Shabby Chic Soho Sectional

This is a beautiful Soho sectional sofa that comes to you in 10 different colors. It’s a basic linen fabric sectional sofa that is not only comfortable but is constructed with the very best materials. The upholstery is a fabric that will offer you a very soft and relaxing feel, be it when sitting, napping, or lounging. 

You will love that it is a modernly designed sofa that will fit modern decors and can blend in with either office or commercial rooms as well as home interiors such as basements, living rooms, or even bedrooms. With solid wood framings and quality material upholstery, this sofa will also remain visually appealing for a long time.

Soho Sectional

It’s an aesthetic piece of furniture that will have you looking forward to coming home on a daily basis. Its look is very modern and plush and will probably tempt you to want to take naps more regularly. 

As it is a sectional sofa you can move it around and switch configurations until you find one that suits you best. It’s a great sofa if you enjoy sitting, lounging and napping as it is specifically designed for all those relaxing activities and positions. All I can tell you is that this is truly one of a kind. 

This is unlike any sectional sofa you know and if you really want to experience the joy that this sofa can bring to you. The only way to do so is to get for yourself so that you can explain the feeling on your own. It is a great sofa that is worth having in your home.


  • Made from strong materials the sofa is durable
  • It’s very comfortable
  • Has a modern look that allows it to fit in with almost any interior
  • Can accommodate a lot of people
  • Is a space-saving sofa


  • The upholstery is not waterproof or stain-resistant
  • Is very expensive



I have realised that Shabby Chic furniture does more than just combine cushy comfort with exquisite good looks. This sectional sofa is very comfortable coming in 10 different colors that also differ in material between linen and denim. I think this sofa definitely deserves the awards. 

This one can definitely work in minimal decor or a contemporary set up. However, because it is in white this sofa could just as well work well with any of the interiors out there. It is a low profile sofa that comes in looking fluffy and cute however it is actually very tough and firm.

Soho Sectional

This sectional looks to be a right-hand sectional however you can change the setup to make it fit in your space the way you want it to which is another great thing about this sectional. However, this sectional in particular looks way better than the rest. 

The snow-white denim it comes in is very attractive and will fit in any decor you put it in. Obviously its won’t play nice with the rest but will definitely take up a lot of the attention in the room. 



This sofa is set at dimensions that measure 120″ x 120″ x 40″ D x 24″H. As you can see the two sections come at the same width so it is almost as if you are getting the same sofa twice. Now even though it is a big sofa, the best part about this sofa is that it comes as a sectional

A very big sectional and you can fit it in any corner of your room meaning that you have all the center space to yourself. This sectional sofa can work in small rooms as well as larger rooms. The best part is that you can take the best nap easily with this sofa you can stretch as much as you want and you won’t have to worry about kicking off any armest. 

This is because it simply doesn’t have one. It would be the perfect sofa to have if you enjoy having friends and family over and the best part when it comes to this is that some of then decide to stay for the night they have ample space on the sofa.


When it comes to comfort this sofa will definitely serve its purpose. With such a sitting allowance, this sofa will definitely serve as a head to many people. Now I know that most people usually doze off while watching movies and depending on the sofa you doze off on you might just wake up with a few cramps or maybe a stiff neck. 

However with this sofa here you don’t have to worry about that. The filling used is supportive and firm but is also soft when weight is put on it. It will be able to support you thoroughly and make sure that you don’t wake up with any bones that are misplaced or anything like that. 

It is a comfortable sofa even though it sits very low you will still enjoy the soothing comfort it provides not forgetting the warm feel of the upholstery on your skin you will definitely love this sofa.

Durability and Price

Now I have noticed that when it comes to these guys their pieces are made by quality craftsmen, using hardwoods and 8-way hand-tied construction. Their sofas are practically designed so that their generously cut slipcovers can be properly tucked underneath the seat cushions. 

It is a durable sofa that will not give in at any time. The Slipcovers are machine washable and feature zippers for easy care.  This sofa specifically was handmade in Los Angeles, which may explain the ridiculously high price. Which in this case may be absurd but very reasonable.


So we have come to the end. I have to say though this sofa is very expensive it is worth the struggle and the savings and deposits. It is a beautiful sofa that offers great comfort and at least you know that you are getting your money’s worth when you get this sofa. So if you are willing to go that extra mile, let nothing hold you back. 

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