Shabby Chic Mabel Chair

Coming in seven colors is this beautiful and yet very classic Shabby Chich Mabel Chair. In any room you put it in this single chair will definitely make a statement. It is the perfect chair for entertaining and relaxing. You could play a game of poker with your friends or even enjoy a nice cold drink all by yourself whilst seated in this beautiful piece. 

It offers an intelligent design to your living room, bedroom, or even office and yet with its simple yet expensive look, it will have all your guests drooling over it. It’s a supportive chair that will cradle you in with its back and side securing not only comfort but support as well.

Mabel Chair

This chair is a simple, classic, and elegant piece with fabric upholstery. The sides of the arms don’t have an intricate nailhead trim design like other chairs out there but it still looks just as good. 

Its features give it the intelligent and sophisticated look that we are fussing over at the moment. The seat cushion is quite firm but it offers great support and comfort. Generally, this chair has dark wood legs that have a powder finish gives it a very sturdy support system


  • It is made from quality material
  • You can request to change it as you will
  • You can have the upholstery customised
  • The upholstery is easy to clean and maintain
  • The chair can be for home or office use


  • Does not provide much space



When I look at the chair the first thing that pops into my mind is a very relaxing Victorian summer afternoon with a cup of tea and a novel. The chair brings back so many memories from way back as it has so much a classic historical design that you would love. 

It comes in seven colors each from a different material and one of them as well as a checked design meaning that it is designed to suit any home decoration and can definitely blend in depending on the color you choose. 

Mabel Chair

This chair will set an amazing difference in your home and will never disappoint you. Besides it being the elephant in the room the chair is set to give you a relaxing calm day and a cozy spot in your living room. So why wait?



This is a chair that comes with a seat cushion that has the capacity to hold just one person. I start to think, why would you want to sit alone. Then I remember that at times you just want your own space which is exactly what this sofa can bring to you. 

However, the tricky part is that this chair may not be small enough to fit well in very small spaces so if you have a small apartment and you want to set in new things after the chair I don’t think it will be worth it with this one as it will take up much of your space. 

At first, it may be a bit odd but the cushion is big enough to hold more than two people but don’t try it. It is perfect for just one person. It is generally a normal chair. This chair is not as huge as it may seem to be. It is the perfect chair if you want to fill in a whole living room or set it in an office or waiting room. The following are the measurements; so it generally sits at a measurement of 27″W x34″ D x33″ H.


Looking at this chair you can already tell of its fluffy firm set up. It’s a comfortable piece that’s made from polyester, metal, wood, and some springs of course not forgetting some high resilience foam balls to make sure that even after sitting on it for long it will still get back in shape. 

With the Mabel chairs, all details have been carefully designed to make both the inner and outer qualities easy for you to see and feel. Easy upholstered design is set on this sofa with professional cleaning recommended for upholstered furniture. 

It is Made in the USA and Each piece can be customized to your exact specifications, fabric choice, or cushion fill, please contact them for further details.


This chair is basically good looking. It is a combination of comfort, style, and beauty. What you have to know is that the services it provides will definitely last a long time.

The seat cushions have a core of highly durable pocket springs and a somewhat wider seat angle that makes the chair feel deeper and you sit more comfortably. 

This chair is easy to clean and wash and is made from quality fabric The legs are turned and crafted in solid wood. A choice of covers is available, all made of strong and hard-wearing fabrics, with decorative piping and beautifully sewn pleats. The tufted button detail back is something that you will love that just adds to this sofa’s durability.


At such a high price I have to say that the pricing is a bit too much for such a chair. You can enjoy yourself and can take a very comfortable nap without waking up with backaches or neck problems.

What I love about this chair is mostly its design because it’s very much classic and sadly you would still expect such a chair to cost less but then again, with Shabby Chic nothing is as it seems to be and this chair is definitely more than just a regular chair. 


This chair has made me think about a lot of things. I’m here relaxing and thinking about what it would feel like to relax in a historical manor which is exactly why I would get this chair without hesitation.

I still find it pretty expensive and somehow I’m starting to think that the pricing is somehow worth it. This chair can offer you so much in your home and I doubt you would ever be willing to let go of it. 

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