Where to buy a sleeper sofa?

Many consumers around the world have looked into buying a sleeper sofa. This purchase helps because it works to add an extra bedroom immediately. A sleeper sofa as an item of furniture can provide extra sleep room without the cost of actually building an additional sleeping area. The product works exceptionally for any unplanned guests. The simple motion required to open the sleeper sofa is instant and does not need you to have an air mattress. 

If you require a sofa bed, then continue reading. We have created a collection of the fastest and most convenient places you can use as your first port of call when buying a durable and stylish sofa bed. The collection of options will work well for consumers who need a particular type of sofa bed. This advantage means if you want to you can find something less generic and more custom in terms of the exact shade of color you want. You can also find any specific size requirements for the space you have available at home. Many of the alternatives in the list are top online sofa bed retailers. They will be instrumental going forward with any purchases of sleep furniture.

Abc Carpet & Home

From the calming yet comfortable pink Napper daybed to the durable but stylish Boutique velvet sleeper sofa, Abc carpet & homes sofa bed selection is not the greatest, but it offers very high-quality furniture. It has many gems stored away, and you can purchase these for between $1780 – $3680.

The store offers users a way that is a convenient way to purchase remarkable and contemporary sleeper sofas. It is an excellent alternative to consider if you want a sofa bed with modern or minimalist vibes.


For consumers looking for the latest designs on the market, this is the store to look at. As the name might suggest, this store brings the appropriate balance between modern and contemporary sleeper sofa beds. The sofabeds they sell make use of light and durable materials. You can find a sofa at this store between $1290 to $2700. One of the top options they sell is the mid-Century modern Gabi sleeper sofa if you are looking for a suggestion. It is closer to the traditional options on the market. Consumers who want something more futuristic will enjoy the blocky curves of the Thataway Chesterfield.

Ashley Homestore

This shop has an extensive and continuously updated selection of sleep furniture available to browse for the consumer. Consumers appreciate the variety because they often can find what they are looking for in terms of design and price. They offer chair beds and sofa beds that you can buy for as little as $200. If you have a steeper budget, you can find high-end items that go up to $1000. You will notice that this store is more affordable than the others on the list. Some of their most popular sellers include classic options such as the Antonlini Queen Sleeper Sofa. It is in the upper range of pricing, but it offers spacious sleeping with trad rolled arms and piped detailing.

Birch Lane

This option is a mid-priced store with prices ranging from just under $600 to around $1500. This store primarily charges more for big sleeper sofas. Therefore, this store size dictates the price more than quality. The good thing is that they have a wide selection that can satisfy most consumers who want contemporary and timeless classic sofa beds. When browsing, you will notice that the majority of the sofa bed styles are designed with unique upholstery choices. This versatility is great for consumers who want to do total furniture uphaul in their homes. Modern home designers can choose custom options that won’t be easily found in other people’s homes.


This store is one of the most straightforward on the list. They make furniture that has clean lines and simple forms. The colors chosen are neutral and minimalist. They are great at providing minimalist futons, daybeds, and sleeper sofas in plentiful supply. In this store, you can find a sleeper sofa for under $1000. This alternative is a commercial option for those consumers with a smaller budget, such as college students.

Home Depot

This store is known all over the USA for its meager prices. This option is one of the few with sleeper sofas that cost as low as $500. It is a low-priced option that is efficient, but you can expect the quality of the products you purchase may not be as durable or unique as the other stores.

One Kings Lane

This store is to start with for premium shoppers when searching for a sleeper sofa. You will find high-quality and elite options ranging from $2500 to $4500. This store is well renowned for its longevity. The sofas are seen by their customers as investment pieces. The status associated with these comes from their timeless and classic design.


The collection of sleeper sofas available at Overstock is quite rare and inspiring. They sell versatile and affordable options that are not easy to find. You can expect to get a couch here for as low as $200. The store also has many high-priced items that can cost up to $3000. It is an excellent choice for someone who wants to buy something different but can’t afford the higher-priced stores.

Raymour & Flanigan

This store has the most extensive collection, with over 60 sleeper sofa styles available to purchase. They try hard to cater to all customers, making them an excellent first choice when time is short. The prices available start from around $600 and can soar to the north of $5000.

Serena & Lily

If you are a connoisseur of furniture and are looking for some of the most exquisitely designed sleeper sofas on the market, you can try Serena & Lilly. The designs of this store promote laidback Californian beach styles. It is excellent at producing sleeper sofas that can be enjoyed outside in warm weather. The materials will not fade or lose their structure, quickly providing your home with understated glamour. You can budget to pay a minimum of $5500 to buy a sofa from here. 

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