Reclining Sofa with Fold Down Console

We decided to give a few reclining sofas with fold down consoles a try. These can be used both as traditional recliners and in a more modern way as console chairs. Reclining sofas have become extremely popular in recent years as more people seek to relax in an easy chair rather than sit flat on the floor all night. However, as one of the most popular furniture pieces in the world, the sofa is subject to a constant flow of innovation, and the latest reclining recliners are now available.

Loulé 2-Piece Motion Sofa

This is an exquisite theater-style reclining sofa. It is made from dark brown leatherette that feels very natural and comfortable. The material has been well sewn together, ensuring that you sit tight and securely as you enjoy a movie. 

The frame is made from pine which is quite a reliable and rot-free material. This type of wood is not likely to rust due to damp conditions easily. It can recline on the seats that reside at the ends of the chair where the armrest is. 

They are very natural-looking pieces of furniture which means that they fit into any living room carefully. For added comfort, the manufacturers have included a cupholder on each of the armrests. This will allow you to enjoy a hot beverage while you enjoy your movie safely. 

They have styled this in a retro fashion, which means you can bring a bit of the old school back. It is an easy reclining feature that involves merely pulling a lever. At that point, you will then be able to choose between two motions. There is the motion that takes you right up to 180 degrees, and there is another where your feet go up to just about 90 degrees. This versatility might be necessary to some people depending on where their TV has been set up. 


  • Two reclining motions
  • Rot-proof wood.
  • Retro design


  • Middle seats do not have recline.

Hollywood Decor Montenegro

This is an excellent alternative to look at when trying to purchase a reclining sofa. This is known as a sectional sofa, meaning that it often covers the corner of the room, thereby separating it in half. It forms a sort of L shape around the wall allowing people to come together and get cozy. 

It has two reclining seats that users can enjoy, and these only have one motion available. This option has been made from top-grain leather and comes in a dark black shiny leather color. For the seats at the end, you shall also receive an armrest that might be comfortable watching long movies. That is the reason why these seats are referred to as the ‘loveseats.’ 

However, chairs in the middle are a bit more squashed up depending on how many people you can sit with on the sofa. As this is one of the more modern options, you will also receive a USB charger on both sides of the couch.   


  • USB Charging ports
  • Made from top-grain leather.
  • Spacious


  • Not suitable for small apartments.

Zebery Double Reclining Loveseat Sofa

This is a romantic sofa that has been designed to seat two. This option is very comfortable and designed from a smooth PU material that provides stable and sturdy padding. For added coziness, the manufacturers have included an armrest in the middle that contains two cup holders, thereby allowing you and your significant other to enjoy a beverage while watching a movie. 

The chains have been built for relaxation. They are very natural, and how they look and feel mainly due to the fact they have an ergonomic design. This means you will be receiving support in a Posturepedic manner. The material is very durable as it has been made from solid wood, which means that you will be expecting high-quality upholstering throughout the structure. The probe does not come fully assembled, although It will not take you very long to make this seat.


  • Solid wood structure
  • High-quality upholstering
  • Romantic feel


  • Requires assembly.

Recliner Sofa for Living Room 

This is a very commercial alternative option that you can purchase as a reclining sofa. It does not come fully assembled, designed like this to allow you to get it through the door of your house quickly. This is quite a challenge that many consumers face when they purchase a new sofa and are unsure of the measurements. 

The assembly, however, does not require any tools and will take you about 5 minutes to get done. It has been designed as a minimalistic option, not expected to take up a large amount of space within your apartment. Therefore, it is a good option for small homeowners to consider. 

It is a very comfortable chair that has been designed with a solid wood frame meaning that you will have excellent back support as you sit. Another essential feature is the high-density sponge that works to absorb all the shocks coming from your body. To recline the chair, you have to pull one lever that is easy to find. 


  • Space saver
  • Easy operation
  • Solid wood frame


  • Not very durable.

Hollywood Decor Pristina

This is one of the low-budget options that your family can purchase to add a bit of flair to their dining room. This is a power motion sectional sofa, which means that it can recline on the end seats. It is a sectional sofa which means it is in the L shape and comes as one unit. 

One company can make it a bit difficult to get into the door; therefore, people with more complex apartments should consider this option in depth before purchasing. It comes with a USB charger on the sides of the chair, making it quite convenient for people watching TV and using their cell phones simultaneously. 

It also comes with a coffee holder on the armrest, which allows for improved leisure. It is made from a solid wood frame which means it is not the most durable option on the list, although it is the cheapest, making sense. The material used is not original leather, although it is still very comfortable and supportive. 


  • Relatively Cheap
  • USB charger
  • Cup holders


  • Difficult to get into the door.

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