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Armchairs for kids come in different designs, sizes, and colors to fit the requirements of different clients across the globe. Considering getting the Oli Child’s Armchair? If you are seeking to get the best seats that are enjoyable for your kids, it is important to understand the various products in the market and understand how they differ from each other. 

Nevertheless, most of the armchairs are defined by the comfort they give to the kid as well as how portable they are. Anyways here we have a classic and chic child’s armchair. It is definitely not the regular child chair you see in most kid stores.

Shabby Chic® Furniture - Oli Child's Arm Chair - More Colors

This one is actually custom made so it sets a whole difference between the type and style that it can set. This chair here will introduce your child to chic and style. Whether it’s in their bedroom, or even in the lounge this chair is definitely something worth looking into. 

Now as you can see this beauty is florally patterned so you’d expect it to be for a girl’s room. It is a great shade to add to a room that has a lot of flirty designs in it. Especially if the wallpaper is floral as well. 

It is a very low profile sofa and as an adult, you won’t really see it as a chair because of its overall size. It sits on solid wood legs and it has a solid wood frame making it quite heavy for its size. The fabric upholstery is quite tough and smooth on the skin so don’t worry about the chair chafing. It will old probably until your child is old enough to ait on the regular adult chairs


  • Is very comfortable and welcoming
  • Has a unique and chic design
  • Is strong and durable
  • Is easy to clean and maintain


  • Is not a uni-sex chair
  • Is expensive for a small scale chair



For such a small armchair this one comes quite big on the looks. The floral patterning is definitely eye-catching and I believe your daughter will love that most. The chair comes in three different floral patterns, with Anastasia blue, red, and pink. 

It is a great chair fr a child’s room especially because of its miniature size. It is like the mini version of a chic and fancy sofa for a chic and fancy daughter. Those tea parties will be more interesting from now on.

Shabby Chic® Furniture - Oli Child's Arm Chair - More Colors

The chair sits low with the back higher than the rest. It has thickly padded armrests that will probably make it more comfortable for your child. The seat cushion looks to be removable and is hence easy to clean and maintain. 

All I know is that if you have a decor that ranges from boho, contemporary, modern, or even traditional this sofa will definitely fit in and bring its own miniature style to your home.



When it comes to size, there is really not much to say. This chair is small. It will literally fit in even the smallest rooms that exist. Well I mean it’s a chair for a kid. What more could you possibly expect? Coming at a dimension set at 24″W x 21″ D x 22″H. 

I don’t think any kid above the age of 12 can fit in unless they are naturally small. Nor can even the small child take an adult nap on it. Although the back is quite high. 

They will probably be able to lean back and doze off to fairy islands before you carry them and tuck them in bed. It’s a sofa worth adding to your nursery or to your child’s room without having to worry about wasting space.


When it comes to comfort I wouldn’t know. I mean no adult has sat on it to either complain or offer praises. However, from its beauty, all I can tell you is that the kid will love the chair whether it is comfortable or not because its looks are enough to set the room on fire. 

Besides that, kids rarely sit down and actually consider comfort. They are either concentrating on a cartoon, drawing, or talking to their imaginary friends. At the same time, a chair is not hard rock. It actually has a medium soft/firm feel that will have your kid feeling like a kid


Coming to you straight from the USA, this chair is hand-built by some of the best craftsmen. It has solid wood legs and a solid frame which gives the whole sofa some stability and ground. So don’t worry about your precious princess toppling all the way back after dozing off. 

This chair comes with an uptight upholstery that is floral and can actually hold some ground. It may not be waterproof or resistant to wear and tear but it definitely is not the upholstery that your nails or sole plastic cutlery can tear.


For a child’s chair, this one here is expensive when compared to other child chairs but it also is affordable depending on how deep your pockets are willing to go for your baby girl. It’s a good princess sofa that will have your kid smiling endlessly and enjoying more of those tea parties. It’s a good chair that comes at a good price. 


Buying an armchair for your child can be one of the most tiring things you could ever have to do. Mostly because kids don’t really know what they want so you could get something thinking they would love it and the exact opposite happens. 

So say you want to get the chicest chair for your kid. Which one would you get? Trying to teach your kid some class is the best you could ever do for them. 

They’ll grow up knowing what to and what not to have. For such a scenario this armchair here is definitely a good option. So just check it out and see what it has in store for you.

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