Best U shaped Couch Reviews 2022: Bring Family and Friends Closer

We all know it very well that a sofa is not just a sitting space. It is one of those great places where best memories are created with our loved ones. When hanging out with friends or spending time with your family, these couches play a key role. But what if you don’t have enough space for everyone to sink in? This is where U shaped sectional sofa comes into play.

You might have faced the difficulty to talk to a person sitting at the far end while using a normal sofa. Its one of the worst feeling when hanging out. But we will never face an issue like this if you have a U shaped couch in your living room.

If you're looking for a stylish u shaped sectional couch, this is one such place where you can find it. See how good this u couch is.

U shaped couches are the best-designed concept for conversation sitting. The sections arranged in a U shape, which is perfect sitting space for a bigger family or group of friends. You can easily have a conversation without having a neck pain just by continuously turning to the side while talking to a person.

Before we dig deep into the topic, let us have a quick look at the cheap and best u sofas:

Best U shaped sofaMost affordable U shaped Couch
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Made of fabric, this oversized seat and back cushions feel comfy. It is available in 3 eye-catching colors - Pewter, Dune, and Chocolate. Cushions are stuffed with CA117 fire retardant foam. Zippered cushion covers, easily removable and washable. One of the best U shaped couch with 3 sections. Perfect for a contemporary theme of your house. This 11 pieces U shaped couch has an astounding combination of Brown couch and tan cushions. It is also available in Gray and Black. Made with microfiber and wood, it is sturdy and long-lasting. The steel frame makes it strong. The best part is that this patio furniture is weatherproof. The cushions are filled with thick cotton foam that feels comfy. It will perfectly match with any decoration theme.
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Well, this is just a sneak peek at U shaped sectionals. Let us know more about the features and some insightful tips for finding the best U couch.

In addition, I will also take you through the product reviews of some of the best and most affordable U shaped sectional sofas available in the market.

Let’s get started!

Why should you have a U shaped sofa at your home?

While conventional sofas provide comfort and style, U shaped sectional sofas are much more than just a sitting space. Thanks to the large sitting space, they are very comfortable compared to other sofas. Lounging and having a conversation on U shaped sectionals is more convenient and fun. That’s precisely the reason why you’re here. I forgot! Still its a very good idea to have a look at the reasons why you need to invest in them.

  • Perfect choice as a sitting space for bigger families and group of friends
  • Sections arranged in U shape, so as everyone faces each other while sitting on. No need to turn to look at the person every time you talk to them
  • You don’t need to create a space around u shaped couches.
  • If you have tight space or staircases, conventional sofas can get damaged while getting in your house. But with U shaped sectionals, it is easy to lift and move the sections up one by one or shift them according to your need and space
  • Provides the comfort and style and easily blend in any decoration theme of your house
  • Another interesting feature of U shaped sectionals is you can arrange and use them as a corner sofa, loveseat, and many other ways.

What to look for in best U shaped couch

After knowing about all the interesting features, you must be thinking how to find the best U shaped couch. Well here are some tips and things to look for when you check out the U shaped couches.

  • Easy to lift and move: The sections of the U shaped couches shouldn’t be too heavy. So as you can easily get them delivered from the stairs or narrow spaces in your house.
  • Easy on your back: We lounge on a sofa for hours. Make sure the cushions of the U couch are not hard on your back and comfortable to sit on.
  • How much space the sections needs: Check how much space single section of U couch takes. It will be convenient to buy U couch with smaller sections if you have a tight space in your house. So you can arrange the sections according to your need.
  • Check how smoothly the sections move: While moving the sections around the house and arrange how you like them. The chances of the carpet or the floor getting damaged or scratched are more. So check if the feet of U sectional are smooth enough to not leave the scratch while you move them.
    If you're looking forward to buy a u sectional sofa, then you're in the right place. Here we have reviewed top sofas of u shape
  • Quality of material: No one likes to invest in the same thing every few months. So make sure to check what type of material the U sectional is made of. If it is sturdy and durable.
  • The fabric of cushions: Cushions are what we lounge on. They should make you comfortable and should be easy on the back. Along with the comfort, the fabric of the cushions should be of good quality. You don’t want to see the cushions tearing out in few months. Also, they are very easy to clean.
  • Cushion style: Style of cushions play an important part in a look of the sofa. Might they be reversible, overstuffed or tailored. Overstuffed cushions are casual and comfortable. While tailored cushions are perfect for the contemporary look of your living room.
  • Color: This is another important aspect. The color of the U shaped couches define their style and look along with other things. Available in a variety of colors, choose from black, brown, blue, white, cream, red and many more to match with the decoration theme of your house.
  • Arm rests: Sitting comfortably on U couch, not only your back but you should also feel comfortable with armrests. Rounded arms or straight or no arms choose the U shaped sofa according to look and comfort.
  • Feet: Many people choose not to see feet of the couch. But if you do want the U couch with exposed feet, you should check the style and look of it. Do you want them of wood or metal? Would the design look good or just having them plain and simple? What shape would you like, straight or rounded. Do check before you decide to buy U shaped couches.
  • Style of U couch: Everyone likes their home to be unique and at the same time homey. Couch plays important role in a look of your house. Whether you want it to be modern or traditional, contemporary, rustic or eclectic. So choose the U couch that would fit perfectly into the theme of your house.
  • Warranty: This is another important aspect. It’s always a benefit if you get the guarantee or warranty on the U shaped sectional. Some manufacturers provide the warranty with the U couch itself. Or you can buy the warranty separately for some extra money. So if your U shaped sectional sofa gets damaged, you can always get it repaired or replace within the warranty period. Given the type of services and maintenance, the manufacturer provides within warranty.

