U-Shaped Sectional Sofa

Are you looking for a U-shaped sectional sofa? whether it’s for a home setting or a workplace picking the right sofa for any interior is vital. A U-shaped sectional is suitable for spaces like a large family room or lounging areas or if you have a home cinema space. 

Coming in different brands and styles, U-shaped sectionals have become quite a popular choice, they provide ample space for sitting be it at home, workplaces and even outdoor settings. 

Image NameWhat we LikeLink
Is very comfortable and plush
Has a beautiful unique design that lights up a room
Very soft and comfortable
Comes with a reversible and multi-functional chaise
Made from durable material
Is able to withstand all weather conditions
Sofamania EXP205-VVMODERN VELVET U-SHAPED SOFAOffers a generous amount of seating space
Perfect for a family room
Soft and comfortable with velvet upholstery
U-MAX 7 PIECE U-SHAPED SECTIONAL RATTAN WICKERPerfect for both outdoor and indoor lounging
Geared into different positions
Provides a stylish and comfortable set up

Nowadays, it seems as if people with families are developing large additional spaces in their houses, mostly for entertainment or hosting small social or family gatherings. They come in various designs, shapes, styles and material, some more suitable for indoors and some more suitable for outdoors.

Depending on the size, U-Shaped sectionals allow for a lot of seating space, and some if not most are sectional so you can gear it up in a position that suits your style or room shape and size. There’s something about u-shaped sofas we never really put to mind, the same way your clothes define your style is the same way this sectional will define the surrounding it’s in. 

You have to look for something that will blend in and at times even add a bit of blush and life to a room. Now if you make haste and make a wrong decision, you could create an unwelcoming or uncomfortable space which will haunt you most of all.

As always shopping for something as important as a couch can be stressful and could take ages to find what you want or something that suits your specific needs. Here we have a guide showing some of the different styles and types of U-shaped sofas out there. Look through it and maybe you’ll find something that suits or you’ll get an idea of what you want and what suits your space.

Before we continue, let’s remember a few things. Buying a couch is not a joke, this piece is going to be in your home or workspace for a while, and it would be best to go for something that suits your style as well as blends in the room to which it is intended for. With that in mind let us look at some of the U-Shaped sofas out there.


For today’s top pick, we have this beautiful outdoor piece from Walsunny. It’s great for the interior decors as well so don’t let the name discourage you. If you want to fit it into your lounge as well, then go ahead. The cushions are thick and spongy offering optimal comfort. Apart from it being light-weight and easy to move this rattan sofa can be configured into different positions based on your space and preference. It’s made from high-quality rattan so it’s all-weather resistant and durable. So now you see why it had to be the top pick right. Just make sure you take a look at it. You would not want to miss out on this at all. 

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Coming to you in 4 colors that are black, cream, brown and navy is this u-shaped sectional sofa from Meridian furniture. It’s a 3-piece sectional that features two chaise ends to give you the room of your dreams for all your snuggle sessions. With this sectional sofa here you will be bringing to your home more than just a practical piece of furniture. 

This sectional is decorative and very much appealing to the eye. You’ll definitely live your best life in comfort and without regret. I mean just by looking at it you can feel the luxurious touch and feel of the sofa’s soft touch and embrace on your skin, what more could you possibly want out of a sofa. 

By adding this sofa to your home, you are adding fine living to the forefront. This grey-coloured sectional features two chaise ends, giving you the room you need to snuggle up and get comfortable on movie night. 

The upholstery is made from velvet and simply luxurious to the touch. Deep tufting all over the backs and sides of this unit add to its glamorous vibe, while the chromed legs finish off the design on a modern note. This sectional comes with pillows for added comfort and style. Lastly, the last thing you could expect from this soda is regret and disappointment as its solely designed to perform to perfection.




Here we have a U-shaped sectional sofa from CHK. With this piece, apart from being sectional, it’s also roomy, versatile, inviting and will have you excited. What’s great about this sofa is the fact that it’s affordable and priced to encourage more seating with less spending. It allows for multiple configurations to work with any room size. 

It’s that one sofa that will create a furniture store in your home leading the knight’s role. Buy this couch and transform your home into a castle without actually costing a king’s ransom to furnish it. This sectional is a great addition to your living room. You might as well mix and match the included seats to create whatever shape works best for your room. 

Looking into detail, the sectional features soft fabric and extra plush cushions to grant you the best comforting experience ever. It comes with a matching ottoman which is multi-functional as a leg rest, lounging adds or as an extra seat and at times as a coffee table. 

It comes with one corner chair, two armless chairs and one ottoman. It’s upholstered in 100% polyester making its cleaning and maintenance quite manageable. The legs are made of birch with a light gray finish. With the whole frame being strong solid wood this sofa is guaranteed to last you long. 

Its Dimensions are set at the following:

Left and right arm chairs: 33’d*27.5’w*35.5’h

Corner chair: 33’d*33’w*35.5’h

Seat Width: 18′

Seat height: 19.5′




Coming to you in 5 choice colors; green, navy, red, dark blue and turquoise, I introduce to you the Wal Sunny outdoor 7 pc. Let’s say you want to create a beautiful outdoor sitting area. This 7 pc comes with everything you could possibly need, for the corner sofas, to the armless sofas and even a glass table. 

