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Are you looking for a sofa to buy? Let me guess something, the fact that you are here means you are not really sure how this goes or you just don’t know which one to get. Well, you are not the only one definitely so don’t worry about it. That’s where I kick in. See sofa shopping is already one of the most stressful tasks set on us by adulthood. 

There are so many things to consider and it feels like such a risky investment doesn’t it. Well that’s an obvious case I mean we know that the best things in life never come easy so if it’s that hard for you that can only mean that its an investment definitely worth it. So here today we are going to be talking about which sofa to buy.

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I mean I can’t actually tell you specifically which sofa to buy but I could help you minimise the journey of actually getting one like everything in the universe that has a loophole, so does shopping for a sofa and I’m going to run it down for you so you find it easier to make the necessary choice. 

You’ll be shocked to find out that getting a sofa is actually not all that hard, you just have to maximise or in this case minimise and narrow it down to a few questions to see if you are heading in the right direction. One question you have to answer is if it’s a sofa that you are really looking for or maybe even a chair can suffice but let’s look at that later.

See sofa shopping is tough no lie, I mean there are over a thousand interior stylists and designers and brands that will tell you different things about which sofa would be best for your home and why. 

However, in my mind I believe that for such a long term investment its best to get something that you have 100% input in. This sofa will be with you for a very long time and if you don’t like it replacing it is going to take a long time meaning a few years of regret and hatred for an innocent piece of furniture.

So as I said before I am here to make this whole task easy for you. Now to do this successfully you have to follow through a simple passage or should I say a few objective criteria to make sure that all is going to be working well for you. I’m going to take you through each of these steps and I am certain by the end of it you will have an idea of exactly what type and style of sofa you are getting, so just hold on and let us get started.

Since you’re in a hurry I’m going to give you a rundown of what we will be looking at:

  • size and fit of sofa
  • frame and cushioning of the sofa(Know your materials)
  • upholstery
  • style
  • functionality

All these have to be considered if you want to make a good purchase in this investment. If you rush through without as much as considering all these best believe you will most likely disappoint yourself and only yourself. So let’s walk through this guide together and figure out what it is we have to find and consider. Let’s get started!

What Is  A Sofa? 

Well, basically a sofa is a piece of furniture, convertible or stagnant that is normally used for lounging, sitting, napping and relaxing. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Sofas can come in different sizes, shapes and styles.

Shopping for one can be one of the most frustrating things because it’s that one piece of furniture that will lout out in an entire room full of furniture. A sofa is that big elephant that you can’t miss no matter how much is actually surrounding it. 

A sofa will define so many things about you, from your taste to your style. At times it will accentuate, balance out or actually diminish an existing style in a room, which is why you need to be very careful when getting yourself one, but we’ll get to that later on. For now, I just need you to grasp the difference between a sofa and a recliner and to help with that, to aid with the picture here is a typical, modern sofa

Size and Fit

See of the biggest mistakes that people make when buying a sofa is that they don’t measure it, they never really consider its size and if it will fit into their home. Don’t make this mistake ever. See if you are buying yourself a sofa, then you know where you live and the kind of space as well as the kind of space you want to measure.

Check on the measurements of both your space and get a sofa that is going to match along with those. Getting a sofa too small for your living space may make the whole place look a bit odd, but at the same time, you will not find the sight of that couch pleasing at all. Or in worst case scenario your sofa may not even be able to fit in through the door, you’ll make it an entry sofa to your home if you are not smart about this.

So what can you do about that, well first measure your space, or the area where you want to put the sofa. Note that you’ll need to pitch in allowance space as well for the sofa at least 5 to 18 inches depending on the sofa that you are going to get. Take recliners, for instance, They need an allowance to recline which will take more than your normal sofa ever will. Sofa beds obviously require more space to extend and stretch, so you might have to be clever about that.

Frame and Cushioning 

First thing first, know your framing and cushioning because this will definitely determine the amount of comfort you are going to get from that sofa and the term of service you are likely to get. You’ll find that most sofas are made out of wooden frames whilst some have metal frames. Both frames have their pros and cons but it’s really up to you to decide exactly which one you want to get.

For example with wooden frames you get more stability, they also make your sofa heavier and steadier reducing unwanted movements and all. However, we all know that wood is prone to termite attacks and their weakening agents that come to it. Sooner or later it will break or lose that sturdiness. But depending on the type of wood it is, you may have to wait at least 15 to 20 years before any of that happens. Then metal, these vary now, some are strong, some are not, some will rust and some will not. It’s all up to you really.

When it comes to cushions, this is where 70% of the comfort relies upon. We look at two things here and make sure you do ask about those. Sofa cushions have the filling and they also have springs. Springs hold up the cushions of the sofa, and they come in three levels of quality, we have the cheapest and less durable, those that come as meshes and not actual springs, it’s best to avoid these if you are looking for quality.

