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You guys probably saw my rocking chair upholstery slash slipcover job, and today we are going to actually be a pull string this chair if you don’t know how to sell if you have no experience doing this don’t worry, neither do I. And I actually did this whole process with our son which was fantastic.

I’m not an expert, and so I decided just to go ahead and make pattern pieces out of the scene because I didn’t know the beginnings of figuring out how much fabric I need. So I just made these pieces for how I figured I’d put it on the chair but then I’ll and then ended up going to DO lands and telling the lady at the register what size pieces I need, and she helped me do that.

I got this a lovely fabric, and I’m over here at my parents’ house. And here’s sister Khloe, you guys met in my pumpkin must in the video is going to help me with this project. I’m super grateful, so I’m just going to go ahead and start laying out this fabric here. In 20 out to seek peace to me, this seems like the most straightforward piece so I decided to stick with that first.

The lady who is wandering around with their heads is it my fault she’s adorable and she had a leading kids she does not look like she had a lot of kids which is like my biggest fan and she loves watching me do projects. Notice here I am just stuff seen the fabric in the corners of the chair for the seat peace and to the back of peace so depending on what kind of terror you have this may or may not work but I actually sat in this chair a lot, and if I ever see super close to the chair and super secure so for me I was able to do this most upholstery jobs.

Actually go ahead and tear off the old fabric before putting on the new fabric but for me that was just way too intense I didn’t want to project that was going to take weeks to finish and then I might mess up on I wanted something that was cheap easy and quick to do so that’s why I decided to just go ahead by talking and this fabric I’m I did use the fabric glue or something like that if it was a little bag here, but this worked perfectly fine for this. And. I’m just folding over that front piece and stay clean it down we had a terrible stapler well either that or I’m awful at stapling to keep we now also staples that I miss.

Chloe was super brave and let me be around her fingers which is totally crazy, and I managed to only have my fingers, and so hopefully Chloe will work with. So there you guys go that is like my terrible stapling job that is the bottom of the front of the chair wearing securing it was stapled. Next, we pulled it under these raw edges and stapled back down tight and stable to begin and staple. That was behind the scenes.

Getting frustrated at that’s people that I don’t actually know what you would call these but they’re just some darts gathers cleats I think that’s what you call it I only simply on the corners of the chair to make it conform to the shape of a chair better.

And your clothing are just a now do you mean how the back would work again I’m kind of winning this I have no experience mess whatsoever so do this at your own risk okay if your coffee what I’m doing it worked for me you might have to do something different and make it work for you my goal was just to get different fabric honest here because this chair is really stained I didn’t take well before pictures of it but it’s like a nasty stain however it’s actually a costly chair that was given to election night by my parents when they moved, and so I did want to keep it here I’m just cutting off the fabrics to make it easier to slide in the corners of the chair and then I am stapling the back a little bit here.

This actually is wins the staple gun broke we ran out of staples and so here Colleen are eyeing up the chair seen how we like it and imagining whether we want hockey side arms whether we want tight sidearms or how we’re going to actually go about that process because the arms were really intimidating another day another shot back at home trying to figure out how I’m going to do this I ended up getting a much better staple gun, and I decided to secure all 4 edges of the side panels with staples.

So here I am stapling under the arm to start. Did I did that little pleading again on the back of the chair and then went and stapled the bottom of the chair and then went and stapled the end of the chair so as you can see this is really tight really firm and really secure on all four edges of this site. After I cut off the excess fabric, this is how it looks, and billions plan with this toothbrush. This is what working from home looks like. Okay, so they went ahead and stapled the friends on this right-hand side of the arm actually.

I tried to stable the left-hand side of the arm too, but there wasn’t anything to stable into, and so my staples just kept coming out which is actually really frustrating, so I was going to have to come up with a different solution on bass again I reach here is different this worked for this chair but it might not work for you. Fabric glue and just glued down at the top of the fabric so that it would stay in place I find this tacky spring honestly that tacky but it did the job for basically based in the cool thing about this topic it was initially $150, and I use coupons to get it down to $66 so I’m super stoked about that.

Both sides have been stapled already, and so I’m just hot clean the staff to handle down because everything else around it and this is really just for looks it’s not going to take a lot of pressure you’re sitting or the kids riding on it for stuff like that. Go ahead and cut off the excess fabric and to do a little bit of cleaning up here I tried tacky glue that it worked out well so now I’m just going ahead and using hot glue which is surprising super durable.

I am responding you guys on Instagram. And I’m just going to go ahead and do this hot glue all the way around and do my little pleats. I’m using a book to hold it because hot glue burns like the Dickens, so I’m trying to avoid. Here’s how it looks before I put the front piece on is actually really really secure. It’s taking like a big run of strain is stable mainly that right-hand side the left-hand side well that’s just talking.

And it’s another day another I’ll say I still have a wash my here since the beginning of this video at least that’s what it looks like I basically did the same exact thing you saw on the right-hand side on the left-hand side I just stuck little cans in the front of the fabric and tend. Break to the chair and then cut out around the shape of the arm then once I got the general idea I went in and did a little bit tighter all the way around the chair if I did this again I would do it so that it worked on one side and then cut out a replica for the opposite side I wish I’d done this on this chair because both arms did not turn out the exact same way that it works.

Then I just took that tacky spray sprayed on the back of this fabric and stuck it up here so that I nature it set and then I hot glued around the material securing it even tighter. This hot please set me to look really change you guys but it works like a really really good I actually was going to use my sewing machine and do a little bit more legitimate upholstery on the sleeves by selling the front panel to the sleep panel that my sewing machine bit the dust, so I wasn’t able to do that.

Covering up the stables with this corny that I got for 5 weeks so it’s a pretty good deal this whole entire tear ended up being $70 to complete and it is like I said it’s a really incredibly beautiful chair is way cheaper for me to put new fabric on it then to go out and buy a whole new chair yeah I do have 2 little kids I’m assuming that by the time I upholstery job falls apart the fabric will already be soiled and looking for a replacement.

Anyway like I just mentioned I do have 2 little kids and so I did want someone of a slipcover because the day after I finish this chair Leon was sitting in it with his grubby little feet now is like a cheer and I don’t want to be telling him that all the time so I decided it sell this piece of fabric I just him to the edges and I got my machine to work for about one side of this the rest of it I hot glued because my machine was acting and then I just hot glued a V. of that 14 in the front.

And here is the finished chair I love how it turned out you guys for a total hack job it’s actually super secure I don’t have any problems with glee on jump all over it because I know it’s going to stay in place it looks terrific, and it just brings this pop of colour and floral and beauty into our living room I’m so happy with the lines of it, and I’m so grateful you guys followed me along for this injury it was an exact next couple lifestyle project and I am in love. And here you guys can see it without little slipcover bid on it yes I can pop out really easy and throw in the wash so I’m super happy with the slipcover part it just sits on top of the chair it’s super secure and I could threaten the liquid when it gets gross. You should also see our HOW TO REUPHOLSTER A COUCH /SOFA post.

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