Sofa Color Combinations

Let’s say you have already been through the hustle of selecting the sofa you want. I’m referring to style and the like. not the actual sofa. Well even though you are almost done with the whole labor of figuring it out you still have a tiny bit of a problem that you still have to work on. What color is your sofa going to be? 

finger pointing at color swatches

Now I know that we rarely look or even consider the importance of a color when it comes to furniture but trust me that’s one for the major things you have to consider. Colors hold so much depth and detail about anything and we have gotten so used to them that we barely understand the language they speak. Colors communicate, they affect and effect as well. Some colors give off too much of a certain emotion whereas other colors actually lack it. However, the question comes with what your choice in color will entail about you. 

Now you see that most people go for colors without much consideration of what they mean and how they affect the mind. There are so many psychological books that talk about this but I’m not a psychologist and i am definitely not about to start a thesis on color effects to the mind. Anyways moving on to the main priority here. Are you looking for a color combination for your sofas that will absolutely make you fall in love with the end result? 

Lucky for you, that’s what I want to look at today. See decorating is a key piece of furniture, you can buy the most expensive piece out there but just with the wrong color people will probably think you got it off the side of the road. So if you’re here then maybe interior decorating isn’t your thing then. However, that doesn’t mean you are in a hopeless situation there are so many possible and very common ways to combine colors on your sofa and make it colorful yet very aesthetic and please.

In A Hurry? 

Since you are probably in a hurry, I’ve made this guide with some common and widely used sofa combinations. Look through it and maybe you will find one that actually suits your preferences when it comes to color combinations. Let’s first talk about the necessity of a sofa in your home and why getting a sofa is a good idea for your home If you’re looking for a reason to get a sofa then here is one you may fancy. 

Looking at versatility you’ll find that a sofa is quite versatile when compared to the rest. You will find that a sofa has extra features like it’s probably a modular or its a sectional and has a design that will probably allow it to suit both commercial interiors as well as home interiors. 

I mean you’ve seen sofas everywhere you go, be it a clinic, hospital, office at times even church buildings have sofas.  I mean you can nap on a sofa but you can’t nap on a chair, you can sit back, or you can kick back, you can’t crouch and snuggle with a blanket whilst watching your favourite movie. Your guest can sleep on the sofa so many options but with a chair, those would be pretty much uncomfortable.

Color Combinations

So now we are going to be looking at some of the most commonly known color combinations for sofas. Note that some may seem a little bit eerie at first but they are definitely topping the buzz in other areas. Just trust that we have got this and we definitely know what we are talking about.

Colors are capable of either a lot of damage or a lot of construction. It’s really on how they are blended together as some don’t look good if shared at equal parts and some just need a sprinkle of the other. I’m concentrating on two color combinations as three seems a bit complicated so let’s see what we have got. 

Brown and tan

brown sofa and coffee table

Let’s start with the very common ones. These two on a sofa settle down very well with each other as its almost one color in different shades. You’ll find that brown and tan have similar hues and will bring out and give your room a lovely feel. For the simple fact that brown is an earthly color, it represents home and warmth and will definitely bring that same earthly feeling to your home without much of a problem. 

The best thing about brown and tan is that when combined they have a chocolate look that will have your home looking sumptuous as much as it will look stylish. See brown Just has this look that makes it seem so sophisticated and if you mix it with the right color such as tan, you have the ultimate combination that will have you drooling at the look in your own home so what more your guests.

Tan looks like a lighter shade of brown and the reason why we would probably want this mixed with brown because it lightens up the feel in the room. Imagine having one shade of brown only, It will look too grounded and that is not a look to go for most modern interiors.

Tan mixes it up a little bit and will have your home looking brighter instead of the dull approach that comes with brown, This combination is very common especially when it comes to leather sofas, and if you surround the room with other earthly colors like tan and beach brown, you will create the most welcoming room you could ever imaging. 

White and Brown

white lounger with brown rug and cushions

At first, this may sound like an odd combination for a sofa, but it’s actually becoming one of the most common combinations for sofas out there especially for those that are somewhat fabric sofas and at times leather sofas as well. You’ll find that lately brown is becoming a common color for sofas because of its homely and earthly feel which is exactly what most people are looking to put in their homes. 

So with white in the picture, brown becomes the lesser in this case. White is a vibrant color which people sometimes claim isn’t even a color but just some light shed on a dark space. Setting up white in your home represents a clean and pure set up that will give our home and innocent look and appeal to anyone who enters it. A white sofa touch may be hard to maintain is very classy no matter what type it is, and when it comes with an added shade of brown it will look like a sanctuary of some sort.

