Simple Ceiling Designs for Small Living Rooms: How to Make the Most of Limited Square Footage

When you are living in a small space, the ceiling becomes more important. It can make or break the entire design of your room. This is why simple designs are so perfect for this type of living space. In this article, we will be looking at simple ceiling designs for small living rooms and how they complement other features around them. We hope that these simple ideas help you to create a beautiful home! Remember that some of these can be combined!


Bring out your inner Michelangelo by turning your ceiling into an artistic piece. The Sistine Chapel ceiling is a great example of this. Ceiling painting can fit in any budget, and the results are usually stunning. The best part about ceiling painting is that it will never go out of style, so you don’t have to worry about changing your design every few years.

To be mindful of when deciding the kind of design you want to go for is to ensure that it fits on the canvas (the ceiling).

You can get away with using the walls as a part of the designs.

Keep things simple. Remember that this is something that you will have to stare at for a long time.


Another simple idea for decorating your ceiling would be to use simple stencils. A stencil makes it simple to give your ceiling a simple yet chic look. You will also be able to replicate the design across the home.

Ceiling domes and skylights

A ceiling dome or skylight will be ideal for a small space if you have a budget. Not only do these options add an exceptional dimension to your living room space, but they also make it fairly unique. How many people do you know that have skylights in their living room?

Ceiling domes are incredible at giving a small room a spacious feel. If you are fortunate enough to have upward space, then this is probably worth considering.

Paneling or simple wallpaper

If your living room has a high ceiling and there’s not an abundance of light in it, we recommend adding some simple paneling or simple wallpaper on the wall that will give you better lighting. This will also make the room feel a bit cozier.

This simple technique will make a huge difference and should be considered for any living room with high ceilings that are not receiving enough light. You can also add some simple recessed lighting to give the space more dimension in case you want it to feel more contemporary or formal.


There is so much that you can do with lighting in a small space. You are not limited to the ceiling. One of my favorite ideas is the use of spotlights on the ceiling. Better yet, if you can get dimmable ones. I have played around with lighting that accentuates different colors as well. This is perfect for those that want to change the mood of the room through lighting.

Hanging light kit

Hanging light kits are certainly a form of lighting. They deserve their own category because of what they bring to the table. They are perfect for areas that don’t have a lot of space. I remember when my daughter was younger, and she had her own room in our home. It didn’t come with too much square footage to work with, but we could find the right hanging light kit for it.

A simple ceiling design can make your small living room feel larger. Brighten up your space with a hanging light kit.

Ceiling designs

If our Sistine Chapel idea wasn’t quite up to your alleyway, ceiling designs might be. You can look at this as sculpting your ceiling. This is a great method of livening up your living room by adding shapes, figures, and other art forms to the ceiling. Ceiling designs are more simple than many other ceiling designs since you can’t really get too complex with them without the entire thing looking cluttered.

A simple ceiling design for a small living room might be just what your space needs to make it feel bigger and brighter!


Drapes on the ceiling? Yes. That’s not what we’re talking about here, though! We’ve all seen those rooms where the drapes serve as a ceiling to make it feel like you’re outside.

Drape curtains across your ceiling can help break up an otherwise plain and simple space into more visually appealing sections. It will also create more intimacy in the room. You also have the option to make use of natural lighting and minimize it at will.

Decorative molding

I love Decorative molding because it is easy to install. It’s also very versatile in many different styles, colors, finishes, sizes, and shapes! You can find these at your local hardware store for a relatively low price. You will find that it does not have to be pricey either.

Ceiling tiles

Ceiling tiles are not for everyone. They can be simple, but they do require a lot of work and money. You will need to find the right size tiles that you want, which may not always be possible in simple living room designs.


Centerpieces create a focal point. Having the right one in the right size will make your room.


A chandelier can also be a simple focal point. It will require some time and money, but it’s worth researching to find one that suits your taste! You may not have heard of this before, but there is such thing as ceiling fan lights. If you’re trying to save on power bills, this may be one way to do it.

Simple color schemes

If you don’t want to paint your ceiling, simple color schemes are a great way of dressing it up. You can buy lights that will match any shade or type of paint you choose.

Simple patterns for ceiling designs

Some simple patterns for ceiling designs are simple to do yourself with a bit of patience. For example, you can buy some fabric paint and draw your own little design on the ceiling using a stick or something similar (think: chalk).

Large mirrors

If you want more space in small living rooms, one simple way is to use large mirrors. I am not sure if it is the reflection or do we love seeing ourselves? A large mirror will work some magic in a small living room. A pro tip here is not to cover the entire ceiling. It makes the whole room look and feels like an adult film set. You don’t want that.


You have a simple ceiling design for a small living room that you can do yourself with patience. You also consider using large mirrors in a small living room to make it feel more spacious and don’t cover the whole ceiling with a mirror as this will give an adult film set look. Remember to keep it simple! Nothing over imposing.

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