Red Sectional Sofa: Our Favourites

Are you looking for a red sectional sofa? Daring to be bold is what we get from a red sofa. A sectional sofa comes in pieces or should I say sections, hence the name sectional. Bringing a sectional sofa to your home will have this sofa defining the style of the room and accentuating the surrounding decor. 

Sectionals are the IT thing in the furniture world. You can never go wrong with a sectional. You might as well choose the wrong style and color but never the type. So, here you are looking for a red sectional sofa. Well, that’s a statement you’re making there. This is a step toward making your home deep and bold. Sectional sofas alone attract attention and love, make it red and you have a nuclear bomb on your home. 

Image NameWhat we LikeLink
Can be configured to suit your taste and space
It is very Comfortable
WALSUNNY OUTDOOR 7PC SETHas a featured bed set
Made from durable material
Is able to withstand all weather conditions
PEACHTREE PRESS 7PC SECTIONAL SOFAIs a sectional sofa that comes in a 7pc set
Comes with a side coffee table with a glass topping
Can withstand all weather conditions
Has a unified and uniform look
Comes with 2 decorative pillows
The sofa is lightweight and easy to move
Durable against all weather elements

Looking at the color red, it has so much to say on its own. It’s not achromatic and it’s not simple. It is loud vibrant, it’s the one color that has an effect on one’s mood. Red is everywhere especially this month and if you want to have a red sectional, best you know what you’re setting yourself out for. So red is a festive color. 

It resembles joy and love. Any home with red is set out to always be full of joy and celebrations or deep intense passion. With a red sectional in your home, you increase enthusiasm, interest and create confidence and boost the energy in the surrounding.  What you’re adding to your home with a red sectional are passion and intensity. If that’s what you’re looking for then this is your go-ahead. 


In A Hurry

There are various things that you can consider when you are looking for a red sectional sofa. The key thing that we can focus on is how it will fit into your home among the rest of your furniture. Not to worry, we have done most of the hard work. Find the details below.




We just had to make you see it too. This sectional here is not only vivid and bright but it sofa allows you to create different sitting arrangements apart from the regular L-shape. Apart from it being light-weight and easy to move this rattan sofa can be configured into different positions based on your space and preference. Framed with rust-resistant steel and rattan, it’s a durable piece with a sturdy set as well. It has a stylish modern design making it suitable for any patio, balcony, garden, backyard or even poolside. Make sure you check out. I don’t think it’s one you’d want to miss out on. For both indoor and outdoor settings, this u-shaped sectional will create your very own  Bahamas in your yard. 


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Coming in 8 different colors this sectional sofa which also features a reversible chaise lounge, will definitely add a vibrant drop of color into your home. It can fit in any space  including the smallest apartment space you could think of. 

With its Mid-Century modern look, this linen fabric sofa has a quilted stitch design on the seater. Its frame is hardwood and is upholstered in soft fabric linen with overstuffed cushions to bring you that welcoming feels we know you need. For an extra feel, it has 2 decorative pillows in the same covering hence it has a uniform and unified look. 

Though assembly is required, it’s very minimal and all required hardware will be provided for. The best part about this sofa is that you can configure it to different positions until you find one that suits your taste and spacing as well. 

The reversible chaise can either work as a comfy footrest, coffee table or an extra seat on the sofa, meaning you can always have an extra person around. The chair makes it quite versatile so you can either use your sofa for lounging, sitting or sleeping. Yes, I said it, actual sleep and you’re guaranteed you won’t wake up with any aches or pain in your neck. So there you go, you wanted bright comfort there you have it. 

Lastly, this sofa sits at the following dimensions: (W*D*H)”

Overall dimension: 76*29*33

Seat dimension: 18*64*18.5

Chaise: 50*22


  • Has a reversible chaise lounge
  • Can be configured to suit your taste and space
  • It is very Comfortable
  • Can be a sofa for lounging and napping as well
  • Has a uniform and unified look
  • Has a mid-century modern style to suit various interiors


  • Is not as durable as leather
  • Not waterproof

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Coming to you in 5 choice colors; green, navy, red, dark blue and turquoise, I introduce to you the Wal Sunny outdoor 7 pc. Let’s say you want to create a beautiful outdoor sitting area. This 7 pc comes with everything you could possibly need, for the corner sofas, to the armless sofas and even a glass table.

