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Well, here you are looking for a reclining sectional. I must say, I’m proud of you. This is one of the best combinations of features you could ever find on a sofa. I mean sectional offer comfort as they are mostly comfort driven. They also offer a generous amount of sitting space and are one the most space-efficient sofas out there. So when I say I’m proud of you it’s because you probably figured that sectionals would look really good in a family room. 

So here is what happens with sectional sofas. They work for family settings because they allow more people to sit closer together and spend time together. So you find that if you enjoy having people around then sectionals are probably the best way to go. Or if you just prefer taking naps with your full length lying down or cuddling with your pet, then best believe I have the best news for you right here.

Image NameWhat we LikeLink
Best Choice Products 3-Piece Modular Modern Furniture Set w/Convertible Double FutonEasy to clean faux leather
Modern, stylish and comfortable
Can change the shape of the sofa or create a full lounge set
Christies Home Living 6-Piece Reclining Living Room SectionalHas built in convenient cupholders
Is very comfortable
Can accommodate a large number of people
DHP Haven Small Space Sectional Futon Sofa, Black Faux LeatherIs convertible to 3 different positions
Has reclining backrest for lounging and sleeping positions
Waterproof and easy to clean
Large Classic and Traditional Bonded Leather Reclining Corner Sectional SofaCan accommodate up to 6 average adults on one sofa
Very minor and easy assembly is required
Features 2 end recliner seats
POUNDEX BOBKONA BELINDA SECTIONAL SOFAComes with a chaise which may act as an extra seat, footrest or lounger
The sofa is comfortable and durable
Comes with accent pillows for additional comfort

Reclining sectional is very welcoming in any home. Not only do they offer comfort but luxury and relaxation as well. A recliner is generally therapeutic. I mean imagine coming from work aching and tired and there you find a recliner waiting for you, to take away all that ache, pain and tire who wouldn’t want that? Here today I want to talk about reclining sectionals. 

One of the best-combined feature sofas. Not only will it provide luxury and comfort to one person, but to everyone in that room and on that sofa. Most come as 2 seat recliner in which only the two end seat recline whilst the middle ones are normal. Some recline as a whole, Some jump a seat. It’s really dependent on the design you choose which is what we are going to be looking at today

In A Hurry

in this case and conquest to find a reclining section you are obviously looking for comfort and luxury and I would not want to delay you from either. If you need a quick guide to some of the best comfortable and luxurious reclining sectionals then welcome to the best guide you will find. After thorough research, I came up with these 5 reclining sectionals that will probably offer you more than what you are seeking. I know for a fact that you will neither be discouraged or disappointed with either of them and you will probably find it hard to pick one because all of them are probably the best.


So like I said it was researched looking for the best out there, but as always there will be a winner amongst the other winners which is exactly what we have here. The top pick for today is……… Looking at it, it just grabbed my attention from the word go because well it

Just be sure to take a longer look at it, maybe you’ll see what I saw and you will love it the same. But without wasting much time, let’s take a look and see what we have from the rest.


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Best Choice Products 3-Piece Modular Modern Furniture Set w/Convertible Double Futon


Here we have a modular sectional sofa that’s multi-functional. From lounging, sitting to sleeping. It’s definitely a 3 in 1 deal. It comes with 4 adjustable parts. The reclining 2 seat futon, the single-seat futon, the removable armrests with cup holders and a reversible ottoman. 

If you’re looking to add this piece in your home, be certain whatever look you’re going for you’ll definitely get it. It oozes a modern style for lounging and relaxing with friends or family. Perfect if you’re a person who normally dozes in the middle of a movie as you can just adjust the seats to a reclining form and there you go.  

With its features, you can create an l-shaped sofa or separate the futons and set them at different angles and set the ottoman as a chaise lounger or use it as a coffee table or footrest. 

