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Are you looking for a sofa under $100? Are you on a tight budget and you really don’t want to waste money or you don’t have the money for an expensive sofa. Let’s say you want a small sofa that you can put in your kids room. It really doesn’t have to be as expensive as the full blown sofas and that’s what we will be working on today. 

Worry not, I’ve got you. Well, I’m here to tell you today that nothing is impossible. With a budget of 100 dollars, we can definitely get you an amazing couch. We’ll find you the best, and I mean the best in terms of everything. From the look, style, design, brand and durability, with just a budget on the line we will definitely find something affordable and to match your standards. 

Image NameWhat we LikeLink
Kid Sofa Chair, Velvet Fabric Kid Upholstered Chair,Ideal KidMade of high quality and eco-friendly wood and foam.
Is soft, comfortable and durable.
Compact size for carrying and storing easily
Costzon 2 Seat Armrest Chair Lounge Children Sofa with FootstoolContains no chemicals that can harm kids
Is very stable and safe for kids
Is easy to clean
Keet Roundy Denim Children's Sofa, BlueIs very safe and comfortable for your kids
Has a stable setting to prevent falling over
Is very easy to clean, move and maintain
Fun Furnishings Toddler Flip Sofa, ZebraIs a very safe sofa for kids
Light in weight and easy to move
Made from quality materials
Keet Roundy Microsuede Children's Sofa, BrownIs comfortable and stable
Had padded cushions to support your kid
Is cheap and affordable

Though it may seem impossible, I will make it possible for you to get a couch that will go with your budget. So let’s say you want to get a good couch, a small one for your kid but you need to maintain that 100 dollar budget. Lucky for you I did some research and found some of the best small sofas that you can find for exactly that budget. Be ready for a mind blowing journey that will have you wishing you were still a kid as well. 

So many brands are overlooked because their prices are low and so many brands are also overestimated just because they are more expensive. Well, let’s switch things around then, just because something is cheaply priced does not mean that it’s made from cheap materials, and just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s high quality. 

In A Hurry

I’m sure you are in a hurry and I’m going to do what I can to help you find the best fit sofa for your budget deals. Don’t worry nothing is impossible on this earth. Here is a quick guide showing the best sofas out there, that will not meet your budget cut bit will also impress you when it comes to style and taste. From different brands with different quality materials, start a journey to finding the best sofa for your home, be it for the living room, bedroom, or even hallway, we will be with through. So let us delay no further and find you the couch of your dreams.


Well this one is a great sofa for the kids or pets depending how you want to use it. It’s a great and multi-functional addition to any kids room. It makes a great reading seat or for putting your feet up in front of the TV. Your kids can enjoy their favorite TV shows from this comfortable sofa without having to worry about climbing up or climbing down. It’s definitely the top pick because of its ability to accomodate any kid and their needs. It’s very much Ideal for any children’s bedroom or playroom. Be sure to check it or infact just order one now and make it an early Christmas present for your kid. They will love it!


Our Reviews

Kid Sofa Chair, Velvet Fabric Kid Upholstered Chair,Ideal Kid


Well, I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that this tiny sofa here is actually quite popular and is a durable single-seat dinosaur kid chair for kid gift. Your children will have their own seats to read books, eat snacks. So you won’t have to worry about helping them up on the grown-up seats.

 It’s basically a modern mini style kid upholstered chair and the range of application is broad that it can decorate your room or any room and any corner. Besides your home, it’s also a perfect fit for preschools, early education, kindergarten, nursery, photograph studio, amusement park and many many sites.

Coming to you at a dimension set at L50xW39xH48.5 cm. This sofa comes with a Seat size of w29Xd27cm. It has a weight capacity of 43kg. It is preferable for people younger than 6. This chair’s fabric pattern adopts a printing process, color bright various dinosaurs and many animal combinations to make the kid very interested and attracted to it. 

So give your kid a  funny and happy memory with this sofa. When your kid sits on the chair, they’ll be more than free to move without toppling because of its a steady chair and sofa. It’s designed for long term use with moderately hard foam, the size of very suitable for your kids and will help make your kid’s bones grow more and more healthy.