It’s also great for the interior decors as well so if you want to fit it into your lounge as well, then go ahead. The cushions are thick and spongy offering optimal comfort. The covers are waterproof which means stains aren’t going to be something to expect anytime soon.

The covers are also Washable and fade-resistant so don’t worry about them losing color. So all in all  this piece would be perfect for the outdoors and would be very convenient to use indoors as well. It’s made from high-quality rattan so it’s all-weather resistant and durable. 

It has 2 corner sofas, 4 single sofas, 1 glass-top table, 6 seat cushions, 6 lumbar pads and 2 small seat lumbar pads. After being configured it can sit at dimensions of 103.6”*25.6”*24.6” and each sofa can handle as much as 300lbs. I know what you’re thinking. It’s definitely the one. 


  • Has a featured bed set
  • Made from durable material
  • Is able to withstand all weather conditions
  • Material is waterproof and easy to clean
  • Cushions are waterproof, quite resistant to stains and also very easy to clean
  • Lightweight and yet very strong
  • Is durable


  • Is not fire resistant and can be destroyed in fires
  • Repairs may require specialists who know their way with Rattan furniture

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Lastly, the Peachtree Press 7Pc. What we’re looking at here is a 7pc sectional sofa with independent sections. It’s designed to suit any and every setting whether indoors or outdoors it will wow you. It’s designed to withstand all weather elements like any rattan sofa but with this one, it’d be best to cover it in extreme cases just so you can prolong its term of service. 

The best thing about this sofa is that it comes with a coffee table and 2 extra pillows to increase its convenience and comfort. So in brief, If you know you’re down to relax all day without any tension or stress, you’ll definitely want to get this piece.

Let’s look at it in detail and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Made with top quality PE rattan and steel, this sofa comes with a 5 different color choice. It’s built to last and will still have its sleek and stylish vibe in years to come. The cushions are fade-resistant meaning you can wash them as much as you want and they’ll still look new. 

However, the cover material is waterproof so you might not need to do the washing at all. The whole piece is light-weight allowing it to be relocated and configured easily. The glass table it comes with will definitely highlight any setting giving it a classic feel. If you’re worried about how to get started with such a piece, don’t. It comes with a set of instructions simple enough for a 5-year-old and it won’t even take much of your time. The dimensions come as follows:

Overall corner sofa: 29.5” * 29.5” * 25.6”

Single sofa size: 25.6” * 29.5” * 25.6”

Table: 27.6” * 27.6” * 13.5”


  • Is a sectional sofa that comes in a 7pc set
  • Comes with a side coffee table with a glass topping
  • Can withstand all weather conditions
  • Will fit with any décor.
  • Suitable for both indoor interior and outdoor settings
  • Has sitting space for a lot of people and perfect for family settings and social gatherings
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Sturdy setting
  • It is lightweight and easy to move
  • Can be geared into different positions


  • Requires slight assembly
  • Is not fireproof
  • Will age with time

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Divano Roma Furniture EXP72


Though it comes in 6 other colors, this DRF Sectional sofa has a reversible chaise lounge. It’s a small space sectional sofa, so if you want to fill up a small space it should be the perfect fit. Like every other sectional sofa  this one allows you to configure it to different positions especially with the reversible chaise lounge. This means you have a footrest, an extra seat or a coffee table.

This couch has a soft modern look so if you’re one of those friendly people who always want to have a drink with a few friends at home and chat away then this should work just fine for you. Sitting on a hardwood frame, this sofa has overstuffed back cushions and a memory foam seat cushion and it also comes with two decorative pillows.

The whole setup is in soft linen fabric giving it a unified and uniform look. It sits on hardwood legs and is a very sturdy couch. So don’t worry yourself with toppling over just sit back or kick back with the chaise, relax and let the show go on. 