U Shaped Sectional Couch Reviews 2018

After listing interesting features and a buying guide, I’m sure you are eager to buy U shaped sectional sofas. But some of you still might be confused. After knowing the tips about what to look for in a U couch, you might still have some questions. Like where to find the best and most affordable U shaped sectional couch. And what the users think about those products. Are they sturdy and comfy? Are they worth the price?

Well, enough of worrying about these things. I have already got the answers for you. After searching on internet, from so many varieties and manufacturers, I have got 5 best and most affordable U sectionals for you. I have selected them by their style, size, color, comfort, durability and price.

So let’s check out some of the best and most affordable U shaped sectional couches and what users think about those.

1.      Flash furniture Signature Design – Soft and Comfy Lounging Sofa Your Friends will Love

Jessa place is a large u shaped sectional. It is one of the best of its kind in the market
Dimension: 62 x 64 x 36 inch
Number of pieces: 3
Color: Pewter / Dune / Chocolate
Material: Fabric

Made in a contemporary design with its rolled upholstered arms, this is a wonderful sofa designed for a large family.  Three persons can easily lay over on this super comfortable sofa.

The sofa is made up of high-quality fabric. It ensures that it is quite sturdy and long lasting. You will love the comfort it offers. The firm and pretty U sofa is definitely one of the best ones on the market.

This 3 sectional sofa is available in 3 conspicuous and unique colors – Pewter, Dune, and Chocolate. The colors will go with any decor. The oversized back and seat cushions give you cocoon-like feeling. As you can see in the picture, the back cushions are attached to the sofa while seat cushions are loose. An interesting thing is these cushions are stuffed with CA117 fire retardant foam. Impressive, isn’t it?

Want to buy this sofa but worrying about the door space? Don’t worry, this U shaped sectional fits through the regular sized doors. The cushion covers are removable and easy to clean. So if your kids spill food on it, you can put the covers in the washer. Just make sure you have zipped the covers before washing.

You can easily put this U couch together without any hassle. Sid that, you might need a help of a drilling tool for the best installation. The only thing is this U shaped sectional sofa is heavyweight. So you will need extra hands to get it inside your house. And also to move the sections around and arrange them as you wish in the future.


  • Provides large seating space
  • Cushion covers can be easily removed and are washable
  • Sturdy hold and stays well on a wooden floor without sliding on it
  • Soft, comfy and easy to arrange


  • Due to heavy weight, it might be difficult to move sections around
This is a super comfortable and sturdy sofa that is perfect for a contemporary theme. It is one of the best large u sectional couch you can have in your home. We would say that this is the perfect piece of furniture you are looking for if you have a large family.

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2.      VIG Modern Leather Sectional – Attractive and Comfy U shaped Leather Sectional

This 5 piece sectional sofa is one of the best leather sofa when it comes to u couches.
Corner chair Dimension: 45 x 45 x 30 inch
Armless chair Dimension: 56 x 38 x 38 inch
Number of pieces: 5
Color: White
Material: Leather

This large U shaped leather sectional is a perfect sitting place for a modern living room. The front side of the sofa is made of top grain Italian leather, which makes it sturdy and long lasting. The back of the sofa is made of the matched material where the body contact is usually less.