It’s crafted with soft padding and sleek, easy to clean faux leather that contrasts with the polished chrome legs. This sofa is perfect for guests and entertainment, the armrest has cup holders, and the backrests are designed with a reclining feature. It sits at the following dimensions in the following format(L*W*H) ;

Futon dimensions: 30”*66*30.5”

Single-seat futon: 36”*31*31

Ottoman: 35”*20”14.5”


  • Easy to clean faux leather
  • Modern, stylish and comfortable
  • Can change the shape of the sofa or create a full lounge set
  • Is a 3 in 1 deal allowing for lounging, sitting and sleeping


  • Faux leather is not as durable as genuine leather and may not offer the same resistant

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Christies Home Living 6-Piece Reclining Living Room Sectional


This here coming to you from Christies Home is a 6 piece living room piece that comes with 3 reclining seats. In which 2 are at the end and one is in the middle. It’s an aesthetic piece of furniture that will have you looking forward to coming home on a daily basis. Its look is very modern and plush and will probably tempt you to want to take naps more regularly. 

As it is a sectional sofa you can move it around and switch configurations until you find one that suits you best. It’s a great sofa if you enjoy sitting, lounging and napping as it is specifically designed for all those relaxing activities and positions. Let us see what else is there to offer.

Constructed with select hardwoods and reinforced by a heavy-duty steel rail system. The cushions each individually have pocketed coils encased in foam seating. It’s covered in durable leather-looking performance and the rest of it is polyester, steel and wood. In general, it’s a reclining sofa that seats 5 people comfortably, includes 3 recliners and a functional center storage console with 2 built-in convenient cup holders. 


  • Has built in convenient cupholders
  • Is very comfortable
  • Can accommodate a large number of people


  • Not all 6 seats have reclining features

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DHP Haven Small Space Sectional Futon Sofa, Black Faux Leather


Made from wood and leather this black sectional futon will bring not only comfort to your home but will add a shine to your interior as well. It’s a valuable sofa that you’ll definitely fall in love with from day 1. It’s suitable for almost any living space to be it small, medium or large. Though it’s a small sofa, I’m sure with the right surrounding and additional furniture it will fit right in. 

Call it a futon, call it a sofa sleeper, or just a sofa, it won’t change the fact that this futon is multifunctional. In just a few minutes, like 5 is actually a lot you can switch it from a regular to a bed, I mean who wants to wait a whole hour just so they can sleep. 

The design is generally elegant and simple with a tufted back-rest, slim track arms and black legs. It’s a versatile sofa that comes with a chaise meaning you can put the chaise on any side and at any position to satisfy your visual sense. With all this said I think it’s time we take a deeper look into what it offers really. 

Starting with the style, it has an elegant mid-century vibe to it. The backrest is multi-positional meaning it can be reclined to lounging and sitting positions. Made from durable wood, okay let me say “robust durable wood” instead, this futon will be your bestie for whole lotta years to come. Its weight limit is approximately 600lbs and it sits at the following dimensions (in inches) :

Sectional futon sofa: 83L*55.5W*31.5H

Futon Bed: 50.5L*43.5W*16.5H

Chaise bed: 65.5L*26W*16.5H


  • Is convertible to 3 different positions
  • Has reclining backrest for lounging and sleeping positions
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Had versatile structuring and designing


  • Is not UV protected, hence direct sunlight will fasten wearing

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Large Classic and Traditional Bonded Leather Reclining Corner Sectional Sofa


If you are looking for a sofa that could make an incredible centre-piece for your living space. You may just have your eyes on a true contender. It has an imposing look of luxury. Fortunately, it is not just in the area of looks that it excels. 

When you do get to use it, you will realise that this is a well-made product that is worth its place on our list. Depending on the colour scheme that you are going for, you can pick between the black and the brown. The black one has a matte sort of look to it, while the brown is somewhat mahogany. Let us consider what else one can look forward to when they purchase this sofa.

This leather sofa is a 20″ deep end reclining 6 seater which means that only the end seats are cut out fully for the reclining effect. It comes in 2 colors that are brown or black. It has a durable bonded leather upholstery with overstuffed seat and armrests for maximum comfort in the paddings and can support up to 6 average adults. 

The dimensions are set at 38″H* 48,62″,69″W*37D. It comes with instructions on how to assemble as well as the necessary hardware. Assembly can be done by one person, although multiple persons would make the job a lot easier. We have left the best feature for last. The two seats at either end of the sofa have a leg raising feature that allows you to put your feet up and rest easy.


  • Can accommodate up to 6 average adults on one sofa
  • Very minor and easy assembly is required
  • Features 2 end recliner seats
  • This is a well-made sofa.
  • Comes in black and brown.
  • The seats are very comfortable.
  • There is a foot raising feature on the end seats.