Dimensions: 34” H*75” W*50” D


  • Comfortable
  • Has a unified and uniform look
  • Comes with 2 decorative pillows
  • Has a sturdy look


  • Is not waterproof or stain resistant
  • Does not have reclining features

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Let’s look at this vibrant sectional sofa. Here we have a cushioned red rattan wicker sectional sofa. It’s a simple sofa designed basically for the outside. Be it your garden, patio, poolside or even the backyard. It’s a simply designed sectional sofa that comes with 7 pieces that include 4 middle section sofas, 2 corner sofas, 1 coffee table and 2 white pillows. 

This red and vibrant sectional is the best for outdoor recreational timings. It’s perfect if you like relaxing and taking a breather in the summer sun connecting with the gifts mother nature blessed us with. It will offer comfort and luxury which is what you need especially during the hot summer times. If you love having braais with your family or friends then I think this set is your winner.

Looking at it in detail, it has a floor to cushion the height of 18′. It comes with thick cushions that come in a bigger size as compared to most. The seat cushions are soft and comfortable with a removable 210g polyester cover to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. The sectional chairs and cushions are flexible and light hence the set comes with fastener clip sectional connectors. 

The set is made from a powder-coated strong steel frame and P.E Rattan making it very strong and durable. The coffee table has a dimension of 27’l* 27’w*13.5’h, the cushions come at 27’l*27’w*4’h with the total chair dimension hitting at 31’l*27’w*27.25’h.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The sofa is lightweight and easy to move
  • Durable against all weather elements
  • Comes with a coffee table


  • Is designed mostly for outdoor use

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Buyer’s Guide

There are various materials that you can choose your couch from. We love a good suede couch. You may prefer something different. Indulge your preference. Here are some key questions and answers 


A chaise lounge is essentially designed to offer a kickback relaxing feature to a sofa. With a chaise lounge, you either have an extra seat, a footrest, napping area, or a versatile table. They mostly come as a stool or block that can be moved to different sides of the sofa, but some are mostly attached to one end and can’t be moved. Setting the difference between a reversible chaise and a normal chaise. 


A chaise sectional comes as a half sofa half chaise normally designed for resting your legs when sitting on a sofa. So if your sofa is a 2 chaise sectional that means it has 2 of those. 


A reversible chaise just like any chaise is an extended part of the sofa that doesn’t have arms or aback. However, if it is reversible, it means it can be moved from position to another and can change the shape of a sofa. 


A sectional sofa is more expensive than a regular standard sofa. It also takes up much space compared to a regular sofa. However, unlike sectionals, regular sofas cannot be customized nor are they as versatile as sectionals. So it really depends on you and what you find appealing. Regular sofas are more suitable for small spaces and sectionals can be positioned to fit into any room from large to small. However, the decision remains up to you and what your budget holds. 


A sectional couch is made up of 2 or more sofas that can be joined together at different angles to bring out a different shape or longer couch. If a couch is not sectional then it has a fixed shape and cannot be altered or geared. 


There is no fixed size for a sectional sofa as they come in different shapes and sizes and can be altered to suit the room size. However generally speaking any sofa should not be in length with the wall, there should be an 18″ space allowance between the sofa and the wall from all angles. With that in mind, I’m sure you can come up with an approximate sofa size for your room.

Final Thoughts

Well after a long struggle we finally made it to the end of our journey. So there you have it folks. Red Sectional sofas, not only are they bright and enthusiastic but if you’re looking for something that can accommodate many people and also looking to save space in your living room they definitely suit the part. They are not only multi-functional but help you test your creativity by allowing you the chance to set up your own positions until you find one that suits your style and taste. 

Add that to the style and moral additions red sets out and I don’t even know what to call the result. But enough about that what matters is that you found the red sectional of your dreams and you’re getting ready to fill your home with this passionate color. It’s time for me to tame my leave, leaving you with good wishes in your shopping. Perhaps you are considering the Gray Sectional Sofa?

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