Why is it harder to play guitar standing up?

Playing guitar standing vs. sitting.

Many amateur guitarists will struggle to play standing. This technique is more difficult to use and involves many years of practice to achieve success. Sitting is the more comfortable option that allows the player a clearer view of the fretboard. The hanging guitar is likely to provide additional strain on your shoulders and fingers. The posture involved when standing is slightly more complicated. This difficulty means it feels like learning how to play the instrument from scratch. Many professional guitarists have performed major shows while seated. This action has to do with the level of showmanship you wish to provide. Usually, the genre of music you play makes a difference. Folk music is commonly played seated, while electric rock involves movement and energy. Some acoustic guitars are too big for you to play while seated. It is not practical, given the shape, it would take while it hangs from your shoulder.

How to play guitar standing up?

Maintain a Steady Position 

The most effective method to play the guitar while standing is to ensure the guitar always remains in the same position. This move is how you should practice. It will allow for your skills to be transferable to any playing situation. It involves you finding a way to play in both positions. Do your best to change how you play standing to how you play sitting or vice versa. Avoid having your strap too long. This action will prevent you from dealing with an additional shoulder strain. It will also improve the bend in your wrist, leading to better health benefits overall. If you have very long arms, you can consider extending your shoulder strap within reason.

Short Shoulder Strap

Keeping the guitar as close to your body as possible will allow you to play it in different positions. Keep the strap short to reduce the distance between you and the instrument. Almost all guitars come with adjustable straps, so this shouldn’t be a problem for you. 


Results will only come if you practice. Muscle memory will be vital to delivering flawless performances. You can expect to see improvements within 3 – 6 weeks of practising in this position.  

Is it easier to play the guitar standing up?

This method depends on whether you have practised it. If you are not used to it, the muscles in your body will struggle to understand it. Most artists spend all their time playing while sitting and often struggle to play standing up. Their bodies are used to the mechanisms involved. They have found the perfect range for their guitar strap. 

Should you practice the guitar standing up?

Practising the guitar while standing is the optimal method to learn how to play standing. This action is best if your goal is to improve your standing play. Many artists initially learn to play the guitar seated. This has proved to be an effective way for amateur guitarists to practice. It is advisable that once you have perfected playing the guitar while sitting, you can only move on to standing.  

How should I hold my guitar while standing?

When standing with a guitar, the best place to have it is around your belly. Try to line up the center soundhole with the center of your stomach. You will then angle the guitar just above your chest. This action is comfortable for the frame of your body. Specific musicians find it more comfortable to turn the guitar higher, but this is a personal choice. The best height is 45 degrees, but it is best to go with comfortable.   

Is it harder to play guitar standing up?

It is harder to play guitar standing up for amateurs. This difficulty is because many have practised while they were seated. Depending on the position you placed if the guitar, most seating playing skills are not directly transferrable. This problem means your muscle memory will struggle to help you when playing standing. Professional players who have spent months training while standing will most likely find it 100% easier to play their guitar while standing up. 

How do you play an acoustic guitar standing up?

Use a Guitar Strap

You will struggle to play standing up without a guitar strap. You will find the experience not rewarding enough. Most acoustic guitars come with a strap peg that will help distribute the guitar’s weight. You can find these and install them on your own. 

Keep the guitar close.

The closer the guitar is to your body, the easier it is to control. When playing guitar and standing, you may end up moving around. You do not want to deal with a swinging guitar in this event. This problem will result in a bad musical performance. The ideal height for a guitar is different depending on the genre of music it plays. Electric guitars, for example, are much thinner than acoustic guitars. The key is to ensure the soundhole is parallel to your belly. 

Practice standing up

If you want to play live, then you must practice while standing. This move will provide you with additional confidence if your muscle memory fails. You will also find the most comfortable angle to keep your guitar at. 

Should I practice the guitar standing up?

Yes, it would help if you practised the guitar standing up. It is good to be versatile as a guitarist. Exploring new ways to successfully play the guitar while standing up will help improve your career. You will also be more confident and energetic on stage when you play standing. This method is mainly for the more electric genres. It gives you the chance to perform differently for your fans. 

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