Simple Armless Chaise

If you are looking to effortlessly enhance your living space then this simple armless chaise is the way to go. It features a fitted slipcover which makes it all the more elegant and beautiful in this case. This indoor chaise adds a casual look that is fitting for transitional and traditional spaces. 

Additionally, the slipcovers are machine washable and come with zippers, making the cleanup process quick and simple. This armless chaise with slipcover is made in Los Angeles by expert craftsmen. The armless chaise lounge is available with a choice of down and feather or synthetic cushioning and will quickly become your favorite place to take a break. 

Simple Armless Chaise

You will find that it is designed with a long plush seat and plush pillow back, this chaise is an ideal place to cozy up with a good book or take a quick mid-day nap. It does more than just combine cushy comfort with exquisite good looks. It is made by quality craftsmen, using hardwoods and 8-way hand-tied construction.  

Designed so that our generously cut slipcovers can be properly tucked underneath the seat cushions.  It is the perfect chaise to have in your living room or even in your bedroom as it will definitely do a great job at complementing the existing aura. Plus the white color just makes it all the more exquisite.


  • Is a very comfortable chaise
  • Can be used for sitting, lounging or napping
  • Can be used in any room you decide to put it in


  • Is very easy to stain
  • Is hard to keep clean because if its color



This beautiful and simple armless chaise is one that many of us want in our rooms because of its beautiful and aesthetic appeal. I mean hands down this chaise is simply gorgeous, I’m about to get it myself. The white is so pure and it is just so amazing. 

Simple Armless Chaise
Simple Armless Chaise

from: Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture

I literally do not have enough words to use to describe this. It looks like the longest part of a corner sofa perfect for a lounging experiment in any room you put it in. It is shown in White Denim but they offer a total of 9 fabric options (7 linen, 2 denim) and your choice of cushioning.

If you are interested in further customization options or would like to request fabric swatch samples, you can definitely contact them and set your request. 

Now, this chaise comes in different colors to suit different decors. I mean white would work so well in a minimalistic setup. And if you have a modern room then you know it is going to work so well.



Coming at Measurements set at 36″W x62″ D x27″H this chaise is not as big as you would want it to be. I mean it definitely gave us the feeling of a bed here however it is not that big and will simply work for lounging and sitting. 

The naps will be very comfortable because it is wide enough to accommodate you even in crouching positions. The chaise can work well in even the smallest of rooms and if you are extremely short you can even get it as a sofa bed for yourself. 

If you also have short friends in the case that one of them decides to stay for the night you definitely know that they have their own mini bed. Having this chaise is like having a mini-bed because that’s what it definitely looks like.


When it comes to comfort such a beautiful piece could never disappoint. I mean it looks amazing, why would it not feel just as great. So this simple chaise here is quite soft on the skin depending on which material you decide to get. 

I mean if you get yourself a denim line then of course it will not be as soft as the line ones but it is definitely worth it on both materials. Though the fabrics are not the softest nor are they the smoothest this chaise is just comfortable in any form it comes in. 

Let us just say that its visual appeal will definitely just give you comfort in your home and in your mind. It’s like mind control, this simple chaise though simple certainly doesn’t feel as simple. Although it may not have the softest feeling, I mean you would feel like you are on a bed this chaise is definitely comfortable enough for you and your body to rest easy and take a breather.

Durability & Pricing

When it comes to durability this chaise just keeps surprising us. Handmade by quality craftsmen using kiln-dried hardwoods and eight-way hand-tied construction you can bet your life that this chaise will last a lifetime in your home. 

Seeing as it is made from linen and other denim you rest assured that the upholstery is strong enough to stand a lot of your napping and sleeping and continuous sitting. It also has an easy slipcover design with down & feather or synthetic cushions that provide you with that comfort but are also very strong. 

The slipcovers are machine washable and you don’t have to worry about then fading away. However, when it comes to the pricing you may want to take a very deep breath because you need very deep pockets to be able to get this chaise. It comes at a very high price that you might just need to sell your sofa and your bed for this to work out.


In conclusion, let’s just say that this chaise is very comfortable, durable, and very expensive at the same time. The pricing is definitely a test of wills as you will have to make up your mind if you really want this chaise because I bet you can get yourself a full-on luxurious sofa set in trade for this simple chaise. However, all of it is worth it. From class to style this sofa bed will definitely suit the cheque. You should also see our Suede Couch post. 

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