I know how you’re feeling the stylish furniture. It’s ‘wow’, right? This was the same feeling I had when I first saw it in my nearby furniture shop. This Modern sectional is one of the most attractive sofa you will ever come across. It has built in accent lights on the top of a table.  And your guests won’t stop praising your choice of U shaped sectional sofa.

Along with the look and style, it’s not any less in comfort. The cushions are very comfy and look inviting. The high-density foam is stuffed between the sections that give you additional comfort.

The sections are held together with the metal brackets, so there’s no possibility of it sliding on the floor or carpet. With its lavish look, side chaise and comfort it is a perfect U shaped sectional couch for large living rooms.

The headrests of this U shaped leather sectional are not adjustable. So that might be inconvenient for taller people.


  • Attractive design for modern homes
  • Built in accent light along the side of the chaise.
  • High-density foam between the sections for added comfort.
  • Italian leather on the front side with the perfectly matched material on the back of the sofa.


  • Headrests are not adjustable
Perfect for modern living room, this is a super comfortable and super attractive u shaped leather sectional couch. It has Italian leather in the front where your body touches. We would recommend this to luxurious apartments where you can convert your conventional sitting into a conversation sitting place.


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3.  Stendmar Modern Gray Microfiber Sectional – Ultra Modern and Super Comfortable

Ultra modern U shaped microfiber sectional sofa
Dimension: 143 x 41 x 35 inch
Number of pieces: 5
Color: Gray
Material: Microfiber, wood

I know that the picture has made you in awe seeing this ultra-modern u shaped sofa. But let me tell you; it’s far good looking and comfortable than what you see in the picture. With the implementation of two-tone colors- gray and dark gray, this Stendmar sofa is a treat for your living room.

The high-quality microfiber makes this U couch strong and long-lasting. Apart from the classic look it offers, the wooden and metal legs make it extra sturdy. The cushions are stuffed with 3.0 density foam and are quite comfy and easy on your back. It has a solid wooden frame.

What I liked the most about this sofa is that you can have countless configurations with the five pieces it has. This will give you enough choices in a gathering or function.

If you are worried about the weight capacity of this U couch, you can ask the manufacturer to add an extra leg on a center wooden frame. It will give the extra support and strengthen the sofa even more.

Although it is easy on your back, there’s no support for the upper shoulders and neck on this U couch. So the taller people may experience neck pain by sitting on this U couch for hours. But what for a U shaped sofa designed for? Its for countless hours of chit chatting in the most awkward positions.


  • Fits in a small space
  • Sturdy bottom frame made of the wood
  • Made of the best quality microfiber which makes it lasts for years


  • Nothing significant
Stendmar 5 piece sectional is perfect for a contemporary and aesthetic ambience. If you’re confused on how to welcome a large number of guests on festivals and family occasions, you should lay your eyes on this comfortable sofa set.


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4. U-MAX Patio PE Rattan Wicker- Stylish Modern Patio at a Tempting Price

If you're looking for the best and cheap u shaped couch, then this Rattan Wicker sofa is what you should purchase.
Corner section Dimension: 29.5 x 29.5 x 24.8 inch
Middle section Dimension: 29.5 x 25.6 x 24.8 inch
Number of pieces: 11
Color: Gray / Black / Brown
Material: Steel frame and PE Rattan

Available in three eye-catching colors – Brown, Gray and Black, this is one hell of a furniture considering its price and features. Without any doubt, this 11 piece sofa is one of the best U shaped couches available in the market. I’m damn sure that you will be wondered seeing how the existing customers rate this fabulous furniture.

The 11 pieces consist of 6 Middle Sections, 4 Corner Sections, and one Coffee Table. PE Rattan and a steel frame support make sure that the sofa is destined to last long. Moreover, the steel frame to support also helps in holding heavyweight. So, you don’t have to worry next time when that oversized friend of yours pay a visit to your home.

You will see nicely designed cushions in all the 11 pieces. The cushions are stuffed with thick cotton, which gives most comfort and relaxation. If you’re going to purchase this couch, then keep away your worries about its cleanliness. The zippered cushion covers are easily removable and washable.

One of the most noted complaints about this sofa is that its cushions are bit slippery. Many customers have expressed their concerns over the lightweight nature of the cushions. But the important thing is that many intelligent customers have used Velcro to make the cushions stay put.

