Sofa for Garden: Our Absolute Favourites

Are you looking for a sofa for your garden? Well that’s right you’re catching on quite quick. You see sitting outside is not only healthy for the human mind but it does wonders to your soul as well. Gives you more time to connect with mother nature and just enjoy the peaceful outdoors forgetting about the stress and modernity of technology that innovations have brought us. I’m pretty excited about this myself besides being a fan of gardening.

I’m a fan of relaxing as well so i’m going to find you some of the best pieces for exactly that. Deciding to buy furniture for the outdoors is quite simple really at the same time a bit tricky. I mean you can’t actually decide to buy a leather sofa out in your garden. That’s just absurd but if you want to do that feel free, this is a very free world you can do what you want with your money.

ImageNameWhat we LikeLink
DEVOKO 5 PC PATIO FURNITUREMade from strong and durable rattan
Cushion covers are soft and easy to clean
Is versatile with a modern design and feel
KINSUNNY WICKER RATTAN LOVESEAT SOFAVery functional as the sofa can be coordinated with other furniture pieces as well
Has thick padded cushions for comfort
Made from waterproof material
TANGKULA 3 PIECE OUTDOOR SOFA WITH LOUNGE CHAISEMade from high quality rattan material
Comes with a chaise lounge
Can be used for naps and sitting as well
WALSUNNY OUTDOOR 7PC SETHas a featured bed set
Made from durable material
Is able to withstand all weather conditions
PEACHTREE PRESS 7PC SECTIONAL SOFAIs a sectional sofa that comes in a 7pc set
Comes with a side coffee table with a glass topping
Can withstand all weather conditions

However, after doing some Research I realized that you can’t actually have a sofa outside of your home that’s not resistant to weather elements like snow, rain and a lot of heat or sunlight. So you see that if you want a sofa for your garden you’ll have to find something that’s resistant or proof of too harsh weather elements for example we have rattan sofas that are perfect for the outdoors as well as the indoors. So i guess that’s what i will mostly talk about. Unless you have an indoor garden then i might just include one or two sofas that could be the perfect fit for an indoor garden or greenhouse.

I know you are probably in a hurry and trust me i am too, just that i am probably in a hurry to find you the best sofas suitable for your garden area. Don’t worry you can trust me i have your back on this. We are going to change that garden and make it equal to any recreational spot you have ever been to. Just follow my lead and watch me work my magic on this.


So before we go anywhere i just want to introduce you to this amazing rattan sofa here. Thing is, rattan material is super strong, and at the same time very light to the extent that even a 5 year old kid could move a full-on rattan couch. The material unlike wood can sustain any weather condition, winter, snow, rain, heat, it still won’t nudge. It’s the best material and probably one of the very few that will look great both in the house and outside. So at least now you know why i chose this beauty here as the best right? So just be very sure to check it out i know you do not want to miss out on this.

Our Sofa for Garden Reviews


If you feel like you want to have the perfect outdoor experience then I think we’ve found what you need. This Devoko 5pc is perfect if you want to add luxury to your outdoor space. Giving unprecedented comfort it’s perfect for the patio, backyard, poolside or even balconies. It’s not so big hence space efficient. The 5 pc is modular allowing you to arrange the blocks in any way to bring out the design of your desired preference.

Not only is this durable but the rattan and steel frame give it a steady feel, no wobbling and irregular shifts unless of course they are intended. The cushions both back and seat are filled with high density foam to shield you from the rattan frame and they are made with soft and washable covers so don’t worry about stains and all. Since we already know that rattan is stain resistant and UV safe, let’s move on to see what else makes this set the ideal one for you.

Coming in two colors, beige or blue, this Devoko 5 pc, comes with 2 corner chairs, 1 armless chair, 1 Ottoman and a glass coffee table. Not forgetting 9 cushions and 2 pillows plus instructions on how to set up the whole collection. The modern design it has allows it to fit under indoor furniture as well. 

Made from rattan and steel it’s durable and resistant to all weather elements. However in case it’s snowing or raining, it would be best to cover it, just so as to prolong the service years otherwise it’s still fine. Once set up, it sits at dimensions of 83”*58”*25” with a weight capacity of 330lbs. Versatile, easy to move, and yet strong and comfortable. Why wouldn’t you want this 5pc?