  • Made of high quality and eco-friendly wood and foam.
  • Is soft, comfortable and durable.
  • Compact size for carrying and storing easily


  • Is not waterproof or stain resistant

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Costzon 2 Seat Armrest Chair Lounge Children Sofa with Footstool


Here we have this cute and durable two seat sofa that’s the perfectly sized sofa for toddlers. It can manage to give them a spot they can call their own while reading, eating snacks, watching TV. Suitable for 1 or 2 kids giving the two siblings ample time to bond. Give your babies their own furniture. 

Create their own cozy spot where they can enjoy their favorite tv shows without disturbing you in any way. What’s so great about this sofa is that it even comes with an ottoman to help create a full lounge set for your kid. The ottoman is constructed with the same material as the sofa in proper size with the sofa so that you kid can use it comfortably without any problems. 

The whole set is constructed by wood frame and filled with a soft sponge, Costzon kids sofa set features solidity and durability. It comes with a lightweight design for easy movement. Your baby can move their own furniture to any ideal place without much effort, which cultivates their manipulative ability. It is also convenient to carry.

It is not only comfortable but easy to clean. In case your baby spills out juice or snacks, wipe clean with a damp cloth easily and quickly. This sofa could make a big difference for you and your kid so why not try it out and see what you’ll get from it.


  • Contains no chemicals that can harm kids
  • Is very stable and safe for kids
  • Is easy to clean


  • Not available in adult sizes

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Keet Roundy Denim Children’s Sofa, Blue


If you really love your child then I think you should really look at this sofa. Your kid will love being able to kick back and relax on a sofa designed just for them with the Keet Roundy Sofa. This sofa is designed to mimic adult furniture in looks and craftsmanship. It’s strong and even has a durable frame that is covered with high-density foam which is extremely comfortable. 

It’s a  soft, durable and easy to clean fabric sofa that can be made available  in your choice of color so you can easily match your decor. It even has wooden legs that give this sofa an authentic furniture look so your kid won’t feel left out from the adult furniture setup. It’s mostly recommended for kids around the age 2-5 years old. Weekly vacuuming is recommended to reduce any buildup but if you want you can use any dishwashing soap and warm water for spot cleaning.

So basically this is a beautiful denim fabric sofa that is not only pleasing to the eye but is as comfortable as it looks. It comes with a strong wood frame covered with high-density foam and since it’s for young toddlers and kids it contains no added flame retardant chemical  the wooden legs offer a stable setting to make sure that your kid doesn’t topple over. It’s basically a regular that has been minimized in both size and price. 

Sofa size: 32 L x 18 W x 18 H in.


  • Is very safe and comfortable for your kids
  • Has a stable setting to prevent falling over
  • Is very easy to clean, move and maintain


  • It’s a kids sofa, and it’s not waterproof

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Fun Furnishings Toddler Flip Sofa, Zebra


Proudly manufactured in the USA is this toddler flip out sofa. It’s the perfect soda for at-home play and relaxation, or at grandma’s house for a comfy napping spot. The foam flip out sofa is slip-covered and the slip-cover comes off for easy cleaning. 

The fabric is easy to clean with mild soap and water.  You’ll find that the seating area measures 20″ Across and when flipped open opened 33″ Fully extended. There are a variety of colours available for this fun flip sofa.

Designed at a size that’s just right for kids this sofa features cushioned padding, with a strong and sturdy wood frame built to withstand years of use. An ideal addition to their bedroom or play space, they will love cuddling up to their favorite tv shows with a blanket. 

It’s a great sofa to add to any kids study area especially if they are artistic. So make your kids day and get them this beautiful sofa.


  • Is a very safe sofa for kids
  • Light in weight and easy to move
  • Made from quality materials
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Is not waterproof or resistant to stains

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Keet Roundy Microsuede Children’s Sofa, Brown


What we have here is a microsuede children’s sofs that is both stain resistant and comes with sturdy and strong wooden legs. Recommended for kids around 2-5 years old this soda will definitely make a difference in your kids life. It’s a sofa that measures at a dimension of 32 L x 18 W x 18 H and is the perfect height and size for any kid. 

So discard the idea of getting your kid a plastic chair and instead give them the same comfort that we as adults are pretty much used to. This sofa is designed to mimic adult furniture in looks and craftsmanship. Its strong and durable frame is covered with high-density foam which is extremely comfortable. 

