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Now people usually wonder why you would want to cover your dining room chair. I mean when you get a dining room chair you basically look for a nice set and you buy one that you would want people to see right? 

However the question should be, why wouldn’t you want to get a slipcover for your dining room chairs? I mean just like a sofa they are not waterproof and they are not stain resistant. So imagine having white dining room chairs that are stained with coffee, wine, or tea?

Shabby Chic® Furniture - Swallow Slipcover Dining Chair - More Colors

When you have friends over for dinner and some leave their crumbs on it. Some drop some soup juices. When this happens that’s when you realise the importance of a slipcover for a dining chair. If you are looking for a perfect slipcover for your dining chair, then, getting this slipcover should be helpful. 

We all know that hygiene should be taken seriously in the dining room. To ensure high levels of cleanliness, this slipcover is easy to clean and can be cleaned using a machine. Now what we have here is a cute slipcover for a dining room chair that you will definitely love. 

Coming at a standard size this slipcover is the one you need. It works well with chairs that have a wide seat area and don’t have solid bottoms. Has elastic ends that help it to stay in place even when you sit in it and jiggle as much as possible. 

The cover is not waterproof so stains could seep through but then again, a little protection is better than no protection at all.


  • Is very easy to use
  • No assembly is required
  • Will protect your dining room chair
  • Has elastic fastening


  • Is not waterproof
  • Is not stain resistant



When it comes to looks, there really isn’t much to say about this cover. It’s a green cover that can come in seven different colors. It is the perfect chair cover for a standard dining chair. 

The colors are plain so there’s really not much wow to them. However, they get the job done and manage to protect your chair from certain stains. 

Even though the cover itself is slightly stain proof. This cover is too plain and you may not really like the look it sets on your sofa. What matters is what it can do for you and your dining room chairs.

Shabby Chic® Furniture - Swallow Slipcover Dining Chair - More Colors

When you talk about style, you never get it wrong with this high-quality slipcover. It is made with a soft printed fabric that gives you a very soft touch for maximum comfort. For comfort, it is made with a soft material to ensure that you enjoy your meal to the fullest. 

Not only that; the fabric is wrinkle-resistant hence you won’t need to iron even after washing. Besides, having been made with versatility in mind, it can also be used for hotels, wedding banquet, celebration, ceremony, etc.



Coming at a dimension of 19″W x 25″ D x 37″H this cover works mostly well with standard dining chairs that don’t have any stylings in their backs. It comes at a very reasonable price and can easily be removed so that it can be washed. 

However, if you don’t want to wash the whole thing you may as well just spot clean it. Just make sure that you use the right products or you could probably shrink or tear it. To ensure that you get the best size for your chair, it is advisable that you measure the size of your chair. 

It is easy to care because it can be easily cleaned. Being resistant to wrinkling and tearing, this is a great chair slipcover. It comes with a sewn-in elastic helm to ensure that it is slip-resistant. Hence, it does not shift or move. The lightweight nature means you have an easy time when putting it on.

Feel and Durability

This linen cover is very smooth on your skin. At least you won’t feel as irritable when you sit on it. It’s a great durable fabric slipcover that can stay on your chair for as long as you will be using the chair. It’s a great slipcover. 

When it comes to clean, it is super-easy hence you can keep your dining room to the highest hygienic standards. The different color options available also offer the variety for any user to choose from. 

This means that you will be able to pick the color of your choice without being compelled to go for something unappealing to you. It is made in a way that makes it easy to put on to help save you time for concentrating on other essential activities.

For an affordable slipcover, this is the best choice there is. The ultra quality material used in the construction of this chair slipcover makes it extremely tough and highly durable. It is a cover that is machine washable hence you won’t struggle with the removal of the occasional movie-night spills. 

By having been made with user satisfaction in mind, this slipcover comes with great features to ensure that the user needs are satisfactorily met. Made with high-quality material for not only durability but also to ensure that it offers the best protection to your chair against wear and tear.


The chair slipcovers are great when it comes to protecting the chairs from dust, stains, and pets. However, not all chair slipcovers can offer this to maximum satisfaction. This calls for the need for an informed purchase of the best chair slipcovers. So what are you waiting for? Get your chair a cover. 

If you want to keep your chair protected and decorated, then you should consider getting the right chair slipcover. Whether it is a sofa or a dining chair, you can always ensure that it remains new regardless of how old it is or the feel. How? It’s simple chair slipcovers are perfect for that purpose. Have you seen our review of the Shabby Chic Duchess Chair?

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