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This is a quick tutorial on how to clean your microfiber couch I’ve had my couch for about three years. It’s a microfiber. It is a sectional chaise lounge and mastering ottoman it had a lot of sagging a lot of Waring’s hair. I’ve lost stains family who I don’t know if let people eat on my couch but like six fingers little one stuff like that.

So I needed to revamp it if you will um it was dirty and I was so scared to touch it I did not want to ruin it I don’t know I paid someone to clean it because I felt like what if they ruin it you know it’s such it’s a big piece of furniture and it’s expensive I can’t I mean it’s not the photo I can’t you know mess it up and go get another one it’s not replaceable like that anyways I tried a couple other things I was petrified results paint to my office I bought this resolves multi fabrics at Walmart. 

And I guess to try it on the fabric first so I tried it on the pillow that matches my couch on the back of it’s the same fabric same material. In it rush huge white paint so I wouldn’t recommend using stuff like this unless you test it for seeds that tested because then what the heck would you do if you were in your couch so anyways after that I was really scared so I went to youtube I found a really great video how to tutorial whatever you want to call it on her finger house when I put the link below. 

I’m not going to give all the details you can watch the video and see how I did it or you can watch our video her video is more explains it more mine is just kind of a video fall in her direction so pretty much I just used my vacuum I use school light and I poly build to fill the cushion so keyboard can you get their interested okay guys this is what my couch looks like now this is my living room.

So I have the big microfiber sectional with the chase to chase couch right there chaise lounge. I guess it’s called and then we have the microfiber ottoman so let me get closer and as you can see everything’s pretty much brown or some shade of brown in red. So I’m going to try to incorporate some more colors because this was how I decorated like three years ago and I want to update it a little anyway as you can see the couch it’s dirty has all kinds of nasty stains on it and look at the way the pillows are they’re just they’re old and yucky.

I tried to clean them and see how the cushion is it’s just really saggy, and I got lots of stains all-around can you can see him, so this is my before and then even on the Ottoman there’s lots of stains and stuff so this is my before so I’m going to go ahead and clean and do everything and then I’ll show you this step so if you guys are interested watching okay this is what I’m using to clean the couch just my vacuum.

I bought some polyfill you like this area I brought some polyfill at Walmart that huge bag was eight dollars so I thought that was a good deal and then there I have my wool light in water. It’s warm water and then on my vacuum I’m gonna use this end of my brush to clean the back to clean the couch in all the corners and put it here on there and get all the junk out now I’m just going to vacuum all the cushions I took all the pillows off just going to vacuum all the cushions with the brush side of the vacuum get all the loose dirt and whatever junk is on there. 

And then I’m going to vacuum on the inside of the couch, so this one is what it looks like now after I vacuumed it got all the junk off there were all kinds of loose dirt. You can see how my lines see all these really deep stains that’s what I’m really trying to get out it’s they’re freaking nasty so. I did the automated all the cushions and all the back now I’m going to start with my warm water, and we’ll light solution and a light-coloured rag when I purchase a couch.

I remember they told me um if you’re going to clean it with a light rag are the same colour rag. Because I’m not sure if the colour runs or something I’d it shouldn’t work on towels, but anyways so I’m going to start cleaning the cushions, and I’ll show you halfway through that okay so here’s an Ottoman. 

I did you can tell the colour difference and the couch and the ottoman and when I wet it you got a lot darker, but you look at the water it’s so frickin gross it’s like black so that’s nasty, so I’m going to change the water and start on the rest and I’ll show you when I’m done with that here’s all the cushions clean. Radley oh it was such a workout if you want a good workout plan your cup have come pure white it’s so it was so dirty. 

I mean filthy like so disgusted that I haven’t done this sooner and I need to do this like twice a year or something to get it really clean and gets all nasty so now I’m going to fill the cushions. And the weird thing about my couch is the Christians don’t come off see they’re attached they’re sewn. I have a little tear over there, but they’re sewn in, so the zipper is underneath. So I’m going just to unzip it and start stuffing. 

And I want to show you this water from just the big chaise lounge look at the water filthy I know it’s so gross now look at the couch the back cushions they’re like the stuff they look so awesome. They look like they did when I bought the sofa not so saggy and I used about 75% of the bag of the polyfill fitzy oops um so now.

I’m just waiting for the Christians to dry and I’m going to put everything back, so it looks really nice now compared to what it was. It’s like full now it was like completely flat, and that’s how it should look, and it looked when I bought it.

Still waiting for it to dry but it’s looking better and better every minute I haven’t seen any stains yet on the left from the previous stain. So we’ll

see how it turns out my house is in shambles. Now they like threw stuff all over she was making a fort when I was trying to clean you.

So the couch is easy to clean. It didn’t take me that long I would say maybe an hour. And I want to have total with drying and everything. They’re not really great I’m delighted the results feel lovely it looks like, so refreshing your living room. It looks like that’s how our cups look spoon bought it so the next thing I need to do is buy some more throw pillows and because our pillows have gone down the drain. The little big red ones really expensive do like $20 a piece I got a mess Steinmart okay um but I’m going to look at Walmart and Ross see what I can find.

I wanted to add a pop of colour mission trip boys or teal or something like that. With the wrist anyways I hope this helps.

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