of those furniture measurements is less than the width of your entryway. So a simple method and calculation would be to use the following;

Entryway or door width > depth, height, diagonal depth of your sofa.

If all those conditions are met then you don’t have to worry about your sofa not fitting in as I am certain that it will fit in completely and comfortably.

Is it necessary to buy a sofa? 

Looking at versatility you’ll find that a regular sofa is quite versatile when compared to the rest. You will find that a sofa has extra features like it’s probably a modular or its a sectional and has a design that will probably allow it to suit both commercial interiors as well as home interiors.

I mean You’ve seen sofas everywhere you go, be it a clinic, hospital, office at times even church buildings have sofas.  I mean you can nap on a sofa but you can’t nap on a chair, you can sit back, or you can kick back, you can’t crouch and snuggle with a blanket whilst watching your favourite movie. Your guest can sleep on the sofa so many options but with a chair, those would be pretty much uncomfortable.

Well, some sofas tend to be more reliable in cases of limited space or when you need multifunctional furniture pieces. They are decorative, practical and functional, but besides all that, they are quite helpful especially if you have a small home or if you are on a limited and tight budget. Sofas can help you manage your space by providing both a sitting and sleeping area. Some come with storage compartments so you can definitely have some things stored inside you wish, what could possibly go wrong?

So I would say yes, a sofa is quite necessary for a home if you want to maximise on space and all that. Well with all that being said I can imagine what must be going through our head right at this moment, but not to worry yourself, I have the best ideas in mind. I’m sure after this you are going to find yourself the most exquisite and most useful set of furniture and once you get it you will not regret it one bit at all and the fact that this time it will fit is surely an added bonus. 

Final Thoughts

A sofa is one of the most important pieces ever invented. If you want to either accentuate a certain style in a room, what better way to do it than with a sofa. Sofas are the greatest and best piece you could ever bring to your home. With just that single piece you are able to set out a hard and deafening message to any guest who comes over. Buying a sofa will likely be one of the most important investments you will ever make. Sofas are more versatile when compared to any other furniture. 

You will find that a sofa has extra features like it’s probably a modular or its a sectional and has a design that will probably allow it to suit both commercial interiors as well as home interiors. I mean You’ve seen sofas everywhere you go, be it a clinic, hospital, office at times even church buildings have sofas.  If your Sofa is too big for living room, that will cause trouble.

I mean you can nap on a sofa but you can’t nap on a chair, you can sit back, or you can kick back, you can’t crouch and snuggle with a blanket whilst watching your favourite movie. Your guest can sleep on the sofa so many options but with a chair, those would be pretty much uncomfortable.

That’s pretty much all there is to say about this, it’s very simple isn’t it. Such a small precaution to avoid a huge mistake. So if you were about to get yourself a sofa at least now you know if you should really get that specific sofa or get another pin in a different size.

I’m happy we have all that cleared out because at least now you can enjoy yourself and not have to worry about anything else. You won’t have to worry about donating your sofa to the public now, at least it will be in your home serving its purpose as one of the most comfortable pieces ever.

Just on that tip, let’s be careful when we are handling both the sofa and the entryway, incase your entryways has a small difference with the sofa’s measurement it would be best to cover your doorway with stuffing or blankets just so as to protect both ends from damage in case the other can scratch or even tear or crack the other party.

So my job here is done, I’m happy, you’re happy, and I’m sure the sofas will be happy as well. Enjoy your shopping, enjoy the whole process, and good luck with it. If you are yet to make up your mind, Sofa vs Couch vs Davenport post will point you in the right direction.

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