Best Under Chair Plastic Mat For Slippery Surfaces

Are you looking for the best under chair plastic mat? Most office chairs nowadays are made with wheels on them and this is to ensure that you can move around easily. But what happens when the floor is too slippery? This can be dangerous, but you can counter these risks, by using a plastic mat that sits under the chair.

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In this article, we take a look at some of the best plastic mats that you can place under a chair. The whole point is to make sure that it keeps the chair in place and protects your floor as well. Look for the mechanism in place to do this, such as suction cups at the bottom of the mat. Whilst there are many options available, we take a look at the top options on the market. Let’s check them out, shall we?

Sometimes you just want a quick list as to what to look for in the product that you want to buy. One of those is that the mat should have a way of staying on the ground without slipping back and forth. You also want to make sure that the mat is thin so that you can roll the chair onto it and off of it with ease. Also, they come in different shapes and sizes, you may want to look for one that compliments your office space.

One of the things that guide you in buying the best mat is the type of floor that you have. With that taken into consideration, also consider the shape that you want as well as the size. This is also determined by the size of your chair and desk and the overall look that you are going for.


We have done our research, look for the various plastic mats that are available on the market, and our favourite pick has to be the Office Chair Mat for Hardwood and Tile Floor, Black, Anti-Slip, Non-Curve. One of the reasons why we like it is that it does not roll up as is the case with some plastic mats. 

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Plastic Chair Mat 3" x 4" Dimensions: 36"W x 48"D Premium Clear

This mat is clear and you can see through it. This is an advantage especially if you like the look of your floors, or if you just don’t want to have an extra colour in your office space. This clear plastic mat, allows you to still see the floor clearly but at the same time, gives you traction as you wheel in and out of your desk. It measures 36inches and 48inches. It has an anti-skid textured surface which keeps you from skidding.



Newgam Office Chair Mat 47"×36"×1/8" 3 mm Thick

This mat is entirely transparent. It does well on hardwood floors and it does a good job of protecting the floor. When you use a chair with wheels, chances are high that you will scratch the floor, or leave indentations on the carpet. This mat is specifically designed to protect the floor. It is flat and this mat, in particular, is made so that it does not curl up at the edges. Another great feature about it is that it is flame resistant and entirely transparent.



Office Chair Mat for Hardwood and Tile Floor, Black, Anti-Slip, Non-Curve

This mat is made of polyethene. It has no PVC in it, or any odours, which is a common problem with a lot of plastic mats that are not odourless. It is also a durable mat that will not crack or break under pressure as is the case with many poorly constructed mats. It has anti-skid properties and will stay in place on hardwood floors, and tiles. 



Resilia Office Desk Chair Mat with Lip

This mat is made of vinyl, which is one of the strongest plastics available. It protects your carpet from the abrasion that may be caused by your chair wheeling up and down on it. The mat is durable and flexible and at the same time will not curl up because of superior construction. It has non slip grippers which keeps the mat firmly fixed on the carpet.



Evolve Modern Shape 33" x 44" Clear Office Chair Mat

This office chair mat measures 33inches by 44inches. The top surface on this mat is smooth, whilst the bottom has cleats that grip the carpet and keep the may in place. It has a modern shape and a lip and it is also clear and fits in with a wide variety of décor schemes. It is made for carpets up to 1/4inches. The design of the mat helps to reduce the occurrence of roll offs.



Final Thoughts

Finding a good office chair mat may seem like it shouldn’t be difficult until you are faced with the many options on the market. It is important that you keep in mind the type of floors that you have. That way, you can narrow down your options. Some mats are best used on floor tiles whilst others are better used on carpets.

We recommend the Office Chair Mat for Hardwood and Tile Floor, Black, Anti-Slip, Non-Curve. It’s a solid colour, which will not easily show dirt or stains. Black is also an easy colour to blend with, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble blending it in with the rest of the office. We also like that it is non slip, making it a safe option to use. Happy shopping!

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