Where to put tv in small living room

Where to put the tv in a small living room with a fireplace?

Free-Flowing Layout

As your living room is small, it should be your intention to utilize all the available space fully. The appropriate style in line with this design will require a three-seater sofa directly facing the television. You can place the sofa perpendicular to the fireplace to allow extra warmth while watching TV. Using this method depends on the lack of partitions in the room. 

Multi-Functional Layout

This option looks to make use of the space practical and versatile. It is helpful for students who only have a small amount of space to live. You can place your TV on a small stool in the corner of your room. Place the sofa and your study desk firmly in the middle. This move will allow you to watch TV while studying/eating dinner on the couch. It also provides you with enough distance from the fireplace to operate productively. 

Low Profile Layout

Placing your TV in the corner would be a clever way to allow your guests to spend quality time with you. If the TV is not directly visible, there is a good chance your guests will be able to focus on the warm fire. Parents can use this method to promote family engagement. Fireplaces are traditionally the focal point of every room you find them in. They invite people together. If you place the TV in a corner, you will be able to reap the benefits of the fireplace being your main focal point in the small living room. 

TV placement in living room feng shui

The appropriate place to place a TV in the living room is on the north side. This location is an effective way to help you achieve your professional goals. If you are concerned with achieving a large audience on social media, you will place the TV on the south side of the room. To fully cultivate the power of feng shui in the living room, the experts suggest it is essential we create a path for light. 

It is also good practice for you to have a TV stand. A TV stand is a superior decision when choosing between a console or cabinet. Locking your TV in a cabinet is argued to have a negative mirror effect. This action could manifest itself in the form of bad energy and clutter. You should purchase a TV stand made from wood, fire, metal, or earth. These materials are crucial elements in calming yourself down. 

Placing tv in front of a window

Watching a TV in front of a window has negative health consequences for your eyes. You should avoid placing a TV in this position because of the glare. Glare is hazardous, especially over extended periods. It can reduce the quality of your eyesight. It will also make your viewing experience very unenjoyable. If you wish to go ahead with this, it is best to ensure a curtain behind the TV. 

Where to put tv when there is no wall?

TV Stand

Placing your TV on a stand will allow you to put it anywhere that feels comfortable. Without the presence of a well-defined wall, this can be a dangerous place. It is best to place the TV in the corner if there is no wall. This method will prevent adults, children, and animals from running into it. 


A cabinet is a safe alternative to place your TV if there is no wall in your living room. It will work to hide the back of your TV safely. It is essential to do so to prevent unnecessary interference with the cables. These can bring down the entire TV and cause a fire. You can successfully keep these out of danger by using power strips to contain the cords in the cabinet. These are best combined with floor-mounted electrical outlets. 

Small living room layout with tv in the corner

A corner TV will require you to sit straight in front of it. This choice will be good for your neck, which will otherwise be straining to remain facing the TV. Ensuring that the TV is at a level height with your eyes is essential. This placement will also protect your neck and shoulders from strain. You will have a better viewing experience in this regard. For peak viewing entertainment, you should have adequate room lighting. Finding the appropriate balance between bright and dim lighting will set the mood in the lounge. 

Hidden tv placement ideas

Behind a bookcase

A bookcase is a sleek method to use when hiding a TV. It is discreet enough to avoid drawing unnecessary investigation from the eye.

In a painting

Modern designers are getting creative and putting TVs in paintings. The TV will then go onto a gallery wall. It becomes challenging to determine where the TV is with an appropriate frame. 

Behind cabinet doors

Using cabinet doors is the simplest method you can use to hide a TV.

Proximity to Power Source

To avoid the cables being a hazard, it is advisable to ensure that your TV is not more than one meter away from the power source. If you have cable trunking installed, you can have a power source three meters away. This space is a safe distance that will allow for minimal outside interference. 

Tv as a Focal Point

A TV should rarely be the focal point of a room. It is advisable to minimize its appearance using appropriate room styling layouts. 

Incorporate into décor

Making use of multi-purpose furniture will help to provide you with a straightforward way to incorporate your TV into the décor. It is pretty common to go with acrylic panels or wood. These match most home décor on the market today. The neutral and natural colors available work as art décor for inspiration. 


Mounting is an excellent way to make your living room look modern. It will keep your TV floating off the ground safe from any children and animals living in the home. The process involves a TV mount for your TV size and a few holes drilled into the wall.

Wall unit TV stand

This product is a highly attractive TV mount explicitly designed for your TV. It is advantageous to consumers looking to save their available floor space. 

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