What is the best product to clean a leather sofa?

Leather cleaner

There are plenty of alternatives available when finding a suitable leather cleaner. We usually use this term to describe a diverse range of solvents that help deal with dirt and debris from leather goods. Different types of leather will need other cleaners.

To prevent any damage, it is vital to get the correct one that matches your leather. For this, it will be essential to know your leather. You must know what type of finish it has and whether it is natural suede or nubuck. The main element to remember is to choose one that has the correct pH. This will help you avoid damaging the fibres of the sofa. You want to pair your leather cleaner with a conditioner.

Leather conditioner

A leather conditioner is excellent for maintaining your leather couch. It is not designed for cleaning purposes. Instead, it is perfect for keeping your sofa in great shape. It works well to lubricate your leather fibres. The coating you apply will then form a defence against any future stains, and you will also be well guarded against colour change.

Leather wipes

Leather wipes have cleansing agents that work effectively against specific stains on your couch. They work practically in dealing with accidents that happen on the leather. It is not a solution for cleaning the entire leather sofa, and you would need a large number of wipes to do this. It will also absorb quite a lot of your time.

Leather wax

We recommend using this to look after your leather. It is best to do this every six months. Avoid doing it too often because it may reduce the strength of the leather to determine when it’s time to wax investigate how dry the leather is. If it looks and feels dry, then it is time to wax. You can also wax the couch after cleaning but not before.

Cleaning leather with vinegar

This option will work fine on leather if you also add leather wax. Vinegar is quite natural and can offer extensive cleaning benefits. Yet, it can also dry the leather. After using a solution of 50/50 vinegar and water on the sofa, you can add leather wax to protect it further.

Cleaning leather with oil

Leather can be cleaned with oil on the surface, and it will offer a natural way to rejuvenate the sofa and add a fresh glow. Many people make use of this option as an alternative to leather wax. It forms a coating that can then protect the sofa from dryness, and dryness in leather leads to cracks forming.

Leather protectant

A leather protectant is a middle ground between an effective cleaner and a protector. You can use this solution easy to take care of entry-level stains such as dirt and soil. For deeper conditioning of the leather sofa, you would have to use another method, which is not very powerful against tougher stains such as wine. The advantage of this is that after cleaning the sofa, the leather will not turn dry. This protective coat will also help when it’s time to clean again.

What to avoid when cleaning leather

Avoid not reading the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Leather sofas always come with an instructions tag. Please pay attention to this because it will save you a significant amount of money in the future. Failure to follow instructions will shorten the lifespan of your sofa.

You should not use harsh household cleaning solvents.

These can cause heavy discolouration of the leather. Some household cleaners pack a mighty punch that will hurt your leather material quickly. Best to avoid these because they are made to deal with solid surfaces instead of cloth.

Remember that cleaning with water will not be enough.

Leather might seem easy to wipe with water, but the resistance is meagre, and this means your leather will end up getting quite wet. The material is quite porous over time, and the leather will get very stiff and eventually crack.

Avoid testing your cleaners on visible areas of the couch.

Best to try out new cleaning methods on small non-visible areas of the couch. This will help prevent any mishaps from being visible to you and your guests.

Avoid delaying the handling of stains. Get them out of the couch immediately.

Do not put off cleaning stains for long, which may make them harder to take off once they have dried.

Do not heat dry your leather because it will shrink. Make use of natural methods.

Avoid trying to speed up the drying process by adding heat to the leather. Many people try to use hair dryers on their leather sofas, which only stiffens up your leather. Over time this stiff leather will crack and need repairs.


How can I clean my leather sofa at home?

Using a lemon and water solution. You will also need a microfibre to help apply the mixture to the sofa. Use short strokes that move from side to side when cleaning.

What do professionals clean leather with?

Professionals clean leather using high-quality leather cleaners. These are designated and made for the type of leather you need to be cleaned, and they will often follow up this process with good leather wax.

Can you use baby wipes to clean the leather couch?

You can use this method to handle small surfaces on the couch. It is not practical to use wipes on the entire couch, and you would need very many to do a deep clean.

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