Sienna Mid Century Leather Match Sofa

Let’s talk about style and art. Let’s talk about the interior and design. This is the sofa that comes with it all. From top to bottom this sofa just yells out ‘style’ it’s a sofa that comes fully prepared to blow everything off the radar and be the last piece standing. 

Getting this sofa is a sure way of setting a standard that very few will be able to match with. This beautiful sofa comes with a gush of sophistication and elegance that is set at simple levels.

Sienna Mid Century Leather Match Sofa

It’s a sofa that will surely grab all the attention in your home, at the same time it will let out this beautiful and amazing breeze that will have you feeling like you’re walking into a new home. With its colors and structure, you would be blind to not notice the shine that this sofa brings and you would be deaf to not hear the sophistication it leaks. 

In general, this is a Mid Century modern style sofa that comes to you in style with its wide track arms. This couch features a sleek and simple design, perfect for a minimal living room or any contemporary set up with minimalistic features. 

You will find that it is upholstered in durable leather matches that come with a high-density seat filling for a long-lasting comfortable feeling.

Featuring ultra-sturdy dark metal legs on a hardwood frame this sofa proves not only to be strong but qualifies to be steady and sturdy as well. Minor assembly is required but Instructions and hardware included and the process altogether is quite simple.


  • The sofa is made from leather which set it out as easy to clean and maintain
  • It is comfortable to sit on
  • Is stylish and very modern
  • Can fit in small spaces


  • The sofa may come off as small



When it comes to looks, this sofa is not one that you would doubt or question. Already being made from leather it already classifies as an elegant piece and can meticulously blend with all your finer furniture sets in your home. This sofa comes to you in four colors from black, brown, white to a slight orange-brown shade that will have your home popping within seconds.

Sienna Mid Century Leather Match Sofa

From the looks of it the sofa qualifies to fall into the minimalist style set up but however thanks to its leather features it would likely work well with any home interior and style. Rounding up to contemporary, modern and even transitional interior can make do with this sofa. 

It is definitely the sofa to have in your home whether in your bedroom or living room. It can also work in an office environment as you won’t have to make your clients and customers wait in a dull room. 



In terms of sizes, this sofa sits low and basically has a low profile which makes it rather adequate for the minimal lifestyle. It is a sofa that is designed to fill up small spaces as well but can work rather well in large and open spaces because of its leather exterior. 

It would be the perfect sofa say you were looking to furnish a reading room or even your bedroom by the window and in your living room or lounge it would be the perfect aesthetic sofa. It comes at a dimension of 80.3″W x 34.2″ D x 31.8″H inches and as you can tell it comes quite wide. 

In general, this sofa is a two-seat sofa but because of its width, it could probably sit more than two adults making sure not to strain its weight limit. For naps, it could be quite comfortable for those who are 5’6 and below although for sitting it could definitely accommodate anyone. 


Leather generally has a cool feel on the skin which can come off as cold if its winter. However, the good thing is that within minutes of sitting it can generate enough heat to make it a warm couch. So in the case that you set it close by the fire, the cold feeling will disappear. 

Besides the leather’s cold feel, it has a smooth sensation on your skin that won’t leave you feeling if you are sitting on a few pricks. The sofa as a whole is very comfortable and sturdy and you can sit on it knowing very well that you will not topple. 

It has a firm grip and so when you sit on it you are highly unlikely to experience a sinking feeling. It has hardwood legs that stand at a slightly low profile which helps the sofa to balance down and be steady. All in all, with the firm comfort and sturdy, feel the sofa is very comfortable and you will never feel more homely and cozy.

Durability & Price

Having been upholstered in leather which is known to last over 25 years you can already feel secure knowing that you are guaranteed 25 years or more with your sofa still looking as good as it did on the day you got it. 

With the hardwood frame, the sofa will come off as strong and unbreakable as long as you don’t try to test its limits by sitting more people than it is capable of handling. The sofa is very easy to clean and you won’t have to worry about any fading seeing as leather cannot lose color. 

Sadly the sofa may be off at a high selling price which is quite reasonable given that it offers comfort and a long strand of durability.


It’s always the good things that come off as pricey but with this sofa could you blame them? From its visually stunning appeal to the functionality and practicality I would say this sofa is definitely worth so much more and I’d highly recommend it if you are looking to add style and gusto to your home.

Also if you are willing to finesse your room with a sophisticated and elegance lush, then you know this sofa is the one for you. 

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