Shabby Chic Pipi Vanity Chair

When it comes to vintage style ups. This chair here is definitely the masterpiece you need in your home. Although with the modern touch up design it could probably work for any room and any home that you add it to. Buying a chair is the best thing you could do for your kid. 

It is the perfect furniture to add in the comfort and cozy feeling inside your room, and when it comes to children’s rooms why get anything less for them? 

What we are looking at here today is a masterpiece of chairs. It is a chair that feels like a painting come to life and if your kid is very particular on aesthetics, this chair here will definitely get their attention.

Shabby Chic® Furniture - Pipi Vanity Chair - More Colors

So this Vanity chair comes with a classic traditional design with skirts that cover the legs. It is a chair that has managed to combine functionality, comfort, and beauty to bring something new and fresh to your child’s life. With solid legs that are covered this chair is definitely worth looking into. 

Unlike regular chairs for kids, this one actually stands out since it comes slightly higher because of its long look. The fabric used is strong and durable. With the frame and the legs being solid wood. So you know it won’t be the lightest thing in the room. The frame is handbuilt which just adds to the looks of the sofa altogether.


  • Is comfortable and stylish
  • Is higher than other kid chairs
  • Is easy to move around


  • Some assembly is required
  • It is expensive



When it comes to looks I have to say I’m quite impressed. Who would have ever thought they would actually use such a classic and vintage look on a chair for a young child. The chair in itself is complementary to the surrounding. 

So whether you put it in a traditional or modern home it will blend in and add more style. This chair is higher than other chairs, however, it does not have the widest seat area which makes it easier to slip over.

Shabby Chic® Furniture - Pipi Vanity Chair - More Colors

Also, the fact that it is higher than other chairs we might have to question its stability. Will it not topple if a kid starts moving about while sitting on it? Otherwise besides that little blurry part.

The floral pattern definitely makes it a beautiful addition to any home. I know for a fact that if you add it to your home for your kid they will definitely love it. 



Now when it comes to size let me just say that it is a child’s chair. So obviously you can’t expect it to be all that big like the sofas we are used to. This chair comes at a simple dimension of 20″W x 21″ D x 26″H and as you can see from that. 

It is not as wide, nor does it sit too low. It is a good chair to add to your child’s room especially if they like having tea parties and all. In your child’s bedroom, it most likely won’t take up much space. 

It can be right next to the little table or you can even add it in your living room. Then again because if it’s high profile your kid will probably be sitting at par levels with you guys which is good. I mean no one likes talking to someone who is way up there when they are way down there.


When it comes to comfort, as an adult I guess I’ll just have to see how the kid reacts to it. However, just by touching it, you can tell that it is a soft chair that provides ample comfort apart from being made from solid wood. 

It has a solid wood frame and solid wood legs which allows it to be stable and not topple not sure if it can manage to handle the weight when your kid is on it. It has a soft and smooth fabric upholstery which is great because the warmer and softer and upholstery is the higher the chances that it will take a short time for your baby to fall asleep.


With a solid wood frame that was handmade by some of the best and I mean the very best craftsmen this chair is obviously durable. I would not doubt it, not even one bit. Coming to you with fabric upholstery that is tough and not so tight on the chair this chair will probably stand all the nailing and biting that can come with a kid being a kid. 

Also, some plastic cutlery probably won’t do much damage or any damage at all. Sadly the covers are not removable so you’ll have to deal with spot cleaning with care and be sure to follow the manufacturers’ instructions or you will blotch the chair.


Now, kid chairs are usually cheap and affordable because they are not durably designed. I mean kids grow quick and when a kid chair is being designed they probably mean for it to last a year so that when the kid grows you go back and get another one. Well with this chair it is a whole lot different. 

This chair is beautiful, comfortable, and functional. It is like the mini version of an actual adult chair. So that being that it will probably cost more than the other regular chairs out there. The good thing is it is definitely worth it.


I would tell you to get this chair for your kid no matter the price. Judging from all the above I’m sure you feel the same way too right? From its looks to its functionality this sofa is definitely worth the tag. 

We all have our favorite chairs we spend our quality time on, so likely the toddlers deserve to make the best out of their own small chairs for children’s rooms too. Make your kid smile and get this chair.

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