Sofa Under 500: 5 Impressive Picks

Are you looking for a sofa under 500 dollars? Maybe you want to buy a furniture piece but you have a limited budget and you’re wondering if you’ll actually get something reasonable. Well, I’m here to tell you today that nothing is impossible. 

ImageNameWhat We LikeLink
LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS GRAYSON MICRO-FABRIC SOFA It’s a heavy-duty couch that will not easily give in
It is very comfortable
Has a neutral style that will easily blend in
HONBAY CONVERTIBLE SECTIONAL L-SHAPED SOFAIs a reversible sofa configurable to different positions
Comes with a multi-functional reversible ottoman
Linen upholstery is easy to clean and maintain
It is very comfortable and supportive
Fabric upholstery is easy to clean and maintain
Is a reversible sectional sofa allowing different configurations
Comes with a reversible chaise lounge
DHP EMILY FUTON COUCH BED, MODERN SOFAIt is firm and comfortable
The linen covers are very easy to clean and maintain
It has a tolerant weight capacity

With a budget of 500 dollars, we can definitely get you an amazing couch. We’ll find you the best, and I mean the best in terms of everything. From the look, style, design, brand and durability, with just a budget on the line we will definitely find something affordable and to match your standards. 

Though it may seem farcical to get a good couch that will actually last you long with just 500 or less, it’s actually more than possible. So many brands are overlooked because their prices are low and so many brands are also overestimated just because they are more expensive. 

Well, let’s switch things around then, just because something is cheaply priced does not mean that it’s made from cheap materials, and just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s high quality

Are you in a hurry to find yourself the best sofa out there within your budget? Here is a quick guide showing the best sofas out there, that will not meet your budget cut bit will also impress you when it comes to style and taste. From different brands with different quality materials, start a journey to finding the best sofa for your home, be it for the living room, bedroom, or even hallway, we will be with through. So let us delay no further and find you the couch of your dreams.


After careful consideration during our research we found that if you’re looking for a sofa within a budget such as 500, you might as well give it the best shot possible. We decided on this beautiful Honbay convertible sofa. To us, it showed great potential and offered more than any regular sofa out there. It’s a small sectional sofa that comes with a reversible ottoman, giving you both the sitting and lounging option. 

Likewise, the ottoman may as well serve you as either a footrest, coffee table or an extra seat when you decide to have too many friends over. Besides it being affordable, we also realised that it would give you the chance to test yourself as you can configure it to different positions that will both meet your taste and enhance your living room. So yes, this was and is our top pick. 

Our Reviews Sofa Under 500


Coming to you in 3 colors that are black, brown and grey is this super-soft, micro-fabric sofa from Lifestyle solutions. It’s a transitional sofa that mixes both the contemporary design with a traditional style making it suitable for calm and simple settings. If you are looking for something that can help you relax and wash the tire away then this should be your problem solver.

Coming to you at a price $285.47 this 3 seat is definitely worth so much more. Understanding that at times your personal life and work-life may collide leaving you exhausted, this here is designed specifically for you. If you are that busy person with a consistent need to relax and rest after a long day then this here is your biggest contender yet.

This Micro-fabric sofa features a traditional style while still maintaining a contemporary look. It comes with a wood frame upholstered with 100% polyester microfiber material. The legs come as real wood with dark colors leaving a clearance from the bottom of the couch to the floor of about 5′. The seat cushions and back cushions are filled with high-density seating foam and back foam allowing your couch the capability to withstand heavy use and long time service. 

It comes with sleek arms that give it a classy look which flows out to any room it sits in. It’s symmetrically crafted with a beautifully tailored back cushion not only making it comfortable but appealing to the eye as well. Basically this couch is a heavy-duty couch that will not give in or disappoint you. It is set at a dimension of 80.3’*32’*32.68′ with a weight capacity of 790lbs. Assembly is required but it’s very minimal and will not take much of your time.




This L-Shaped sectional sofa comes to you in beige, grey and light grey. It’s a linen fabric couch definitely worth the buy. With this one, you will freshen up your home. It’s mostly designed for small spaces such as apartments, studios, condos and so forth. It’s basically a demonstration of your unique taste and style and will have your guests and friends crowding at your home. 

Made with durable stress-free fabrics, this couch comes with a uniform look and a reversible ottoman automatically making it multi-functional. Also, it comes giving you free will to test your imagination and set it up in different positions just to see which will suit your space and style more than the other. With this couch you have more than just a regular sectional couch, its ottoman can function either as a footrest, table, lounger or extra seat giving you more space to sit and talk with your friends.

As stated before this is a small convertible sofa coming from Honbay, Made from solid wood framing, it is upholstered in linen fabric providing you sumptuous and luxurious comfort. Besides the seat comfort, linen is also very easy to clean and maintain, soft dry cloth is enough to remove any build up. 

