Should I Put a Conditioner on my leather couch?

What is a leather conditioner?

A leather conditioner is a product that contains natural oils and moisture. The most common ones that you can find are neatsfoot oil and lanolin. These will help bring your dry and cracking sofa back to life. It has powerful rejuvenation capabilities. It will work wonders to moisturize a dry couch.

The benefit of this option is that it contains wax. This fatty substance will help form a protective coat over the surface of the sofa. This will work to keep your sofa looking prime for years to come. It is not the best option to clean a couch, however. It is only best for surface level cleaning, but it is not fit for deep cleaning. Deeper, more intimate stains will require leather cleaner or leather wipes. It always helps to get the Best Leather Cleaner and Conditioner for a Couch.

Why do people condition their couches?

Due to everyday use, there will be some significant damage done to couches over time. Unhygienic substances such as hair and body oils eventually seep into the fibres of the sofa. In a home where sofa conditioning does not occur, there is often a definitive odour attached to the room. 

If you stay in the house, you may eventually get used to the smell and not notice it, but your guests will. Adding this protective layer will help keep the sofa feeling fresh every day. It will also improve the quality of life within your household. Relaxing on clean, smooth and hydrated sofas will help you rest better. You will also not be exposed to a wide variety of illness-causing germs. Therefore conditioning your leather couch is an investment that will pay off in different ways.

When should you not condition a couch?

Avoid conditioning your couch if it is wet. Therefore, if you have just finished cleaning your couch, it is not a good idea to apply conditioner immediately. The most sensible alternative is to wait until the sofa has thoroughly dried so that the conditioner can be well absorbed into the material. Make sure that you only do this about once a month. This will work well to keep the leather looking its best. The protective material within the conditioner is quite strong and should therefore be given time to work. It is not advisable to condition your leather if you plan to use it immediately. The conditioner takes about two to three hours to set in and dry thoroughly. Therefore only add a conditioner when you are not expecting guests soon.

What not to condition

It is essential that you only condition the leather sections of the sofa surface. There will be no need for you to prepare any of the solid areas of the sofa. By this, I am referring to destructions that form the base of the couch. Avoid conditioning the legs and sections of the armrest where wood might be exposed. It is also essential not to condition any of your cushions. These are most likely not made of leather and will require a different method to clean them effectively. 

What type of conditioner to use?

The conditioner you choose to maintain your leather sofa must have a non-toxic and odour-free formula. Seeing as you will spend many hours on this couch, the chemicals you apply to it must be safe for humans in the long term. 

The conditioner should also be well equipped to defend your sofa against any UV rays or high temperatures. This will help you make use of these sofas even when they are directly exposed to sunlight. 

Make sure that you choose a conditioner that leaves no residue. Sometimes after conditioning, some leather conditioners will feel like they have been overapplied, which means that you will be able to tell that the sofa has been conditioned distinctly. We’re looking for a subtle chemical that will offer a straightforward method of application and leave no oily residue.

An essential element that you let the cleaner should also possess is the protection factor. The entire surface of the leather should be well protected against any future stains that you might encounter, and it should form a barrier that separates the dye from the leather. This process will help protect your leather from scratches, cracks and marks.

How to condition your leather couch

  1. Takedown any cushions, tv remotes and accessories.
  2. Make sure that your sofa has recently been cleaned.
  3. Make sure the leather is dry before we begin.
  4. Test the conditioner on a small surface on the couch.
  5. If happy with the results, condition the entire surface of the leather with a microfiber cloth.
  6. Let the conditioner be absorbed into the leather for about 2 hours.
  7. Make sure to wipe away any of the remaining conditioners if you added too much.

How often should you apply leather conditioners?

A good rule of thumb when figuring out how often to apply leather conditioner is about once a month. This should be guided by how well and often you clean your couch as well. If you are very hygienic and clean their couch quite often, you will also need to apply leather conditioner quite often. This is because the cleaning process brings together a combination of potentially hazardous chemicals that depreciates leather’s value over time. The conditioner is meant to help slow down this process immensely. Therefore the more you clean, the more times you need to condition your leather sofa.

Can you use car leather conditioner on couches?

There is a good chance that you should use your car leather conditioner on your leather sofas. This is because both products work on leather. The most important thing to do before attempting this is to test it on a small section of the couch. Try out the leather cleaner and see if it works well. If it does, then you can proceed to do the entire sofa.

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