So combining brown and white will give your living and earthly sparkle that’s very down to earth. These two combine to create a mixture of emotion and satisfaction that will leave you relaxed. Most people who take on this color combination prefer having white as the dominant in the case.

As I said, white is a pure color and adding that with a bit of brown will just create a picture you will love in your home. Grey walls normally work with this look to create a beautiful set up that will have you feeling satisfied and comfortable and relaxed every time.

Dark Blue and Grey

dark blue sofa

These two have such a mixture of emotion in them. Blue being a deep tone of memory and grey being achromatic what you will have with these two in your home is a sea of style. Both colors add deep tones and depth to any interior. They create a strong and bold look. It may be quite moody and that moody statement is exactly what will add the style to your home. 

You will find that grey is known as achromatic because of the combination that it is of two opposing shades. It is not a definite set and will work to bring out any style and any look depending on how you match it and what you match it with. Grey has no stand in this, the stage belongs to the dark blue as it will be the most visible on the sofa you choose. Dark Blue, unlike its lighter shades, represents a darker set of emotion. May not be the happiest thought you could have had but some could turn out to be the best.

Grey in this combination is a lighter and weaker partner. It’s just there to set a different look but it doesn’t have much of an effect on what the dark blue may detail. You will find that most places that have this color combination for their sofas are usually dim areas, places that don’t bring in too much light.

Not dark but not bright exactly which is exactly what this combination will entail about the room and the interior they will be put in. Normally this combination works well with spots of red in the room, or a dark and bright brown to add vivacity and all.

Red and White

This is a very tricky duo because balancing more than two colors in any room or in anything at all is a very tricky job that could either create one of the best outlooks you could ever think of or in fact create a hideous hue that will probably make you sick every time you see it. However, balancing red and whit is like balancing a trio of colors that could make a very aesthetic scene or a very disturbing one. 

So you will find that most places that are red and white if you make the wrong balance you will create a murder scene. Red is quite bright and at times uncomfortable to the eye. So you will find that with a background sich as white if you make it too much it will look like a big murder scene and at the same time if you make it too little you will create what looks like an accidental scent. 

Most sofas that have this look, go for the 80:20 rationing in which either two of the colors can switch positions. Red can be the main color on a sofa, then you can have a small outline of the white color at the same time both can be interchanged and reversed in their roles.

However, you can never balance the two, the look may turn out to be more hideous than you could ever imagine so always remember the 80/20 rule when working with red and white. Normally you will find this combination on sofas that are in a brown walled room or a dim room that isn’t too bright just so you can reduce the brightness on the red.

Grey and Chalky White

This has also become one of the most common color combinations out there. You’ll find it mostly in bright rooms but it works well still in dark rooms or rooms that have a dim outlook. Reason being that white and grey almost look similar but like we said grey is achromatic so it can’t exactly take aside. 

Anyways you will find that grey and white in their somewhat similar ways create a neutral living room and will put in the, a very classy outlook that will not only make the room feel peaceful but will also create a very satisfactory feeling in the room. Adding brown to this duo may also create an aesthetic feel to the living room, but it’s best to not try it if you don’t know much about the interior styling and all.

This combination requires a room that has a dark floor. As you should know for the style of a room to actually look satisfactory the floor plays a great role in the type of sofa you choose. You will find that if you get a dak sofa when you have a dark floor the sofa will become almost invisible and may destroy the look of the living room giving it an empty feel.

So in other words, If you choose to have this combination in your home then make sure that your walls and floors are not as bright as the dogs that you are adding into it because that mistake will create an invisible look and will destroy the whole look of your home.

Final Thoughts

So before we end this topic as to which combination is best, you should know that there are other options out there. These are not the only options that exist and even if they were you could probably mix and match them to get one you would prefer instead.

Color mixing is a very hard thing to do. That’s why there are actual professionals who deal with this sort of thing for you. Such that if you yourself are unsure of what to get and what will suit your home you may as well get it. But before all that. Let’s talk about why you need to consider the colors before you permanently settle for your couch

If you’re looking to define optimism and cheerfulness in your style then a certain color combination is definitely the way to go. A sofa is the centerpiece of any room it sits in. Be it the office, lounge, living room or family room.

To define a room is to define the sofa, if you want a classic interior the best way to go is to find a classic sofa. So you see, a sofa will define almost everything about you, and if you choose the right color combination you have the right set up for the room.

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