Then we have the serpentine springs which are better and at least hold out longer they do offer good support but may sag over time. Lastly, we have the 8-way hand-tied springs which are the most expensive but are definitely worth it. When it comes to cushions they should be firm and resistant and hold out their shape after you press on them. Though some materials tend to hold out only for a short while before giving out completely but do make sure they are firm and resistant not fluffy and light,


Now the outlook of the sofa is very important but that’s not what upholstery is all about, there are so many things that depend on the upholstery which you should really look into before you buy that sofa. It’s not really critical when it comes to the comfort your sofa will bring but it’s more on the visual appeal and maintenance.


Upholstery is basically the material that goes around the sofa which can be linen, leather, polyester or other fabrics out there that we may know or not know. With upholstery we look at many things, for example, is the material durable, because some sofas will come with durable frames and cushioning, but you’ll find the upholstery tearing off or even peeling off at times leaving your sofa quatre unpleasing to the eye, so just do it right the first time and get a good quality and durable.

The most common upholsteries we have are the leathers, that can either be genuine or bonded. They are most common for their hard resistance and proof to water and stains, plus they are durable, strong and very easy to clean. Then we have the fabric ones, some are durable for example the likes of polyester and linen. They are quite strong and not as hard to clean, then chenille and velvet which may be a bit hard to clean out but is at least string to hold for some time.


Now looking at style, never forget about style, this is where the aesthetic of the sofa normally lies and its capability to blend in with your furniture at home. Sofas come in different styles just like anything you buy in a grocery shop. You have to choose one that fits your taste and preference and will not be too loud or stand out from the rest.

They come in many shapes that’s one and that takes up on their look. For example, we have modern sofas that settle with angular lines. We have the traditional sofas that are more versed with curved lines and they are usually tufted and all. Getting deeper you’ll find contemporary styles that mix clean lines with traditional accents or the transitional styles that aren’t as solid as the other sofas. 

For more help, you may consult and interior architecture as they know more on these lines and can help you define which one you may need for your home. Now when it comes to style we are looking at whether you want to move your sofa around maybe because of cleaning or not as well.

I mean if you have a white floor wouldn’t you want to make sure that all areas are spotless and white so obviously you will have to move it out and about. Some sofas have angular feet that scratch floors, that’s something else to look out for. Other sofas are stationary, they are heavy and don’t move easily which may come in handy if you don’t like moving furniture around for no reason at all.

Function and Practicality

Now we buy sofas for different reasons and different purposes. This is basically the biggest decision you can ever make. See when looking at the functionality you are considering on what the sofa is going to be used for. For example, if it’s in a work environment like in a break room or waiting room then you know that your sofa will be used 90% of the day and time, meaning you will need a heavy-duty sofa otherwise within a month your sofa may need major repairs and all. 

Also, consider if you want to use it at home, is it going to be the main sitting sofa or just a decorative and at times practical piece at least then you’ll know how strong your sofa needs to be. Lastly on functionality, what are looking for or what do you think you need in your home. I mean if it’s a busy family with kids and pets then you know what type you have to get and if not then you also know the other alternative.

Practicality is what you want to use it for. Is it just for sitting and lounging or you want something that you can actually sleep on or nap on comfortably? I mean then we’ll be looking at things like recliners, sectional sofas and the likes that can offer you comfort and all.

Are you instead looking for something that can function as a bed as well? For a guest room may be or maybe you are not a fan of beds and you just want to get yourself something that can easily convert to a bed and so on. IF you don’t consider these you’ll probably end up buying a sofa with or without necessary features and that will just be a bummer on your part.

So Why Buy A Sofa? 

If you’re looking for a reason to get a sofa then here is one you may fancy. Looking at versatility you’ll find that a regular sofa is quite versatile when compared to the rest. You will find that a sofa has extra features like it’s probably a modular or its a sectional and has a design that will probably allow it to suit both commercial interiors as well as home interiors. I mean

You’ve seen sofas everywhere you go, be it a clinic, hospital, office at times even church buildings have sofas. I mean you can nap on a sofa but you can’t nap on a chair, you can sit back, or you can kick back, you can’t crouch and snuggle with a blanket whilst watching your favourite movie. Your guest can sleep on the sofa so many options but with a chair, those would be pretty much uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

So here we are at the end of it all. Now can you answer the big question?  What sofa are you getting and is it the one you need? Do you think you can do it on your own or are you going to get assistance from someone?

Like I said earlier on, I’m just here to help you narrow the scope lest you end up buying something you don’t actually need or something that you don’t need or actually want. I think we have covered almost everything you could find in any guide book in just these 5 parts. 

Don’t forget to measure your space as well as your doorway that way you know where exactly the sofa is going and why it’s going there. Then you also get to test the durability and life service time of the sofa. You look at the comfort that it will bring to you and if that comfort is enough.

Lastly, you’ll know if you want a regular sofa or one with features and that is really the best way to go about it. I don’t think it is likely possible to purchase the wrong sofa after using these criteria at all.

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