Small Loveseat for Bedroom: Top 5 Picks

Are you looking for a small loveseat for your bedroom? Are you tired of always having to switch rooms when you want to just sit back and relax? Well then, I guess you’re in the right place. A little known fact about loveseats is that even though they are small they probably have a greater effect on your interior than your regular sofa. 

ImageNameWhat We LikeLink
Zinus Classic Loveseat SofaZINUS JACKIE CLASSIC LOVESEATIs very cheap and affordable
Polyester cover is easy to clean and maintain
Has a strong and sturdy wood frame
CHANGILE CUSHIONED ARMLESS SETTEE LOVESEATThe linen fabric makes it very soft and comfortable for you
The backrest and seat cushions are filled to provide you with ultimate comfort
Allows you to sit and take naps
CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT HOME DEVLIN WHITE AND BLUE FLORAL LOVESEAT Its intriguing design will brighten up any room
Its pinewood frame is very strong and durable hence the sofa will last long
Clearance from the floor allows for easy cleaning
NOVOGRATZ LEYLA LOVESEAT SLEEPER Comes with storage pockets on both armrests
Is multi-functional as a bed or a sofa
Floor clearance allows for easy floor cleaning
AODAILIHB MODERN TUFTED CUSHION LOVESEAT Has a strong solid wood frame making it durable
Velvet upholstery is easy to clean and maintain
Has springs to avoid deformations

A loveseat will either enhance the existing style making it 10 times better than what it already is. However, a loveseat may also distort your interior making it 10 times worse. Whatever choice you make when it comes to loveseats, keep this in mind.

Anyways, let’s talk about your bedroom now. Getting a simple couch for a bedroom is very easy. I mean how many people do you actually let in your bedroom. It’s almost a secret hideout. So whatever you get, it won’t even affect the rest of your interior in the house. 

It will, however, affect your sleeping habits especially if you are not pleased with the final look. It’s probably the last thing you will see before you sleep and the first when you wake up so why not make the right decision and let us help you find the best couch to suit your bedroom.

In A Hurry

You are probably in a hurry to get this couch for your bedroom. I know you really don’t want to waste much time lingering on something that only you will have access to. So with this quick guide let’s go through some of the most luxurious and affordable loveseats out there. Let’s turn that bedroom into more than just a sleep sanctuary. Follow this guide and you will find what’s really out there and hopefully either you will find what you are looking for or you get an idea of what you want. So without wasting much time lets go. 


Firstly let me introduce you to this Novogratz Leyla Loveseat Sleeper. After thorough research of looking for only the best, this one here seemed to have a zing. It’s a classic black loveseat, with an equally exquisite design. It’s both a couch and a sleeper that has storage pockets on either arm making it very convenient for you. The arms can be folded backwards creating ample space in case you want a quick nap but you don’t want to disturb your spread bed. Basically from its look to the design, it definitely deserves to be a top pick, so have a quick look at it in case it may be just what you are looking for. 


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Zinus Classic Loveseat Sofa


What we have here is a classic upholstered loveseat that comes in either soft grey with a hint of green or just the simple shade of soft grey. It’s a good looking sofa that is designed to withstand years of serious couching at the same time, offering you sumptuous and luxurious comfort. It’s versatile and suitable for any space hence highly recommended. 

It’s those tough times when you need to curl up in a blanket and just sit and think that this sofa will come in handy. They say tough times call for tough measures, and whatever that toughness is, be it exhaustion, anxiety, boredom or any other this loveseat is definitely that tough measure.

Made with polyester fabric covering, this sofa is generally designed for heavy use and is constructed such that it stands for the longest. It’s that couch that will grow old with you, never letting you down. The stress-free fabrics were chosen simply because of their durability and easy maintenance. 

It comes with a naturally strong wood frame that is wrapped in cozy supportive foam cushioning and all this is covered in soft polyester. It’s a 53.5″ long loveseat that comes with classic flared arms for great support as well as strong wood legs that have a dark espresso finish for a sturdy setting. 

