Sofa like Ikea friheten: Our Favourite Alternative

If you are considering the Ikea friheten sofa and are looking for options there are a few. We have researched the market to see which one of these is the most ideal one based on various factors.

Best Choice Products 3-Seat L-Shaped sectional couch

Coming to you in the color white that somehow does look like a beige or cream is this beautiful and magnificent three-seat L-shaped leather sofa from Best Choice Products. It’s a 3-piece sectional that features two chaise ends to give you the room of your dreams for all your snuggle sessions. 

With this sectional sofa here you will be bringing to your home more than just a practical piece of furniture. You will be adding style and vogue into your lounge setting. It is an amazing piece that will even have most of your guests wondering how such a piece exists. 

If you want to buy a dream then here it is being sold to you. From strong framing and construction, this sofa definitely meets every need you could possibly imagine.

Lounging, relaxing, sitting, and any other activity you would have planned out in your home this sofa can help do all of them. So before we already hit that buy button kets see what else this sofa has in store for us. 


  • It is a beautiful and astonishing piece of furniture 
  • It is very comfortable 
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Very favorable in size


  • Is not made from genuine leather 
  • May be heavy to move around


This sofa looks very simple but is very supple and soft. Perfect if you love cool and soothing sensations when relaxing. It comes with a beige cream color that will likely brighten up even the darkest of the room.

The tufted leather feel is just as exquisite as its design and trusts me when I say that the comfort it feels can be imagined just by looking at it. 

This sofa is very pleasing to the eye but is also comes covered in faux leather and has very comfortable wrapping. It comes with handsome tufts and will create an amazing cozy spot in your home for you and your family at all times.

This sectional is decorative and very much appealing to the eye. You’ll definitely live your best life in comfort and without regret. I mean just by looking at it you can feel the luxurious touch and feel of the sofa’s soft touch and embrace on your skin, what more could you possibly want out of a sofa.

By adding this sofa to your home, you are adding fine living to the forefront. This beautiful sectional features two chaise ends, giving you the room you need to snuggle up and get comfortable on movie night.


Already with this sofa, you have a table, footrest and a  lounger all three in one. It’s designed with an l-shape, but the chaise lounge and ottoman can be moved around to spice up the look a bit.

So if you feel like maybe you want to lay back and relax with your feet level, you have the footrest, if you want to however take a nap, then the lounger is available. Here is a classic sofa that will help with functionality and space-saving. 

It is superior built with your needs in mind. You can almost define it as a compact sofa as it is not that big. It is the perfect sofa for small areas such as start-up apartments and the likes. At the same time, it would be an amazing set piece in a large room for a relaxation corner.


The upholstery is made from faux leather and is simply luxurious to the touch. Deep tufting all over the backs and sides of this unit adds to its glamorous vibe, while the wooden legs finish off the design on a modern note. This sectional doesn’t come with pillows for added comfort and style. 

Lastly, the last thing you could expect from this soda is regret and disappointment as its solely designed to perform to perfection. So if you want that amazing time every day then this sofa is exactly what you need. 


So basically this sofa is constructed with a durable, heavy-duty hardwood frame and inner springs for stability and durability. With that being said, just know that it will not deform any time soon. It comes with the classic l-shape design that we have grown to love and adore because of its space-saving tactic and functionality. 

That being said, its design makes it very much capable of fitting into cornered spaces. All in all this sofa is very easy to assemble as it comes with very simple instructions with all required hardware being provided for. So all you have to do is wait on your delivery and get started in about 30 minutes or less you could be done and enjoying only the best


Now we come to the tricky part. If you are betting in a low budget for a sofa this sofa may slightly tilt your scale but it will definitely be worth it. This sofa comes to you ranging from a price of $289-$400.

If your budget is somehow in that line then you will definitely get yourself one of these. Looking at the style this sofa brings to your home it will definitely be worth the buy. Don’t worry about the rest of this sofa will not disappoint you at all. 


Buying a sectional sofa is the best decision you could ever make if you’re trying to add life to a room. Sofas always grab attention giving off the style you want others to sense in your space. Well, at least we’re done here. No lie it was fun but rather tiring, but we made it and we’re done. 

I hope this quick guide was able to help you make a choice on this sofa. Like I said before getting this sofa would definitely not be a disappointment at all.

You’d make the best out of it and it would definitely make the best out of your home. I am certain whatever choice you make will be the right one and you will not be disappointed at all. Shop well, go home and relax. We also like the Klippan Sofa

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