What makes a good guitar stool?

How to choose a good guitar stool

Style and Comfort

Classic guitar stools are a part of the performance aesthetic. It allows you to protect your posture and improve your spine health. These days choosing an appropriate guitar stool requires you to consider how you look and the comfort involved. It will also be essential for you to know how long you are playing at a time. This knowledge is needed because some stools do not have enough padding to support you for a lengthy acoustic set. Comfort is paramount in a long performance, and you will need an ergonomic backrest in the long run.


The cost of musical equipment in the modern era is relatively high. Any item you purchase must be durable to last you for an extended period in your career. Famous musicians are always busy, whether it’s practising or performing. Your stool is likely subjected to constant use and normal wear and tear from the road. Finding something sturdy will go a long way and save you money. Durability is linked to the quality used for the frame and the padding.


Being able to adjust critical factors of the chair should make it more comfortable. This adaptation is necessary because you will uncover the specific dimensions of your body shape and height. Mechanisms that belong to areas that control the armrest, size, and tilt are essential additions. These will help to prevent any stiffness in your back and allow you to deliver balanced performance.

Guitar Stool Buying Guide

What is the Best Guitar Stool?

There is a wide range of important factors when choosing a guitar stool. 

The chair must be comfortable for your specific body, which is most vital. Be honest with yourself about your body dimensions and get something suitable. Many people tend to go for a product that offers them a breathable mesh or heavily padded alternative. This choice is about how you prefer to sit and your body temperature. Understanding this is key because more padding can result in extra sweating. It is also best to consider the conditions you plan to play in. Finding an option that can provide you with ergonomic benefits and comfort is key. 

Lastly, you also must be aware of the amount of time you will spend sitting on this chair. Some chairs are cheaper and do not offer additional lumbar support; therefore might not be ideal for long periods of play.

What other features should you look for in a Guitar Stool?

Foldable Armrests

Having a chair that can fold its armrests will be very useful for people that have to play heavier guitars. This feature will allow them to comfortably hang around the edge of the seat while playing their instrument. It also lets you quickly turn a keyboard on your laptop, which would not be possible without foldable armrests.


Wheels have been known to make musicians more productive, especially during practice. It will allow you to move around and use elements on your desk without standing up. 

360 Degree Swivel

Having the ability to do a 360-degree swivel will allow you to quickly turn around and communicate with other players in a single movement. It will also give you additional flexibility in your momentum when playing for an extended period.

Premium Choice

Herman Miller is one of the best brands you can purchase globally. They always produce high-quality chairs that come with a 12-year warranty. The padding on the product is thick and optimal for long periods. Many consumers are willing to pay extra to purchase this brand of leading guitar stools. This cost is the main disadvantage in that they cost relatively high prices.

What is the best height for a guitar stool?

The best height you can find on a guitar stool is 23.622″. This level is the best height because it will allow you exceptional range regardless of your size. Many musicians prefer this option because it also provides enough space for a footstool.

How high should a guitar footrest be?

Some footstools are fully adjustable. These will provide you with a range of between 10 centimeters to 27 centimeters. 

Guitar stool Padding

If you get one that is leather, you can expect it to be scratch-resistant and easy to maintain. Performers prefer additional padding because it helps to provide you with lower back support. 12.5″ is soft enough to handle the average person.

Height and weight

26″ to 32″. Weighing 14lb. If you plan to travel around a lot, you would want a light and easy stool to carry around. Packing up a musical gear after a performance is a very tedious task. Buying a chair that weighs only 14 pounds will save you a lot of time and energy. 

Weight limit

330lb. Many of the premium options on the market can handle up to 330 pounds of weight. This ideal standard will allow musical players of different heights and sizes to enjoy the product.


Choosing between a chair with four legs and three will be necessary. A four-legged chair comes with additional sturdiness and balance. A three-legged chair will most likely come with wheels. Therefore, you must choose the great option based on your personal needs.

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