What is a futon

What is a Japanese futon?

A traditional Japanese style Futon is available worldwide and is one of the most common types of Futons you can find. Many shops sell this because of its positive commercial value. These sleeping alternatives are classic futons that were designed in ancient Japan. Practically, these are used on a tatami, which is known as a type of mat that is intended to be used on the floor. They have no frame and are pretty portable, given their flexibility. You can expect the material on a traditional Futon to be made of organic cotton, making them lightweight.

How much do futons cost?

You can expect to find mid-priced futons in most shops because people commonly purchase these or a Shiki futon. This availability is because of their durability and affordability. You can expect these to cost you anything between $300 to $700. It is an excellent alternative to consider for people who do not have a lot of space available because they can also sit on it.

What does a futon look like?

A futon is a mattress that looks like the same cushion used on a sofa or a bed. Futons differ from these furniture items because they have less upholstery. They often will not have any extensions such as armrests. Traditional western-style futon frames will often combine different elements such as a wood or metal support structure. This extension will be evident because it won’t have any material to cover it. When placed in a seated position, the back of the futon can be easily folded up. To convert the futon into a sleeping piece, you will have to flatten the futon and become a mattress.

What is a futon blanket?

Futon blankets refer to any comforter or pillow used with a futon mattress when sleeping. These comforters will need to wrap around the futon and be fully washable. These are not readily available in most stores because they are thicker than usual. The cover of the futon will clip onto the futon mattress and appear similar to a very large pillowcase with buttons to seal it off. This method helps to prevent any dirt from getting directly on your futon. You should be able to prolong the life of the futon by using this method. You can also protect the futon blanket by using regular sheets and blankets to cover that.

What is a futon filled with?

Traditional futons are often made from fiber or cotton. These materials allow it to be comfortable on the floor or tatami. The padding is usually quilted to support the body without feeling rigid or spartan safely. The interior constitution of the mattress feels very pillowy. The foam platform and firm floor ensure you receive adequate support and can, therefore, easily enjoy sleeping on any flat surface.

What is a futon mattress?

A futon mattress is usually rested upon a futon frame. This frame is generally flexible and can be folded to allow the consumer to sit upright. Modern futons have been designed with foam filling, innerspring, or a combination of foam and coils. These futon alternative mattresses are pretty thin compared to standard bed-only mattresses, but they are functional.

Do all futons turn into beds?

The ultimate function of a futon is to be light and versatile. Therefore, you will often find that the design of a futon allows it to turn into a bed for improved space usage. Whether metal or wooden frame is used to create the futon, it will still turn into a sofa bed.

How to use a futon as a bed

A futon can provide sufficient balance and structure to your sleep life. Traditional futons are often made so that they require no extra modification to be used as a permanent bed. You will only need a flat surface to place the frame on when sleeping

How big is a futon bed?

Beds have a range of core dimensions, and these are made in the exact sizes you will find for quality futons. The sizes are the same, making choosing a futon much easier. Although mattresses and futons are often available in custom sizes, you will find that there are standard dimensions for all beds and futons made in the USA. 

This includes the depth, which can be found in variations of between 5 to 20 inches. Usually, the length and width are universal. The manufacturers have designed them so that a mattress or a futon can be placed on any standard platform bed. 

  • Cot-size mattresses and futons are customarily made 32 inches wide by 75 inches long. 
  • Twin size mattresses and futons are designed to be about 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. 
  • A twin extra-long is the width of a twin and the length of a queen, 39 inches wide and 80 inches long.
  • Full or double-size mattresses and futons are 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. 
  • An extra-long full/double is 54 inches wide and 80 inches long—the width of a double that combines the length of a queen. 
  • A queen-size mattress and futon is the second largest size available, and these are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. 
  • California King size mattresses or futons are the biggest on the market that you can purchase, and these come in dimensions of 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. 
  • Eastern or standard king-size mattresses or futons are designed to be wider than California King, but it is vital to note that they are the same length as a queen, 76 inches wide and 80 inches long.

Mattress Standard Dimension Guide


TWIN 39” x 75”

TWIN XL 39” x 79”

FULL 54” x 75”

FULL XL 54” x 79”

QUEEN 60” x 80”

CAL KING 72” x 84”

EASTERN KING 76” x 80”

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