How to remove dog scratches from velvet sofa + Other Tips

Dogs are well known to scratch furniture when left unchecked. Velvet is a premium material that can easily sustain damage from this action. In this article, we look at the best methods you can use to take care of scratches on your velvet sofa. There will also be tips on the best maintenance practice for this type of furniture. 

How to get scratches out of velvet sofa

  • The pile fibers on a velvet sofa are the most sensitive. Typically you can quickly identify these because the lines formed are different in complexion. You will notice dark/light bars on the fabric. Crushing these fibers is the most common reason scratches end up on velvet sofas. 
  • The lighter scratches can often be removed with a soft clothes brush. Using this tool to make slow strokes in the nap direction should deal with the scrape. Be very gentle in your movements and remember the fragility of the material.
  • If you notice the scratch is quite stubborn, then there is a chance it is deep into the fabric. Scratches like this are often heavier and require a suede brush. This product is readily available to purchase in a hardware store. This brush comes with two sides that perform different activities. One side has metal bristles, and the other comes with softer bristles made from rubber. 
  • It is advisable to use the rubber side before the metal one. Try to be consistent when perusing over the scratch.
  • Brush over the scratches on the velvet sofa very gently. This motion is significant to preserve your sofa. If this option fails, then you can resort to metal bristles. Doing this will help avoid accidentally poking a hole in the couch.
  • If this method is not providing results, then spray the scratch with a light coating of cool water. This coating will relax the fabric.

How to get marks out of velvet sofa

Steam cleaning a velvet sofa

Using a steam cleaner is a great way to deal with minor creases. Due to velvet having taller strands of fabric, it is much easier to crush them. These compressions will end up looking like a stain or wrinkle on the sofa. 

Therefore, to quickly rejuvenate your velvet sofa, you can use a handheld steamer or the steam setting on an iron. Use these tools on a low setting and go over the stain. Make sure to go with the flow of the fibers. Usually, this side is referred to as the ‘tap.’ Avoid keeping the heat on the same spot for a long time because this can damage the fabric. 

It would help if you also went over the stain with a soft bristle brush as you performed this motion. This action will bring some control to your velvet sofa piles. 

Using baking soda on a velvet sofa

A baking soda and lemon juice solution is a great combination to deal with sofas that require a dry clean. Sofas such as this are often coded with an ‘S’ on the fabric tag provided by the manufacturer. 

To create this mixture, you add one tablespoon of baking soda, ½ a glass of water, and a few drops of lemon juice. Make sure you mix it vigorously until a smooth paste is formed. 

Then you can dab the stain gently to force the solution deeper into the fabric. After this, you can wipe off the solution with a damp cloth.

Removing water stains on velvet upholstery

  • The first step is to brush the velvet. Do this with a soft-bristled brush to safely preserve the material. Comb over the water stain until you remove most of it. This method will work to get rid of dust and lint as well.
  • It is advisable to use distilled water when cleaning. Place this on a soft cloth to gently massage the water into the stain. To dampen the cloth, you must wring it out sufficiently. Make sure the fabric is damp and not wet to shorten the drying time. 

How to get creases out of velvet

Use a steam iron

Keeping a steam iron on a low setting about ½ inch away from the fabric is a safe way to deal with any creases in the material. If this is a wearable garment, you can place it on a hanger and perform the cleaning. This option works well, but it is crucial to avoid burning the fabric with a fully heated iron. 

Use a steamer

Using a steamer is the optimum tactic you can use to deal with creases. It has the power to rejuvenate all the crushed piles in the velvet safely. You have to be careful to avoid keeping it in the same position for an extended period, or the material will burn. 

Water & Soft Brush

Spraying cool water on a velvet crease will bring the piles to life. Softening these fibers will make it easier to brush away the wrinkles on the fabric. It is essential to use a soft brush to preserve the material quality. 

Additional Tips on caring for velvet sofas

Brush it every month

Brushing velvet is a proven way to preserve the fibers on the material. The long-standing threads on velvet require constant maintenance. The good thing is that fabric brushes are not relatively expensive to buy or difficult to find. 

Get a sofa with a high rub count.

The rub count is a test performed by the manufacturer to determine the overall durability of the sofa. The test works by having a machine rub the couch consistently to determine how long it will take for the fibers to wear out. The standard rub count for velvet is 20,000. This number is a good indicator that your velvet will be able to last. 

Good placement

Avoid placing velvet material against a wall. This placement is a clever way to preserve the back section of the couch. The velvet material is easily crushed if you put weight on it. Therefore, make sure the chair is not pressed up against anything to preserve it. 

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