What is the average life of an office chair?

How long does an office chair last?

An office chair goes through many wear and tear throughout the year. People spend about 8 hours on average sitting in an office chair and therefore 40 hours a week. This action puts a concentrated amount of stress and tension on the mechanics of your chair.

Typically manufacturers estimate that a high-quality office chair will last you ten years. This action is why many manufacturers will add a five-year warranty on the mechanisms in the chair. You can take this as a sign of the materials being high quality. The premium office chairs that you can purchase on the market will be using elite materials, and you can expect these to have a lifetime of between 12 to 15 years.

How often should office chairs be replaced?

Office chairs should last you an average of five years. This number is the minimum you can expect from a decently designed office chair. Before you decide to replace an office chair, there are a few other tactics you can try to improve the chair’s lifespan.

Replace the wheels

Replacing the wheels will allow you to see improved mobility from the chair. If this is the reason you are considering replacing the entire chair, then purchasing new wheels would be much cheaper. Fitting them is also not an arduous process that should not take you more than 15 minutes to achieve. 

Replace Gas Cylinder

If you see a decrease in the chair’s mechanism’s ability to raise its height or decrease it, you may consider changing the gas cylinder. This option is much cheaper than purchasing a new chair. It is also a suitable alternative to maintain safety protocols and avoid the gas cylinder from exploding in the meanwhile. The replacement process can be done by anyone and does not take more than 30 minutes to complete. 

Signs of a bad office chair

  • Tingling or numbness in the hands or fingers is a sign of a wrong chair. This feeling occurs because of reduced blood flow to the hands.
  • Discomfort/pain in the neck, upper or lower back, or shoulders is a common sign that your chair is terrible. Commonly people experience this when the is excess tension. 
  • Pain in the fingers, wrists, or other parts of the body will often present in people who spend a lot of time in the wrong chair. This pain comes as a dull ache, sharp stabbing pain, or burning sensation.
  • Swelling and inflammation stiffness in the joints will always be ominous signs and occur quickly when a chair turns terrible.
  • Over time you will experience decreased muscle function or muscle weakness.
  • Reduced blood flow may result in obvious bodily defects such as turning white or feeling unusually cold.

How long does a leather office chair last?

Ten years is the average time you can expect your leather office chair to last. This time is on the condition that you maintain this chair well with leather oil. This move will help keep it soft and well protected against everyday wear and tear. The quality of the material will have no impact on the overall general damage that happens to the chair’s mechanisms. These will not last longer than the leather. You will need to consider replacing the individual parts over time as they wear out. 

The lifespan of Fabric Office Chairs

Fabric office chairs have a life span of five years. The material is not as smooth and therefore is more affected by the constant moving of your weight on the chair. They are also challenging to maintain because they cannot be preserved like leather. Many modern office chairs make use of leather rather than fabric. Consumers choose fabric office chairs because they are much cheaper. 

The lifespan of Mesh Office Chairs

1-5 years. Mesh chairs have less than half the lifespan that a leather chair has. They do not have a durable design, which is exacerbated by diverse types of construction used to make the chain. The main benefit is that they offer a large amount of ventilation and comfort. They are also relatively affordable. 

What affects a Chair’s Durability?

  • Quality of materials

If the manufacturer of your chair may have chosen mediocre quality components, then you will most definitely have a chair with a shortened lifespan. The essential parts which affect durability are the castors and pneumatic legs. These, when broken, will make the chair unusable and therefore a waste of money. The other sections that require high quality are the levers and handles because if this fails, you remain unable to adjust your chair. You must be aware of the safety protocols in the country from which the chair comes to avoid this.

  • Abuse of chair

You must always use the chair correctly and avoid abusing it. Additional strain can come upon the chair if it is used recklessly.

  • Adding too much weight

Manufacturers will have prescribed the amount of weight that the chair can manage. You must adhere to this. If you are placing too much weight on the chair, then the different components will break much faster over time. Avoid having more than one person sitting on a single chair.

Signs You Need a New Office Chair

  • You will be able to describe a consistent feeling of muscle tightness, cramping, or discomfort.
  • You will notice you struggle to concentrate and often display clumsiness or loss of coordination.
  • There is an obvious discomfort you experience when making specific movements that involve your arms, shoulders, and neck. 
  • The tension will result in a loss of flexibility.
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