This sectional sofa allows you to create different sitting arrangements apart from the regular L-shape. Framed with rust-resistant steel and rattan, it’s a durable piece with a sturdy set as well. It has a stylish modern design making it suitable for any patio, balcony, garden, backyard, porch or even poolside. 

The covers are waterproof which means stains aren’t going to be something to expect anytime soon. The covers are also washable and fade-resistant so don’t worry about them losing color or fading out. 

So all in all  this piece would be perfect for the outdoors and would be very convenient to use indoors as well. It has 2 corner sofas, 4 single sofas, 1 glass-top table, 6 seat cushions, 6 lumbar pads and 2 small seat lumbar pads. After being configured it can sit at dimensions of 103.6”*25.6”*24.6” and each sofa can handle as much as 300lbs. I know what you’re thinking. It’s definitely the one.




Sofamania EXP205-VV

If you’re looking for something to add into a living room or even a family you may want to check out this modern velvet U-shaped sofa. It comes with 2 extra wide chaise lounges for maximum comfort and space. It’s a 6 seater so if you enjoy having friends or family around then why not? 

The soft and simple style it holds is perfect for simple interior designs, nothing too dull and nothing too loud, just there floating in the middle. Movie nights can’t get any better with this sofa as the chaise lounge can allow one to either relax in a half-sitting, half-sleeping position or to go for the full-on sleep position. as to offer.

This modern U-Shaped set comes in various vibrant colors, it’s up to you so you can take your pick from those that will be on offer and get the sofa and color of your dreams. It’s a 6 seater made from ultra-soft and durable velvet fabric. 

It has loose back pillows that give it a plush and comfortable look and feel, with modern chrome finished legs. Though assembly is required it comes with simple instructions and the hardware needed. The seat cushions are durable offering a soft feel when you sit on them. 

Dimensions: 29″H*130.5″W*52.2″D




Are you interested in a sofa fit for the patio, pool yard, garden or any other outdoor spacing? This 7-piece U-sofa with a modern outdoor design but is still appropriate for indoors as well. It will give you the chance to partake in any outdoor activity with the comfort of an indoor feel. 

Coming at a 4 to 6 seater size this piece is perfect for social events, drinks with a few friends, braais in the garden or simple family sittings. It comes with a table, so again social events would work very well with this set piece at your house. As the name states, it’s a sectional sofa meaning you can gear it into a position suitable for your taste and activity at the moment, what more could you want?

Let us see what other magic this sofa is capable of. This piece is a 4 to 6 seater set piece that comes with a table for your personal use. The sectional set comes with 2 corner sofas, 4 armless sofas, 1 coffee table and 1 tempered glass topping. It’s made from Steel foam and PE Rattan and comes with back and seat cushions and an adjustable footpad. 

This sofa is designed for the outdoors so the material is UV Protected and since mostly outdoor activities involve dirt and liquids it is also waterproof. Dimensions are as follows without the cushions:

for the 2 corner chairs; 29.5″L*29.5″ W*25″ H

for the 4 armless sofas; 29.5″L*29.5″ W*25″ H

for the coffee table; 28.5″L*25.5″ W*11.8″H



Buyer's Guide


A chaise sectional comes as a half sofa half chaise normally designed for resting your legs when sitting on a sofa. So if your sofa is a 2 chaise sectional that means it has 2 of those. 


A reversible chaise just like any chaise is an extended part of the sofa that doesn’t have arms or aback. However, if it is reversible, it means it can be moved from position to another and can change the shape of a sofa.


There is no fixed size for a sectional sofa as they come in different shapes and sizes and can be altered to suit the room size. However generally speaking any sofa should not be in length with the wall, there should be an 18″ space allowance between the sofa and the wall from all angles. With that in mind, I’m sure you can come up with an approximate sofa size for your room.


A sectional sofa is more expensive than a regular standard sofa. It also takes up much space compared to a regular sofa. However, unlike sectionals, regular sofas cannot be customized nor are they as versatile as sectionals. So it really depends on you and what you find appealing. Regular sofas are more suitable for small spaces and sectionals can be positioned to fit into any room from large to small. However, the decision remains up to you and what your budget holds. 


Well, mostly it can be used for two things. Firstly it can be a handy piece of furniture and can be used for stretching out, storing books and the likes or simply sitting on it. On the other hand, it can be used for visual appeal, it’s a classy feature to any furniture piece. Other than these 2, a chaise does not really have any other function. 


A sectional couch is made up of 2 or more sofas that can be joined together at different angles to bring out a different shape or longer couch. If a couch is not sectional then it had a fixed shape and cannot be altered or geared

Final Thoughts

Buying a sectional sofa is the best decision you could ever make if you’re trying to add life to a room. Sofas always grab attention giving off the style you want others to sense in your space. Well, at least we’re done here. No lie it was fun but rather tiring, but we made it and we’re done. I hope our quick guide was able to help you make a choice on your now favourite U-Shaped sectional. We’re certain whatever choice you make will be the right one and you will not be disappointed at all. Shop well, go home and relax. When your sofa finally comes to take as many naps to cover for the ones you lost stressing over it. Happy Shopping!! 

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