Serta vs Lazy boy Office Chairs

Overview of Serta products

This brand mainly focuses on sleep furniture but also specializes in making chairs. They have a wide range of recliners available on the market today. These are manufactured by the company they partnered with called True Innovation.

Overview of Lazy boy products

Lazy Boy is a worldwide brand with an extensive range of recliners and chairs available. Whether it is for everyday use or many hours in the office, this brand makes it all.  

Serta office chairs

The brand works hard to enhance your seating comfort. Their designs are modern and provide a wide range of ergonomic features. If you want to purchase an office chair for an affordable price, Serta offers excellent value. 


  1. You will get a thick pillow feeling as the chairs are layered with high-quality padding. This padding extends all through to the armrests as well.
  2. The brand fits its chairs with memory foam, which has excellent health benefits. It works wonders to help support people dealing with muscle tension. Over time the foam will help in relieving pressure on the body. 
  3. Serta office chairs are easy on the wallet. These chairs are made to be quite affordable. This pricing makes them attractive to companies that want generic office furniture.
  4. Some of their premium chairs offer consumers mesh material. This type of material is well known for its breathability. It provides additional consumer comfort by not retaining too much moisture. 
  5. The chair designs are modern and will fit well with most office rooms. 


  1. The office chairs produced by Serta are not sturdy enough to handle the weight above 250 lbs. 
  2. You won’t find many exciting adjustable features on their products. Many notable missing parts include a lack of deep recline.
  3. Some consumers want mesh even on the budget options.

Lazy boy office chair

La-Z-Boy has worked hard to build its reputation as a brand that offers premium executive chairs. These modern chairs can provide a sleek visual upgrade to any office space. These chairs may look good, but they are also highly comfortable to sit on for long periods.


  1. These office chairs can handle a person who weighs at least 250 pounds. The more durable and expensive options they produce can support a weight of up to 400 pounds.
  2. The comfort levels are very high because they use three layers of memory foam. It makes the chair more durable in the long term. It also increases the time you can use the chair before it requires replacement.
  3. Supportive seating for employees who spend hours at their desks.
  4. It is constructed with high-quality bonded leather that will last you 5-10 years regardless of daily use.
  5. These chairs have many features that make life more convenient. Some of these features involve height adjustability, tilt, and recline function. 


  1. Their office chairs do not have mesh backs which promote breathability. Many consumers prefer this feature, especially in warmer climates. 
  2. These chairs are relatively costly when you compare them with similar options in the market.

Price comparison

When comparing prices, you will most likely pay more when purchasing La-Z-Boy. Its competitor Serta works to provide its customers with a more budget-friendly range. Low prices are the reason many consumers flock to this brand. They forced La-Z-Boy to become more cost-competitive. La-Z-Boy responded by ordering cheaper parts from China when they made all their furnishings in the US. La-Z-Boy is the way to go if you have more money available. It will give you a premium feel associated with buying a more popular brand. The companies massive brand name recognition is one of the reasons for its higher costing products. Consumers who are less worried about status and want something more practical will drift towards Serta.

Material comparison

Serta office chairs are designed to use a five-point stainless steel base. This base works wonders to provide extra support to the chair’s consumers. It can typically last for many years as it is made from steel and wood. 

They also use quality upholstery and cushioning materials. Mesh fabrics are tightly woven to protect against frails or other damages. Their leather fabric is usually stain-resistant. Since the cushioning includes multiple layers of foam padding, it’s unlikely to lose its shape. 

La-Z-Boy office chairs pride themselves on using high-quality wood to finish their chairs. The industry standard is that most office chairs are designed using steel or aluminum and sometimes even plastic. These intricate designs make the product look both modern and high-end. La-Z-Boy charges more because their chairs are studier due to their wood. 

Shipping costs and times

You will pay $99 for delivery from La-Z-Boy. Their products should take about two weeks to arrive.

When ordering directly from the Serta site, you can expect to receive your delivery approximately 4-6 weeks.

Customer Support

Both brands offer “white glove” delivery. This means that the companies will assist you with everything right up to the installation of the chair. The technicians will guide you through the best practices to keep the sofa in good condition. 


If you visit the main retailer sites for Serta, you will find they offer a one-year warranty. This protection on all Serta Office Chairs will cover most of the components and cushions that come with the chair. You mustn’t lose your proof of purchase to maintain the warranty. If you buy the chairs from another person, you should get this documentation from them with the purchase. If not, the contract will become void.

La-Z-Boy guarantees that the chairs they send out to customers are always in pristine condition. They say you will rarely find a chair that comes with a defect. To back up this promise, they offer a full ten-year warranty. This protection is valid from buying the product and covers both parts and frames. The security provided by La-Z-Boy is exclusive to normal wear and tear that happens through the daily use of the product. This includes any fading or stretching.

Who makes Serta office chairs?

This move was executed because Serta mainly specializes in bed frames and mattresses. Serta chairs are made by a company called True Innovations. They are enlisted to produce over twenty different chairs for Serta.

Best Serta office chair

The Serta AIR Health is one of the best office chairs you can buy from the brand. This ranking is due to the manufacturer’s style, comfort, and ergonomics. You won’t have to deal with the issue of feeling sweaty and warm because they have designed the chair with mesh accents along the sides and mid-section. Mesh materials are a good option that helps ventilation and keeps users cool.

Best Lazy Boy office chair

The Catania is widely regarded as one of the top executive chairs. It is highly established in the market because it features tremendous padding. It is an extra supportive chair that has stress-absorbing layers. The benefits include reduced impact and evenly distributed pressure in the long term.

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