What type of sofa is most comfortable?

Types of sofas Lawson Style Sofa This is a sofa design that is usually placed in the lounge. It provides a contemporary design that offers a soft and warm sitting area. Overstuffed cushions characterize it. You will notice that both the cushioned and the backrests take the shape of a square with high arms. The … Read more

The Sofa vs Couch Analysis: Differences between Couch and Sofa

Sofa vs couch is a topic to discuss. Nah, they are not the same.

‘Sofa or couch’, that’s the statement that we use most frequently. However, little do we know these two words are much more than synonyms! We can somehow bet sofa is not another word for the couch! From their definitions to functionality, they differ, although not from the huge margin. Nevertheless, highlighting the difference between the … Read more