Sofa is too big for living room

Now here I am going to be a stylist and tell you things that no one has ever dared say to you. I am going to be that interior designer and architect that is going to tell you and show you how best you can deal with such issues. So wait for it and trust me, I will turn this all around for you. 

So the furniture is a big purchase so if you think you can’t find the perfect piece for your home and all of them just seem ordinary, do not rush yourself. Take your time and wait until you find one that feels right.

Most people make the mistake of rushing and after rushing they buy the first piece they find without even considering any measurements and right there, just at that point you start regretting everything. 

Well lucky for you certain problems can be fixed and others can’t. So if ever you feel like you won’t rush to buy furniture do not buy something until you are fully satisfied with the piece you are getting. If its a sofa or a bed or a table be sure to have the right measurements. 

Furniture is a long time commitment and I don’t believe you want to be stuck with something you hate for 15 to 20 years now do you? Sadly there are these few individuals I want to talk to today. If you bought yourself a big chunk of a sofa and now you realise its too big for your living room and you think its the end, well I‘m here to help you with that. A sofa that is too big can be a big turn around if you work well with it. So let us see what we can do about your little problem.

So we all know that when you visit warehouses that have furniture everything seems like it will fit in any space and that is mostly because of the simple fact that a warehouse is big. And when you scale it down you realise that everything will so mich smaller and that there is the problem we normally make. 

You choose a sofa that ‘looks’ like it will fit. It will fit, perfectly in fact but it will take up so much space that you then realise that it is too big for your living room. You just signed a no refunds closure and you are stuck with that big chunk. What now? What if I tell you that it is not the end. 

What if I tell hat we can actually make it work? See when it comes to designing we follow a simple fashion of lines. As long as we can manipulate those lines we can make it work and lucky for you we can actually make it work. So why we are going to do with you here is manipulate those lines and make it work. So do not give up yet, let us see what we can do here. 



So basically when it comes to design planning we not only work with scale and size. You can also plan using colors, accents and lights. As long as we can manipulate everything surrounding your sofa we can make it on of the best sights you have ever seen. 

If you have a dark sofa, try to make the lighting more brighter, the lighting will manipulate the surrounding and give an illusion as if everything is in order. Same way if you have a bright sofa make the room just a tad bit darker this will create an illusion as if the sofa is not as big as it seems to be. 

You could put the sofa close to a dark wall, not in the reach of the window lighting. If your sofa is too bright you could also make use of Ambion lighting that’s just dark and dim as it will definitely manipulate your mind and create the illusion that everything is in perfect scale.


So here we could work with the throw over designs and the accents in the room. If you have a modern contemporary hone interior you could work with that throw a few pillows couch he couch. Make it more attractive to the extent that no one will actually notice the size of the sofa and instead they will be attracted to the accent in the room instead of concentrating on the elephant in the room. 

So by changing the order in the room, remove the chairs and the table and set it in a different corner as that would make the room look crowded. Instead, if you try to make the room look more spacious by removing too many unnecessary things you will create the illusion that the sofa is perfect for the room as there will be more room in the living area. So, remove certain objects that take too much space and set them in a different room. 


So the last option which no one is a fan of is renovating around the sofa. If you find your sofa to be too big then you may as well make the room bigger. That could mean removing a few walls and building new ones. It could also mean maybe renovating the whole house finally getting that designer workout on your house that you have been wanting. 

This, of course, is more expensive but it will help in the sense that you could hire professional designers to create a completely new look for your home and make it even better than it was before. You could even instruct them to make the room especially to suit your sofa and voila there you have it. A new home and a new sofa. It will definitely be a mood changer. 

Final Thoughts

As I said before, certain damages can be fixed and others can’t. The renovation would be the last option in any case and you can only do that when you realise that everything else is not working.

However, in case you haven’t actually gone out to buy that sofa you could always get a scale and people to help you measure so that they tell you which sofa you actually need in your home. Best wishes and I hope it all works out for you. 

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