Shabby Chic Duchess Chair

If you are looking to add class to your home or office, this is the duchess chair to go to. Coming to you in a pure white color this chair is definitely what you need Just by looking at this leather chair you can tell it was made for one to relax in style and not simplicity. 

It’s not for you to sit and think or plan, it’s simply for you to let everything go and soak up some strength whilst you rest and shed off all tension. The white look is vibrant enough to feed one energy whilst letting them relax and soothe away all the aches of the day.

Duchess Chair

It’s made perfectly with few detailing especially on the fact that it’s a regular looking chair with added cushions. When others see it, they’ll probably think it’s an ordinary chair and would rather sit on one of the couches. 

This single chair or chair features a solid wood frame and sturdy dark wood feet for added strength and stability. It’s upholstered in white linen with firm cushioning for that comfortable seating. 

However, if you want you can get it in velvet or flax instead as there are about seven options from which you can choose from. This is really a beautiful chair that will set a difference in any home that you add it too. You can never be disappointed or bored with such a chair in your home.


  • Is very comfortable to sit on
  • Has a classic look that you will definitely love
  • You can choose the fabric and color that you want
  • Has a firm seating with no sinking
  • Has sturdy footing and won’t move unnecessarily


  • Quite heavy to move and carry
  • Is very expensive for a chair


Size and Aesthetics

Coming to you at a dimension set at 38″W x40″ D x36″ H, you can see that this is definitely not any regular chair. It is not as small as other chairs but it still remains small enough to fit only one person. When it comes to style this chair becomes a magical piece. 

Duchess Chair

This Duchess chair is able to turn any simple room into a majestic showroom. It is definitely a modern and classic chair that can definitely light up any room that it is placed in.

The design cuts across several lines from modern to contemporary and will leave a touch of elegance to any home that it is introduced to. If you have a modern home and you are looking to set it aflame and make it seem more than just an ordinary home then this chair will definitely work.

So in general this is your basic white-colored chair that has a classic vibe and a very modern look all together. It is that chair that you can add to any room you want and you will definitely be impressed by the look it will leave in your room.  

This beautiful chair comes in seven different shades where we have velvet, linen, and flax. Just by looking at the chair, you can tell that it will set a huge difference in your living room or in any room that you place it in. 

The color that it comes in will fit in and will blend in with anything in its surrounding. What I love most about this chair is its simple, modern yet classic and elegant design.


Feel and Durability

Handmade in Los Angeles by quality craftsmen using kiln-dried hardwoods and eight-way hand-tied construction. So you could ask yourself, is this chair really what I want. Well, let me tell you something about this chair. 

You see it has a strong, solid wood frame construction that just makes it one of the strongest chairs out there. Looking clearly and deeply if you are looking to last a life long sentence with a chair then this chair here is definitely the way to go. It is made from reliable foam and fibers making it not only durable and strong enough for heavy usage but also very comfortable. 

Basically it has a strong natural wood frame that is wrapped up in cozy foam supportive cushioning and all of that is upholstered in linen or velvet fiber. So know that if you buy this chair, you are getting yourself a long time cushions cozy buddy. 

It also comes with an easy slipcover design with down & feather or synthetic cushions that make it a whole lot easier to clean because the slipcovers are machine washable. Made in the USA you will be glad to know that each piece can be customized to your exact specifications, fabric choice, or cushion fill, you can contact them for further details.


The price tag on this chair is absurd. It is very high, especially for a chair. However, it is for a chair that will provide you amazing comfort and luxury and bring a new flavor to your home I think it is definitely worth it.

Also, for a chair it’s quite affordable because most chairs actually cost way less and the services that this one provides need to make it actually cost more so definitely this chair is a definite win.


Now I am going to be completely honest with you. Just by looking at the chair, you can tell that it will change your life that will change the outlook in any room. To me, this chair is a definite win because it is big and spacious for one person. The style and the quality are all too notch. 

I just love the feel of this chair. I can already imagine the sentimental value it will hold in your home. Speaking of value, I am not particularly fond of the price tag which is a bit too high for a chair. 

Then again, Shabby Chic doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its pieces. So they will always be worth the price. Also, it is easy to clean and maintain. I know that not being waterproof is a bummer but hey, nothing can ever be perfectly right?

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