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Are you looking for an arm couch cover? Well, there you have it. We know how pets and humans can be monsters to furniture at times. You’re probably wondering how you could save your couch without banning both pets and humans from the house right? Well lucky for you arm couch covers were invented. To bring you and your pet comfort and luxury, while keeping your couch protected and clean. Pets have claws, they have teeth, they have fur, and some have very functional digestive systems. Humans on the other hand tend to be very clumsy which is deadly to our precious sofas.

In A Hurry

Getting yourself an arm couch cover is one of best decisions you could have ever made. With that I’m not going to waste your time. Instead follow through with a guide as you will find some of the best covers that will protect your sofa and its arms.


Coming to you in 29 colors is this spandex stretch fabric armrest that will be the second skin to your armrest by all costs. It’s a high quality sofa cover that will definitely have you wailing out to your friends. If you are tired of rough settings on your sofa’s arm then this here will fix that little problem in just a giffy. It’s a top pick this time because you can choose from 29 different color fabrics and still have the same effect of both protection and style in your sofa. Be sure to check it out and make sure you do check it out. There’s something rather special about its design that I can’t quite put out in words. 


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Stretch Armrest Cover Seersucker Spandex Armrest


Are you in need of something that is simple and will cling to your sofa quite well? Then let me introduce you to this beautiful armrest cover seersucker spandex armrest slipcover. Coming to you in three colors, that is beige, chocolate and grey, this armrest will surely be worth your while and here is why. You will find that most covers are either throw overs and may look a little lumpy, but not this one right here. This one will cling to your sofa like a second skin and will not let that armrest feel exposed in anyway.

So all in all this cover is 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex. It’s a unique small checkered seersucker fabric that allows you a unique touch experience. Materials with good abrasion resistance ,ductility and wrinkle resistance were used in it making so you already know that you are in for a big comfortable surprise. 

It’s strong and durable and not easy to deform or fade, making your sofa brand new. The armrest cover provides full protection for your sofa armrest from scratch, dirt and spills, you can be more relaxed without worrying about the wear of the armrest. It’s very much elastic and will stretch tl suit and fit your sofa’s arm well


  • Will cling to the sofa like second skin
  • It has a soft and comfortable feel
  • Is easy to clean, wash and maintain


  • Is not resistant to fire and too much heat may cause damage

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Sideli Luxury Chenille Jacquard Armrest Cover for Chair Couch arm Cover


It’s annoying at times when you buy something and the design completely tells off what it’s supposed to be. Well don’t worry about that here because this arm protector from Sideli does just the opposite. Coming to you in 14 different colors is this beautiful and artistic arm protector from Sideli that is not only appealing to the eye but very applicable to the situation at hand.

You see this arm protector simply looks like a rug. Coming with its exquisite jacquard, tight stitches with a tassel design this arm protector will aid you in creating an amazing home and atmosphere.

Made from polyester its available in two sizes that is 14*14″and 20*24“It’s suitable for most chairs,recliners,sofas and couch armrests.  The armrest covers are made of high quality cotton and polyester.We choose the heavy chenille fabric,which is comfortable and durable.

Exquisite jacquard weave looks luxurious,elegant and not easy to shell off. The arm cover comes with a non slip bottom and  is a multifunctional arm cover.It can protect your furniture from spills,dirt, wear and tear. It’s perfect for homes with children and pets! You can also use it as a chair cushion.The fabric is very thick and it will be comfortable to use as a cushion.


  • Is a non slip
  • Will protect your armrest from stains
  • It is waterproof


  • Is not resistant to heat and fire

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Subrtex Spandex Stretch Fabric Armrest Covers (Gray Rhombus Jacquard)


It’s designed to suit more than 90% of the fabric sofas out there without actually slipping off. However if your sofa tends to lie in the remaining 10% you can still get this sofa and all you have to do is get some holding pins and you are good to go. This armrest is just as stylish as it is simple, depending on the color you chose this armrest could set your sofa on a completely different level and it will definitely make you proud you can be sure of it.

This armrest is definitely a must have if you have kids and pets or if you yourself feel that you are a harm to your own sofa. So not to worry any more because this armrest protector has you covered on that at all times. So let’s see what else this cover has to offer.

Made with spandex premium fabric that is softer, more flexible and easy to stretch this armrest covers is suited for more than 90% of fabric chair armrests. It is designed in such a way that makes it suitable for armrests that are 19-29 inches long, 7-10. 5 inches wide, and 8-12 inches high.

Clearly it’s a one size fit most, and  it will give your armrests a brand new look while protecting them from daily wear and tear, stains, and scratches. Extend the life of your armrest or fix a broken and worn out armrest quickly and effortlessly. It’s definitely a must-have for homes with children and pets. Easy installation and removal, machine washable.


  • Is a slipcover and will cling to your sofa
  • It is waterproof and will protect your sofa from stains and residues
  • It is a simple cover that will fit any sofa


  • Is not resistant to stains on it own

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E-Living Store Furniture Protector


Coming to you in the color beige, but in different sizes is this non-slip water-resistant furniture cover for pets. If you want to protect your couch but at the same time you want your pet to have a comfortable space, then this is exactly what you are looking for.

This pet bed/couch will help you maintain the quality and look of your sofa, protect it against unwanted pet hairs, scratches, bites and chews. It’s really a simple cover that will offer the best comfort for your pet and protection for your couch.