This corner loveseat is the perfect solution if you love to regularly cozy up with a friend or a lover. It’s designed perfectly to suit both indoor and outdoor settings, plus it’s lightweight making it easy to move and relocate. The cushions are ultra plush coming at 3.9” thickness for that extra support and comfort. 

They are also  packed in waterproof, washable covers meaning even if you spill your juice, wine, coffee and whatever, you can just wipe it off and there won’t be any stains to worry about after. In case they do get dirty you can just remove them and wash them afterwards. This beautiful loveseat has a simple outline which allows it to blend with any setting and décor, it also amplifies your style making it seem brighter and more cheerful.

Now let’s get serious with the details. It comes in 6 colors, that’s turquoise, orange, red, navy and purple. It’s set at dimensions of 59”* 29.5”* 24 8”. It’s a top quality sofa set made from PE Rattan and steel frame with an all-weather resistant synthetic resin. It’s durable and built to last at the same time maintaining a delicate style.

Simply put this sofa will last long and will never lose its style and beauty. Let’s talk about the cushions now. Apart from being waterproof they are also fade resistant so can be washed. For the whole set up minimal assembly is required and instructions are sent with the sofa so you’ll be shown exactly how to set it up. So if you want to buy this piece there’s really not much to worry about.




This Tangkula 3pc is a great addition to any outdoor space. Whether it’s poolside, backyard, garden, patio, you name it, this piece will fit in perfectly. It’s a loveseat with a Lounge Chaise and a glass-top coffee table. 

Perfect for you and that “friend” of yours to spend a relaxing afternoon in the outdoors. It provides ample space for full relaxing while giving you the comfort you need. Amongst other reasons, one reason why you’ll love this set is that the material is heavy duty and will definitely last long, say for years and years to come. Plus the fact that it’s all-weather resistant certainly raises its point bar higher. If you look closely you’ll see a mixed brown color.

It’s a neutral tone perfect for indoors as well, so don’t limit your luxury and relaxing feel to the outdoors. If it’s winter and you want that relaxing feel by the fireplace then set it up. Like any rattan piece its light weight and so very easy to carry and relocate. Or even for your lounge and living room. Because if its style and color it will fit in with almost all if not actually all interior decors, so you have nothing to worry about just click and buy and it’s yours.

But before we do that, lets’ just check on a few other details so you really know what you’re getting. This lovely set is made from high quality rattan and steel frame. It’s rust resistant and heavy-duty. The seat cushions are made of 25D sponge and polyester fabric whilst the back cushions have PP cotton which is more resilient than normal cotton. You’re given a plush and firm feeling.

The cushions are easy to clean coming with water-resistant and zipper covers they can easily be removed and washed. If you’re worried about doing it wrong, you’ll be given instructions on how to get started, and assemble. It’s so simple it won’t even take much of your time.

The dimensions are set differently in the following manner; Loveseat: 46.4” * 23.6” * 25.6”

Lounge sofa: 46.4” * 23.6” * 25.6”

Glass Table: 35.2” * 17”9” * 13.7”

With that being said, let’s order yours now.




Coming to you in 5 choice colors; green, navy, red, dark blue and turquoise, I introduce to you the Wal Sunny outdoor 7 pc. Let’s say you want to create a beautiful outdoor sitting area. This 7 pc comes with everything you could possibly need, for the corner sofas, to the armless sofas  and even a glass table. This sectional sofa allows you to create different sitting arrangements apart from the regular L-shape.

Framed with rust-resistant steel and rattan, it’s a durable piece with a sturdy set as well. It has a stylish modern design making it suitable for any patio, balcony, garden, backyard or even poolside, it’s also great for the interior decors as well so if you want to fit it into your lounge as well, then go ahead.

The cushions are thick and spongy offering optimal comfort. The covers are waterproof which means stains aren’t going to be something to expect anytime soon. The covers are also Washable and fade-resistant so don’t worry about them losing color. So all in all  this piece would be perfect for the outdoors and would be very convenient and is used indoors as well.