The best part is, this U shaped sectional is weatherproof and perfect patio furniture. If you want, you can easily move it inside when in a bad weather. It might occur to you that it is lightweight and might fail with more weights. But that’s not the case. It can easily withstand heavy weight.

The manufacturer provides metal clips to connect the sections. It is highly recommended to get help from someone for assembling and connecting these sections. That’s one drawback, but have fun.


  • Top quality patio furniture for the money.
  • Sturdy and long lasting
  • Weatherproof and lightweight


  • Assembling might take some time
Weatherproof and lightweight, this 11 piece furniture will be a great asset you can have in your patio. Made with the sturdy material, it has a great weight capacity. The easy to clean cushions are stuffed with thick cotton that gives you extra comfort. Without any doubt, this is the best deal for a U shaped sectional couch at a reasonable price.

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5. Coaster Home Furnishings Button Tufted Design- Versatile Sectional known for its Comfort

One of the most comfortable u shaped sectional sofa from Coaster Home Furnishings.
Corner chair Dimension: 38 x 38 x 36 inch
Armless chair Dimension: 32 x 38 x 36 inch
Number of sections: 6
Color: Brown
Material: Microfiber

With four armless sofa chairs and 2 corner sofa chairs, you have the perfect combination of comfort and style in this stylish sectional sofa from Coaster Home Furnishings. The Brown finish and beige colored button tufted cushions only enchant its looks. It is made using microfiber along with the hardwood frame and bi-cast vinyl upholstered. The microfiber won’t rip off very easily making this U shaped sectional is sturdy and guaranteed to last for years.

Webbed back, sinuous spring base and attached back cushions make it one of the most comfortable sectional. The cushion covers are removable and stain resistant. Even the wine stains come off easily within one wash. Just make sure the covers are zipped before putting it in the washer.

The attached wood legs heighten the armless and corner chairs and it becomes easy to clean under the sofa.

Shifting and rearranging the sofa in your living room is not at all a concern. Thanks to the lightweight nature of the sectional. The only downside is this U shaped sectional slides a bit on the floor or a thin carpet. For that, some users put the thick carpet under the sections and they didn’t experience the sofa sliding or moving again. You can also use connectors or you can put it against the wall if you don’t want to use the carpet.


  • Cushions are stain resistant and with the attached wood legs it is easy to clean the sections
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Versatile sofa which can be used for various purposes.


  • Sections slide a bit on a floor or carpet
Built with microfiber, this is a sturdy and durable piece of furniture. Undoubtedly this is one of the perfect U shaped sectional for a modern yet elegant look. The attached cushions offer the comfort you’re looking for and they are stain-resistant. If you’re looking for value for price in a comfortable and stylish U sectional, this is your sofa.


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After knowing all the interesting features and product reviews, I’m sure you’ll be in love with the U shaped sectional sofas. And I hope you find the perfect one to go with the decoration theme of your house, that will provide comfort and a perfect conversation sitting space, all within your budget.

With the U sectional couches, you will be confident to welcome a big family, host the guests and lounge with your friends. And spend time with them, reminding the old memories and creating the new ones.

With its moving sections, you can decorate the house as you wish. It adjusts perfectly in an available space. And you won’t need to create a space around it like you would for a conventional sofa. That’s the beauty of the U sectional sofa. With a comfort and style, you can easily make the sitting place as a perfect conversation sitting and bring your friends and family closer.

Before I wrap up, let us have a quick comparison of all sofas we have listed above:

Couch Dimension No. Sections Material Color Options Price
U Max Patio PE Pattern Rick 29.5 x 29.5 x 24.8 inch 11 Steel frame and PE Rattan Gray / Black / Brown $
Click Here for the Price
Coaster Home Furnishings Button Tufted Design 38 x 38 x 36 inch 6 Microfiber Brown $$
Click Here for the Pric
Flash furniture Signature Design 62 x 64 x 36 inch 3 Fabric Pewter / Dune / Chocolate $
Click Here for the Price
VIG Modern Leather Sectional 45 x 45 x 30 inch 5 Leather White $$$
Click Here for the Price
Stendmar Modern Gray Microfiber Sectional 143 x 41 x 35 inch 5 Microfiber, wood Gray $$$
Click Here for the Price

Happy shopping and do let us know how you feel about these sofas. We will be very excted if you are able to find a good u sofa from this article of ours.