  • Bonded leather is not as durable as genuine 100% leather
  • May be too big for small apartments or spaces

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Coming to you in 3 colors that are black, grey and laguna is this poly fabric sectional sofa that is a general 2 piece. It’s for those hipsters who have that unique sense of style. Though its a 5 seater the fixed chaise can provide additional seating space. The chaise is also multi-functional and can act as either a lounger or napping seat. 

Though its grey fabric, it can also come in bonded leather depending on your preference in taste and style. It’s an amazing couch that will definitely brighten up any room you set it in giving it both a sense of character and life. The quality of the materials used to construct it is high quality and strong, making your sofa both visually appealing and string as well as durable. 

It has a futuristic look making it a great piece for modern homes with contemporary or mi-century styles. It’s a big sofa that would make a lavish addition to your home giving you and your family the comfort and luxury you have looking for.

So basically what we are looking at here is a 2 piece sectional sofa that has a strong wood frame and wooden legs to keep the sofa strong and sturdy. It’s tightly upholsterers in poly fabric with the back supports having tufted accents. The seat cushions are filled with foam and inner springs making it both very comfortable and durable. The set comes with a chaise, perfect for your daily naps and lounging times. 

It also has accent pillows with a contrast look giving your sofa a more unique design. The sofa comes with an interlocking mechanism for insertion to keep all the sections together. Though assembly is required it is minimal and simple and hardware and tools required will be given. So for the sofa alone without the chaise, the dimension is set at 76’*35’*33′ and with the chaise, it is 80’*35’*33′.


  • Comes with a chaise which may act as an extra seat, footrest or lounger
  • The sofa is comfortable and durable
  • Comes with accent pillows for additional comfort
  • Comes in different upholstery material


  • It is not 100%Waterproof or stain-resistant
  • Assembly is required

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Buyer’s Guide


A chaise lounge is essentially designed to offer a kickback relaxing feature to a sofa. With a chaise lounge, you either have an extra seat, a footrest, napping area, or a versatile table. They mostly come as a stool or block that can be moved to different sides of the sofa, but some are mostly attached to one end and can’t be moved. Setting the difference between a reversible chaise and a normal chaise. 


You will find that if a sofa has any extra feature it’s probably the modular sectionals or the reversible sectionals. They have chaises that allow you to move and configure them to different positions but that’s really just about it. There’s nothing else you can actually do. With a recliner however not only can it be used as seating but with the adjustable design you may as well use it for sleeping depending on the degree to which it can recline.


A chaise sectional comes as a half sofa half chaise normally designed for resting your legs when sitting on a sofa. So if your sofa is a 2 chaise sectional that means it has 2 of those. 


It can be an armchair or a sofa that has a pushback or layback design that allows it to recline to the back, it can have an integral footrest. Or according to wiki, it’s a sofa that reclines when you lower its back and raise its front. The good thing about recliners is that just like sofas they can come in different shapes and sizes. 


A reversible chaise just like any chaise is an extended part of the sofa that doesn’t have arms or a back. However, if it is reversible, it means it can be moved from position to another and can change the shape of a sofa. 


A sectional sofa is more expensive than a regular standard sofa. It also takes up much space compared to a regular sofa. However, unlike sectionals, regular sofas cannot be customized nor are they as versatile as sectionals. So it really depends on you and what you find appealing. Regular sofas are more suitable for small spaces and sectionals can be positioned to fit into any room from large to small. However, the decision remains up to you and what your budget holds.

Final Thoughts

Look at us already at the end, This was fun I guess, and I am sure you found what you were looking for or at least I hope that you finally have what you were looking for and it fix and suits all your needs and problems. Besides offering comfort and luxury I think I should add that Reclining sectionals are not just practical features to have in your home. You can create a living room with a standing ovation from your guests and visitors. 

Some reclining sectionals may come as secretive and actually not show that they recline, that is until you show or you bring the feature out. Either way with whichever reclining sectional you choose I guarantee that you are going to enjoy the effects and the features that it will have on your interior, you can never go wrong with luxury and comfort and you definitely can never go wrong with a reclining sectional. So enjoy your shopping and be sure to look at the top pick again, just in case.

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