What is a cuddler sectional?

What is a cuddler

A cuddler is a chair that has been designed with immense dimensions. It has been designed in this way to allow two people to cuddle together on one seat easily. It is exceptional for new couples that are living together within the home. Many people prefer this couch to a regular chair because it is designed mainly for comfort. They are some of the Most Comfortable Sectional Sofas. These cuddlers are often very sturdy and can handle more weight than a standard couch. This feature is due to the hardwood frames often used on these sofas. 

What are the benefits?

Extra Space

The ability to stretch and cuddle on the sofa is becoming more prominent as a requirement in modern-day designs. People prefer the excess space because it allows them to be cozier. With the cuddle chair, you will enjoy much bigger dimensions when it comes to the armrests and backrests. More prominent people will find this comfy bliss because it is so accommodating.

Extra Padding

The additional padding you find with a cuddle sofa makes it worth the price. Most modern coddlers will come with a minimum of 23 inches of padding. This depth is more than enough for the average person and will also handle those who are 6 feet and above. It also means that over time the sofa will not become uncomfortable. You should be able to enjoy this padding for the next ten years.

Soft Fabric

Much of the fabric used on a cuddler is very high-quality. You will find various options such as velvet and leather, but these are all on a new level. You do not often find these in budget form; therefore, the material usually is super soft. 

Calming Features

The most advanced options available come with power motion facilities that work wonders to provide you with a soothing experience. These bridge the gap between a standard sofa and one capable of performing massages. These are generally high-end and cost a lot of money but tend to be worth it. 

What is a cuddler recliner?

These are often very similar to a regular recliner, but they are more padded. The cuddlers are designed with exaggerated dimensions to help you to cuddle comfortably. You can enjoy these with a loved one or a pet. The main difference between these is that the recliner is built with additional mechanisms that offer multiple angles of relaxation.

How to identify a Cuddler Sectional

Firstly, a cuddler sectional is a piece of furniture with one end of the sofa exposed to offer the consumer a seat at an angle. You will notice that this part of the sofa will be deeper and more padded than most of the couch.

Secondly, the cuddly corner on the sofa will usually curve inwardly to place you directly in front of the rest of the couch. Essentially these two sections will face each other.

Thirdly, usually, the cushion section that has been extended or fanned out will begin to look like a mini chaise. You will notice that it is at an angle compared to the rest of the sofa.


They use additional padding on this sofa to handle twice the weight. This extra means that you will be able to share one seat with someone else comfortably. This is the difference between this chair and many others. 

Sitting Room

This sofa comes with oversized dimensions to allow you more significant sitting space. Expect an average width of over 51 inches to sit on. This makes it very comfortable and easy to use with another person or a pet.



Leather will work wonders in the long term. It is a very durable and summer-friendly material. This means you should be able to cuddle up with someone and not sweat. Many other fabric types are not moisture resistant; therefore, they get hot. Many people prefer leather because it keeps cool and is very durable. You can expect to have this leather for over ten years.

Cotton & Linen

Cotton is one of the more low-budget materials you can find on a cuddler. This material is cheap and warm. It makes it advantageous for winter conditions. It will help you keep you warm while you cuddle with your partner. It is less durable than leather; therefore, you will need to refurbish it after 3 – 5 years. If you buy more tightly woven cotton, you can increase this period to 8 years. It is also more challenging to clean, meaning you will have to take extra care when performing maintenance.


Cup Holder

A cup holder is a small space created to hold your beverage while resting on a cuddler safely. This should come in handy if you do not have a side table.

Remote control holder

Cuddling with another person on a huge sofa is an easy way to lose a remote. A remote holder will help to keep track of the device easily.

Food holding tray

The more advanced options on the market provide the user with a small tray, usually in the middle of the sofa, that can accommodate a plate of food or a packet of chips.

Differences between a full and a cuddler

Padding Depth

A cuddler will always have thick padding. You will typically get a minimum of 23 inches with a cuddler.

Things to consider when purchasing a cuddler


You will need to be aware of your intentions for the sofa before you buy it. The amount of traffic that is going to pass through the couch. Your budget and the space available will need to be well balanced.


The material you choose will help determine the cost of the sofa. If you want something durable, then go for leather. If you want something more affordable, then go for cotton.


The amount of space available within your home will need to be measured accurately. It is important to avoid overwhelming the space in your lounge.

Variations of the cuddler sectional

An alternative to the cuddler sectional is a lazy boy. Many people enjoy using this for quality time with a pet because it handles one person.

Where to buy it?

Online stores such as Sofology, IKEA, and Amazon are popular shopping destinations for cuddlers.

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