Shabby Chic Liliput Cube Ottoman

From countless types of ottomans to different materials and functions as well as styles. This small and round faux leather mini ottoman does not have a storage option, but the vintage look and the style of this piece amply compensate for that. 

An ottoman is a remarkable piece of furniture. It’s so versatile and can be used as seating, as a coffee table, as well as double as a storage unit. But no doubt you already know all that and you’re looking for the right ottoman for your home. There’s a lot to choose from.

Liliput Cube Ottoman

The ottoman comes in nine color options each has a certain fabric either linen, velvet if flax. It will nicely fit any traditional décor while the other options would be a nice match for modern decors as well. 

What I particularly like about this piece is the tufted design. which nicely complements the traditional fabric covering of the ottoman. Coming in Brent tan leather its pieces are covered in white tanner and tufted leather which gives the whole ottoman a sport tufted appearance. 

And since the frame is made of a mix of plywood and solid wood, these cubes are sturdy enough, too. I would recommend using them as extra seating options in larger rooms, especially when you have a lot of guests and friends visiting.


  • Comes with a beautiful tufted look
  • Is easy to clean and maintain
  • Can act as extra sitting in the room
  • Can act as a table or a leg rest
  • Has a unique and beautiful look


  • Does not have a backrest
  • Sits very low
  • Doesn’t come with storage space



When you are looking for a tufted ottoman, the chances are good that you have a traditional square ottoman in mind. This one is just exactly what you are looking for, and it is made in America as an additional quality bonus. 

Liliput Cube Ottoman

Its tastefully distinct use of different fabrics done in separate shades provides you with a very nice gradient of color that goes well with anything. In addition to being well-built, it is also very well padded and that means that you get comfort and quality, as well as fashion, all in the same package. 

This is really a beautiful ottoman as the traditional look it has qualifies it for so many traditional lines and uses. In the bedroom, it can act as a regular stool for your bedroom and in the living room, it can be an extra seat for the guests in the case that they are too many to manage. Its traditional look is very basic however the tufts certainly qualify it for modern houses as well.



The ottoman is about 32″W x 48″ D x 18″H which means you can use it both as a seating option or as a plush footrest. And on occasions you feel cramped for space, you may also conveniently tuck it under your coffee table. 

These cube ottomans will come handy if you are looking for affordable and relaxed seating options around your living room or studio space. Which is exactly what this ottoman will provide for you. So why not give it a try and check all these things for yourself.


Well, all I can say is that this ottoman will not disappoint you. Also, rectangular ottomans are also in high demand this season. For those who are looking for something to place at the end of their bed, this piece would be an ideal candidate for inclusion. 

In addition to its solid construction and lovely tufted fabric work that comes in different colors. There is no better place to keep your extra linens and winter quilts than right at the foot of your bed, and no better storage ottoman than this one to use for the purpose. This ottoman in particular won’t disappoint you on looks and on comfort.


This ample solid wood ottoman will complement traditionally decorated homes. The tufted cover design will classically enhance the look of your living room, den, or entryway. The neutral beige, grey, and black shades can easily match your existing decor filled with homogenous hues. 

Besides looking chic, it’s also animal-friendly and safe—it contains non-toxic and animal-free materials. With deep tufting all around. This ottoman was handmade in Los Angeles by a quality craftsman using kiln-dried hardwoods. 

It comes to you in Velvet(Amethyst/Gris/Sovereign Grey): 92% Cotton 8% Polyester, Slubby Cotton(White/Oatmeal) at 100% Cotton Thick Linen (Flax/Natural/Oatmeal) :100% Linen, Snow Linen at   55% Linen and 45% cotton.


When it comes to the price I can’t say that it’s a surprise when it comes to Shabby Chic that you need very deep pockets to be able to afford it. Well, it’s just an ottoman so you might think of discarding the idea of getting this one and I wouldn’t blame you at all. However, think of what you’ll be missing out on. 

This ottoman can bring not only style into your home. The tufted design will definitely bring to you something so much more. The comfort it serves will definitely help you understand why the price is so high. So think about it.


Well, in conclusion, I guess I have to say that this ottoman is very suitable for very classy homes and if you have a traditional set up you can definitely blend it in with the decor. Unlike most ottomans out there this one is very stylish and when it comes to aesthetics it is definitely a winner. 

In terms of comfort, I won’t judge because I mean these were not specifically designed to be sat on. So why not incorporate some texture into your living space with this rectangular tufted cocktail ottoman from Shabby Chic. 

Designed with a large surface area, this shabby chic ottoman can be used in a variety of ways while serving as an eye-catching piece. It is definitely worth that price tag so get yours as soon as possible.

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