The back seats are soft and plush with the seat cushions being fairly firm, all this creating a double effect comfort contrast that will give both firm and soft comfort. Since it’s a loveseat you know that it is made for two. Its dimension is set at 53.5″L*31.1″ W*34.6″H, and yes assembly is required but after all that you will realise that the struggle was all worth it.


  • Is very cheap and affordable
  • Polyester cover is easy to clean and maintain
  • Has a strong and sturdy wood frame
  • Has floor clearance for easy cleaning underneath


  • Requires assembly

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This is a very comfortable sofa that comes in 11 different colors ranging from orange to different shades of blue. It’s a very simple loveseat that has a modern contemporary style and will definitely grab anyone’s attention. It’s a great addition to a bedroom setting as it’s quite easy to blend it in with already existing furniture pieces and you can easily match it with your bed cover or lampshade. 

Though it’s very plain, it will still fill your bedroom with a relaxing aura that will have you either dozing on it or on your bed directly letting the tire of the day seep out. It’s versatile and can be for either home or office use. Plus if you really think about externalising your bedroom, this loveseat would be the best idea. 

So looking further into detail, this loveseat we have here is basically a modern couch. It has four wooden legs that help it with sturdiness. You can pretty much do anything in comfort with this sofa, read a novel, watch a movie, work on your laptop or even have those late night calls with a buddy. 

It’s very flexible with linen covering giving you a soft plush feeling when you sit on it. It’s a rectangular sofa that would make a great addition to any room or hallway you put it in. So why not get it for that simple classic look to your bedroom and make it the room you will love so much.


  • The linen fabric makes it very soft and comfortable for you
  • The backrest and seat cushions are filled to provide you with ultimate comfort
  • Allows you to sit and take naps
  • Perfect for any room and for any use


  • Linen is not waterproof making your couch more prone to dark stains

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Let’s talk about adding a romantic feel to your bedroom. This loveseat is a beautiful calm piece that will definitely have rose petals floating in your room. It is transitionally styled mixing both the traditional outlines of a regular loveseat and a contemporary feel through the patterns used. It’s a loveseat that will add both spice and flavor to your room. 

Already, it’s a vibrant piece that will grab anyone’s attention, what more could you possibly want if you’re truly looking to decorate your bedroom. Imagine having something that will have you smiling day in and day out. Imagine having something that continuously adds a flare of life even when it’s one of those gloomy days, well this is it, this loveseat is that something. With its white and blue floral pattern, it will have you blossoming day in day out.

Say goodbye to waking up on the wrong side of the bed, with this piece in your bedroom every side will qualify to be the right side. A bedroom is a sanctuary, don’t make it boring and dull. This loveseat will guarantee you that spice and flavoring that every bedroom should have. 

The floral pattern being the first thing you notice will definitely bring life to both you and your room. It has pine legs with a dark espresso finish. There is a clearance of roughly 13.7″ from the bottom seat to the floor, giving you ample space to let a vacuum sweep through during your weekly cleanups. It comes with a dimension set at 30’D*50’W*32.2’H with a seat height of 18.5′ and a width of 50′.


  • Its intriguing design will brighten up any room
  • Its pinewood frame is very strong and durable hence the sofa will last long
  • Clearance from the floor allows for easy cleaning
  • No assembly is required


  • Fabric is not 100% waterproof or stain resistant

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Coming to you in 7 colors is this exquisite Novogratz Leyla Loveseat Sleeper. It’s a modern yet minimalist loveseat that will definitely add style, flavor and sophistication to your bedroom. Perfect for those mornings when you just want to read the paper and enjoy a cup of coffee whilst in your room. 

The way it is designed from top to bottom is perfect for any bedroom workspace or study area. Since it’s a sleeper you can easily turn it to a bed and if you are too lazy to actually get to bed, or you just want to take a nap before resuming whatever, then this sofa should definitely be the one for you. So what do you say? Add a modern touch to your bedroom and turn it into a classy sanctuary. One that will have you relaxed and comfortable after a long day.

Getting deeper, let’s start with the basics. Set on a metal and wood frame this loveseat is perfect for modern setups. It’s multi-functional as either your regular sofa or as a sofa sleeper, but both will still offer you amazing comfort. It comes with an innovative design in which the armrests fold down, making the conversion from a sofa to a sleeper very easy and not time-consuming at all. 