Apart from it being lightweight and easy to move this rattan sofa can be configured into different positions based on your space and preference. It’s made from high-quality rattan so it’s all-weather resistant and durable. It has 2 corner sofas, 4 single sofas, 1 glass-top table, 6 seat cushions, 6 lumbar pads and 2 small seat lumbar pads. After being configured it can sit at dimensions of 103.6”*25.6”*24.6” and each sofa can handle as much as 300lbs. I know what you’re thinking. It’s definitely the one.




Lastly, the Peachtree Press 7Pc. What we’re looking at here is a 7pc sectional sofa with independent sections. It’s designed to suit any and every setting whether indoors or outdoors it will wow you. It’s designed to withstand all weather elements like any rattan sofa  but with this one it’d be best to cover it in extreme cases just so you can prolong it’s term of service.

The best thing about this sofa is that it comes with a coffee table and 2 extra pillows to increase its convenience and comfort. So in brief, If you know you’re down to relax all day without any tension or stress, you’ll definitely want to get this piece.

Let’s look at it in detail and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Made with top quality PE rattan and steel, this sofa comes with 5 different color choices. It’s built to last and will still have its sleek and stylish vibe in years to come. The cushions are fade-resistant meaning you can wash them as much as you want and they’ll still look new. However the cover material is waterproof so you might not need to do the washing at all.

The whole piece is lightweight allowing it to be relocated and configured easily. The glass table it comes with will definitely highlight any setting giving it a classic feel. If you’re worried about how to get started with such a piece, don’t. It comes with a set of instructions simple enough for a 5 year old and it won’t even time much of your time. The dimensions come as follows: Overall corner sofa: 29.5” * 29.5” * 25.6”

Single sofa size: 25.6” * 29.5” * 25.6”

Table: 27.6” * 27.6” * 13.5”



Buyer's Guide

We know that none of these sofas are Reclining sofa. If that is what you are after, consider following that link. Otherwise, check out this guide.


Garden furniture, also called patio furniture or outdoor furniture, is a type of furniture specifically designed for outdoor use. It is typically made of weather-resistant materials such as aluminium which is rust-proof. Examples that we have are Wooden furniture, Bamboo furniture, Wicker or rattan furniture and Plastic furniture (a.k.a. acrylic furniture)


Thing is, material used for garden furniture  is super strong, and at times very light to the extent that even a 5 year old kid could move a full-on rattan couch. The material unlike wood can sustain any weather condition, winter, snow, rain, heat, it still won’t nudge. It’s the best material and probably one of the very few that will look great both in the house and outside, I mean, what more could you want? Now you know why it’s becoming so popular right and I bet by now you’re wondering where you could find the best for your house. 


Rattan is very durable and can withstand so many conditions. Unlike durable fabrics like leather, rattan isn’t affected by natural elements like rain, sunlight, snow and so on. It can stand anything that’s how strong it is. 


The two materials are already so different. Rattan is a solid material whereas bamboo is hollow. Also rattan is very flexible and can bend, unlike bamboo. Hence making the furniture different. As you’ll see that bamboo furniture is a bit stiff and can break whereas with rattan, the extent to which it’s flexible is unimaginable. 


Rattan can get very wet and the best part is, that’s okay. It won’t deform or get ruined. Rattan is very strong and resistant to so many things. It’s actually waterproof so if it gets wet you just wipe it and let it dry and it’s as good as new. 


Though very strong and durable, damage can come to a rattan piece. Luckily spot repairing is possible, if you’re handy you could follow a few instructions on how to fix it, but best would be to entrust it to  rattan specialist especially if the situation is a bit complex.

Final Thoughts

Apparently it becomes a way prettier sight if you have the right furniture in your garden. Rattan sofas have been known to be the best choice for a garden set up. If Sofa is too big for living room, your garden is an option. They are the best known sofas out there for outdoor use not only because of their strong but lightweight material but because of their ability to resist most if not all weather elements. So if you are looking for a sofa for the garden then a Rattan sofa is definitely the way to go. Enjoy your shopping. If interested in getting your colours right, check out our Grey Sofa Colour Scheme Ideas

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