This quilted pad has a non-slip backing to ensure that the cover stays in place. It’s basically designed to protect your furniture while making your pet very comfortable. The Bolster helps protect the back and arms of your sofa while the extended front drape adds and maximises protection to the front of your sofa.

This cover is designed and made to be water-resistant like we said it will guard your couch against spills, drools, soils and pee. The beige color is neutral and so your interior will not be disturbed in any way.


  • It’s very comfortable for your pet
  • It will protect your sofa’s back and armrest as well
  • It is a waterproof cover so no stains and spills can ruin your couch
  • It has an extended drape to protect the front of your couch


  • It may not fit on all sofas
  • It’s not resistant to fire

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Petami Waterproof Pet Blanket


This Sherpa fleece pet blanket made from reversible microfiber comes in grey, and in different sizes as well. It’s a premium waterproof blanket that can be used on the floor, bed or couch. With this blanket, you are giving your pet the most comfortable bedding and at the same time protecting your furniture from the damage that comes with pets. On the plus side, you can use it in kennels, dog houses so basically it will work indoors and outdoors.

Generally, this blanket is a cover for your couch but it also works as a warm and comfortable blanket for your pet. It’s plush soft and reversible and is equipped with warm sherpa lining on the other side to give you and your pet a more snuggly experience. Besides protecting your couch, this blanket can also be used to protect your car seats, floors, carpets and even beds from stains, tears, chews and scratches.

It’s a perfect blanket for your pet to lounge and nap on whether on the sofa or bed. It’s waterproof and can be used for all pet sizes from small to large. It’s a versatile pet blanket that will protect your furniture and car seats among other things from the damage and risks that come with having a pet.

It’s a high-quality blanket with durable construction. It’s 100% waterproof, made from 100% premium microfiber polyester. So all in all, it’s lightweight but durable and strong. It’s also very easy to clean and the best part is that it’s machine washable. It would be a great choice for covering.


  • Is very soft and comfortable
  • Is 100% waterproof
  • It will protect your furniture, car seats and other indoor or outdoor belongings
  • It is durable and strong


  • Is more of a blanket than it is a cover

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Buyer’s Guide


Depending on the type of couch you have in your house. Some covers may slip off or slide off easily. The best option would be to have some straps installed so you can hook it from the back and keep it in place or you can get a few with a grip at the bottom so they don’t slide off easily. Some covers however come with both straps and the non-skid grip so you can have the best of both worlds. 


There are many different ways to keep your couch cushions looking plump and healthy. You could go with them to professional manufacturers so they can mend them and fill them up, or you go DIY and cut out some foam squares and stuff them into cushions until you get the feel that you want. 


Dogs are very lovable creatures. However, some of the things they do though with innocent intentions may send our tempers spiralling out of control. From staining our couches, biting on the armrests, digging and scratching everything till they reach their goal (pheeew) that’s actually a lot. But if you want to protect your couch  you’re going to either ban your dog from the house, get it it’s own dog house and bed. Or you could get a cover that will be the sacrificial knight of your couch. A cover will go through everything that your couch is supposed to go through, blocking all stains and damage that may affect your couch. 


Well other than getting your pet its own bed so it stays away from your sofa, another option would be to keep your pets outside and ban them from staying indoors. But with different reasons, others don’t sit well with this idea, so if you want to keep your pet indoors and protect your couch the best option would be to buy a sofa cover/protector. This will not only protect your sofa from your pets, but kids as well, and dirt, and at times out fur which may be really annoying especially on fabric sofas.


Depending on the care label of that sofa the general use would be to use dye-free liquid soap or any laundry soap/detergent suitable for soft and delicate materials. Just add it in water and use it to scrub, wipe or brush off stains. Take care not to use hard or tough tools as that could pull out the yarn. 


Like every other natural material, the leather may be resistant to some natural elements. However, too much of anything can and will make anything sick. For instance, too much sun can wear your leather soda down so much it’ll look 20 before it’s even 5. So the best way to protect your leather couch would be to cover it. Especially if it’s prone to the sun’s UV rays. It will need more protection than sunscreen can provide. Also, apart from natural elements, leather will start to show signs of giving in and breaking with time and this can be even faster if it’s continuously cleaned. One way to stop this would be to get your couch a cover that will protect it from both damage and dirt so that you go easy with the cleaning products on it.


If you want to clean your leather couch at the same time making it less slippery and getting rid off that strong leather smell. The best if you don’t want to use commercial products would be the white vinegar solution. Use equal portions of water and vinegar and wipe the couch down. Make sure to dampen the cloth so as to not actually make the sofa wet.

Final Thoughts

I guess we’re done here, you’re satisfied, I’m sure your pet is satisfied with the new look as well, I’m certain your couch is more than happy for the retirement and I’m sure the new look will definitely meet your standards, and I’m sure your kids are just as excited for the extra padding on the couch as well. At least now you can rest and never have to worry about cleaning the couch. 

Just take the cover, throw it in the washer, or vacuum it and strap it back on. Easy-peasy like lemon squeezy. There you have it, let us call it a form of decorative protection. If you’re happy, then your couch is happy and so am I. Sadly this is where our journey ends. I hope you have a great shopping spree!! 

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