This beautiful microsuede fabric sofa not only comes with the advantage of being volatile but it’s also very easy to move around and is easy to coordinate. Its soft, durable, easy to clean fabric is available in your choice of color so you can easily match your decor. Wooden legs give this sofa an authentic furniture look. 

With a strong wood frame, this sofa comes to you covered with high-density foam. This will make it very comfortable and will not have any sinking feelings at all. Since its for toddlers who are capable of unnecessary experiments, this sofa contains no chemicals and contains no added flame retardant chemical. So you can rest and be assured that nothing will happen to your sofa.


  • Is comfortable and stable
  • Had padded cushions to support your kid
  • Is cheap and affordable


  • Is for children sitting only

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Buyer’s Guide


If you like moving things around a lot and you like redecorating regularly especially in a small space then a futon is better. Futons are more versatile and are also cheaper when compared to regular sofa beds. But if you want a full-on setting for a house then a sofa bed would be ideal, it is best when you’re it amongst other furniture pieces so you get something that will blend in directly.


On average a sofa will last about 15 years depending on the framing and material used. However if heavily used and poorly maintained it could last for 10 or even less years. It also depends on the upholstery, quality leather will get you up to 25 years or more if properly maintained. 


Some sources describe a sofa as a wooden bench that’s covered in cushions and blankets saying that the term “sofa” comes from the Arabic word “Suffah”. These may seat 4 or more people. A couch on the other hand, by different sources, is described as a comfort-driven piece that normally accommodates maybe 2 to 3 people. They also say a couch has no arms and in terms of size is always smaller when compared to a sofa.


Though no material or fabric can ever be scratch or tear proof. Some material/fabrics offer have a higher resistance to tears and fraying as well as scratching. For example most stain and waterproof fabrics such as leather have a higher resistance when it comes to scratches, tears and fraying, also polyester is quite scratch resistant as well. If you’re worried about scratches and sorts, you could opt to buy a cover/protector for your sofa.


A sectional sofa is more expensive than a regular standard sofa. It also takes up much space compared to a regular sofa. However, unlike sectionals, regular sofas cannot be customized nor are they as versatile as sectionals. So it really depends on you and what you find appealing. Regular sofas are more suitable for small spaces and sectionals can be positioned to fit into any room from large to small. However, the decision remains up to you and what your budget holds


If your sofa is of leather upholstery, there are commercial leather cleaning products you could try, or simply vacuum and wipe the dirt build up with a damp cloth. There are also multiple leather cleaning solutions you could make such as the well known white vinegar solution, but it would be best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations and follow suit. If your sofa is however of fabric upholstery, most sofa fabrics come with care labels, with a lot of ‘do not’ sigmas. The best way which is also the wisest would be to follow the are labels, if washing, dry cleaning and scrubbing are out, then the best would be to vacuum that sofa. You could also hire professional sofa cleaners to do it for you. 


Changing a sofa cover will depend mostly on the type and brand of the sofa you have. Some sofas come with removable covers and so you can change a cover if you wish to. Other sofas, however, especially those upholstered with certain material say leather, for instance, the covers cannot be changed unless you go with your sofa to those professionally qualified for such. Lest you get your sofa ruined and will have no choice but to throw it away.


You should consider changing your sofa when it no longer gives you the comfort you need or when its now a liability and too many repairs are required. You should also consider replacing it when the cushions are now flat or at least before the cushions start sagging. While it’s still in saleable condition at least you get something out of it.

Final Thoughts

Whoo, okay we’re done now. Congratulations! you’ve finished this dreaded journey. I hope our quick guide was of use, and you have an idea on which sofa you’re getting now or at least which one you don’t want to get. So here we are, and I’m sure I am not the only excited to be here. It was a fun journey but like all fun things, this trip has to come to an end. 

I wish you luck in your shopping and I hope you find exactly what you need and want and it will be something that will solve all those problems floating around. Unlike window shopping or closet shopping, sofa shopping has to be the most exhausting, but at least when you’re done you get to relax in the comfort of your choice. So let’s leave you to it. Try to have fun and good luck!!

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