It’s upholstered in fabric with soft foam cushioning on both the back and seat cushions. All in all, sitting on this loveseat will grant you that warm cozy feeling you need when you get home from work or school. It is very convenient with storage pockets on either armrest meaning if you are a workaholic you may as well add a few books and utilities in the side pockets. 

Clearance from the floor is about 7′ making allowance for cleaning tools, especially underneath the sofa. Though it requires assembly, it’s very minimal and hustle free and you will be done within half an hour. Its overall dimension is set at 56′-30’*32′ with a weight limit of 400lbs.


  • Comes with storage pockets on both armrests
  • Is multi-functional as a bed or a sofa
  • Floor clearance allows for easy floor cleaning


  • It is easy to tear or damage the fabric

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Coming to you in 3 colors that are 2 grey shades and cory is this modern loveseat. Like any important piece of furniture in your home, this loveseat will definitely be an addition worth the while in your home. It is a modern minimalist loveseat that will easily and quickly blend in with anything and everything in its surrounding. 

Just by looking at it you can tell that the fabric used is breathable and would look amazing in the corner of your room especially with a small table in the front of it. Create your minimalist lounge in your bedroom with this comfy loveseat and have your own little space to cozy up and lounge in the confines of a bedroom. So if you are a workaholic, reader or you just like locking yourself up in your bedroom, then this loveseat here is the one you have been looking for.

As we said before this is a minimalist modern loveseat that comes with a double layer fabric. It has a tufted design for your visual satisfaction as well as a comforting feel that you will clearly love. The back and seat cushions are filled with doll cotton giving it a soft and comfortable plush. It stands on a solid wood frame, meaning it’s very stable and will not be easy to shake at all. 

The buffer springs inserted are fully elastic so no matter how much sitting and napping you do on this couch at no point will it deform. It’s made with high-quality velvet giving it a soft and warm touch. Generally, this loveseat is suitable for living spaces, bedrooms and cloakrooms. If you want to transfer it to your office or utility room, it will still sit perfectly, so why not add it to your collection and watch the transformation that it will bring to your room. 

Dimension: 54.36’*29.1’*32.34′ with a seat height of 16.9′


  • Has a strong solid wood frame making it durable
  • Velvet upholstery is easy to clean and maintain
  • Has springs to avoid deformations
  • Is very soft and comfortable


  • Velvet upholstery is prone to stains and tears

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Buyer’s Guide


Sofas vary in size but for a standard sofa, it would have to be 6 to 8 feet long and 32 to 40” deep. Also keeping in mind that the actual depth of a sofa’s seating area will be reduced by the depth of the sofa’s arms and the depth of the back as well 


Generally speaking, a compact sofa is a small sofa designed for small spaces, so if the 2-seater is small then yes, it will be a compact sofa. However, compact sofas can come as recliners or even sectionals or in other designs and styles as well


Well comfort entirely depends on what a person seeks, but for a wide variety to choose from, you could try online shopping sites or you could visit any furniture store and try out the ones you think suit your taste. If all else fails, you could get recommendations from people.


If your sofa is of leather upholstery, there are commercial leather cleaning products you could try, or simply vacuum and wipe the dirt build up with a damp cloth. There are also multiple leather cleaning solutions you could make such as the well known white vinegar solution, but it would be best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations and follow suit.


For a couch, Chenille fabric has many desirable qualities in that it is strong and durable. It’s also warm, soft and fuzzy giving it a luxurious feel. To make it better because it is strong and durable, it is perfect for heavy use sofas so If you have a busy family, and you like to host gatherings meaning your sofas will always be in use, a Chenille sofa is the best way to go. 

Final Thoughts

Well, congratulations, I’m sure now you have what you need for your bedroom and if not I’m sure you at least have an idea. The journey was fun, no lie, but now I have to take my leave and leave you to decide on what’s best for you. After all, it is your bedroom. Don’t forget to check on our top pick, it’s definitely worth the try. With that, goodbye and enjoy your shopping!! 

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