The cushions are nice and firm with sinuous springs that run from the front to the back so you won’t ever have to worry about your sofa giving in and sinking. The wood legs are oval cones, shaped like that so as to reduce damage to your floors, and the clearance though not as big, it is enough for you to at least lift the sofa up in case you feel you want to clean underneath. It a great sturdy couch that has a very low chance of disappointing you, it is set at a dimension of 78.5L*30.3’W*35’H with a weight capacity of 660lbs.




Coming to you in 3 colors, that is chestnut brown, grey and blue is this beautiful 2 seater from Zinus Ricardo. It’s a stylish and comfortable sofa with all the qualities you could possibly want in your home couch. It’s a good couch that will probably create a cozy spot for you in your home. It comes with multiple layers of cushioning giving you a full and supportive embrace as you relax. 

Its contemporary style, comes off as calm and simple, giving it the ability to blend in easily and enhance your interior. Coming at a price of $426, this couch is definitely worth the buy and will not disappoint you in any way. Besides being comfortable it’s also very strong and durable. Giving you a piece that you can comfortably grow old within the comfort of your home. 

Going straight to the basics, this Zinus Ricardo loveseat is a multi-functional cushioned sofa. It’s set on a naturally strong wood frame that is wrapped in supportive foam and all that is covered in durable 100% polyester material. The fabrics used on it top to bottom are stress-free and very durable and also come with an additive of being very easy to maintain and clean. It’s a 78.4′ long couch with flared arms giving it both the right size and the right look for your home.




This right here is a corner sectional sofa that comes in 2 colors that are black and brown. Made from faux leather this L-shaped sofa also comes with a reversible chaise lounge meaning you have an extra seat, a footrest and a table. It’s a beautiful sofa with a classic modern look. 

The seat cushions come with pocket coils that are individually wrapped in specially designed foam to give you a certain level of comfort that you will most likely never find elsewhere. The leather is soft and it’s also very easy to clean allowing you to just wipe the dirt off with a dry cloth leaving the sofa spotless. It’s the perfect couch for a small living room or maybe just a small space that you want couch-filled. With a price within your budget, this couch would be a great choice. 

In further detail, this sofa is a reversible sectional sofa that comes with a chaise lounge. Sitting at dimensions of 78.5L, 30.3W and 35H in inches, it’s able to hold a weight capacity of up to 710lbs which for a small sofa is quite impressive right? The cushions are spring filled making them very comfortable and on the plus side, you won’t even have to worry about that dreaded sinking that most expensive sofas tend to have. It’s a strong couch that will definitely last you a long time. So for a long term investment, do you think it deserves its price? 




This is a futon style sofa that comes to you at an incredibly low price point. Its a very stylish futon that comes in over 15 different colors inclusive of different shades of gray, green and pink. It has a split back design making it sleek and stylish. 

The rounded edges it possesses offer only comfort and style to both you and your home. One great thing about this sofa is that it can quickly adjust from a sitting position to a lounging one and from a lounging position to a sleeping one. This is possible thanks to the split-back design and the innovative minds that made it. All in all this futon is the perfect piece for any home as it is both stylish and versatile. 

Coming to you with a modern look and squared



Buyer's Guide


If you like moving things around a lot and you like redecorating regularly especially in a small space then a futon is better. Futons are more versatile and are also cheaper when compared to regular sofa beds. But if you want a full-on setting for a house then a sofa bed would be ideal, it is best when you’re it amongst other furniture pieces so you get something that will blend in directly.


On average a sofa will last about 15 years depending on the framing and material used. However if heavily used and poorly maintained it could last for 10 or even less years. It also depends on the upholstery, quality leather will get you up to 25 years or more if properly maintained. 


Some sources describe a sofa as a wooden bench that’s covered in cushions and blankets saying that the term “sofa” comes from the Arabic word “Suffah”. These may seat 4 or more people. A couch on the other hand, by different sources, is described as a comfort-driven piece that normally accommodates maybe 2 to 3 people. They also say a couch has no arms and in terms of size is always smaller when compared to a sofa.


Well comfort entirely depends on what a person seeks, but for a wide variety to choose from, you could try online shopping sites or you could visit any furniture store and try out the ones you think suit your taste. If all else fails, you could get recommendations from people.


Well, sofas are meant for sitting, so unless it is a convertible sofa, constantly taking naps on it will probably result in a few deformations such as sagging, flat cushions, or a weak frame, leading to a wobbly sofa or a deformed shape.

Final Thoughts

Guess what, we made it and I am certain we found something that fit your style and taste. Remember, a cheap price won’t always mean cheap quality. Enjoy yourself with your new furniture piece. Make the most use of it because you definitely deserve it. With much luck and with much love, I wish you the best in your shopping and make sure to enjoy the process. Till we meet again, BYE!!

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