Pet Furniture Covers for Leather Sofas

Do you need a cover for your leather sofa? Are your pets really wearing that expensive sofa down? Yes, leather is very strong, but even the strongest warriors give up at some point. If your pets have claws then I’m sure you’re starting to see some scratches and cuts and it’s really getting to you. Well, that’s probably why you’re here, isn’t it? You need a cover to protect your precious sofa.

Well, don’t worry, you’re not the only. Pets are everywhere and so are claws. You’re really not the only one going through this traumatic phase. Seeing your favorite couch, especially if it’s the majestic leather, wear and tear all because of a fluffy animal that you love. It’s like watching your two favorite teams play against each other. You have no idea which one to support and betray, am I right?

dalmatian laying on sofa

Well, luckily someone out there invented furniture covers for exactly that. I mean you’ve probably tried everything to keep your pet off the couch. A dog bed, or banning it from the house. But somehow that clawed monster still finds a way back to the couch. Well, let’s talk furniture covers that have been made specifically to suit leather sofas. As we both know, leather is a smooth and slippery material.

Getting a random cover would probably make no difference. If you have a leather sofa, keep in mind some fabrics will slip off and fall to the ground and leave your couch as bare as the potato in your vegetable rack. Also since we’re dealing with clawed pets that have either been scratching your couch or have been shedding all over it or maybe both let’s look out for tear-resistant, easy to clean covers to make life easier for us right? So without wasting much time, let’s save our expensive leather sofa.

In A Hurry

Since you’re in such a hurry to save your sofa from the furry monster causing more damage right at this moment. You’ll probably need a quick guide to see the options that await you. Lucky for you, here it is. Readily available all for you and your couch. Let’s hurry and not waste time. Your couch has probably had enough by now, let’s go!!!


Before we start, let me introduce you to this Gorilla Grip original velvet slip-resistant cover. It comes in different sizes, small to x-large for all your sofa types and sizes. It’s a non-slip cover meaning no matter how much your pet moves or plays around on the sofa, it will never set its paw on that leather surface that you’re trying to protect. Besides its gorilla grip patent, it also comes with thick straps that help and aid it to stay in place. It’s also comfortable and easy to clean, plus it has a stylish design that will definitely make it look like you were decorating instead of saving your couch.


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Coming to you in different sizes and 15 different colors, this is a quilted furniture cover that will protect any couch from stains, tears, scratches as well as weathering down. We chose this for leather couches since they tend to slippery. For your couch this cover comes with an anti-skid back meaning that no matter who and what, not even wind will make this cover slide off your couch.

It’s designed with all your worries at heart, it will be your sofa’s personal guard from cats paws, canine teeth, bird poo, hamster tethering this cover will let no harm come to your couch and all you have is just secure it onto your couch and your good to go.

This anti-slip cover is suitable for various sofas of different materials and fabrics. Compared to any slipover cover you may come by, this one is designed specifically to stay in place and not shift unnecessarily. It has a silicon rubber paw design underneath it for a firmer grip. Plus all in all  just looking at it you know you’re going to be covering your sofa in sophistication and elegance.

It’s comfortable and flexible so don’t worry about having to sacrifice your comfort all, and the best part is that it has 2 storage pockets on either side so you can store your remote controls and other things you may deem necessary. Constructed with 5 layers of fabric, this quilted furniture protector also features a sanitized protective finish to keep your furniture looking and smelling fragrant. It’s 100% waterproof, so don’t worry about spills and pee seeping through to your couch. It’s all accounted for and your leather is safe.


  • Has a scented finish
  • Won’t disturb the comfort of your sofa
  • It is 100% waterproof
  • It is non-skid and won’t slide off your couch easily
  • for all couches and comes in different


  • Is not fireproof, or resistant to sharp objects

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This easy-going reversible cover comes in different sizes and 16 different colors. Since it’s reversible you can flip over the cover for a new look after the current one has lost its feel and. Unlike some furniture covers, this one may tend to be a bit slippery since both sides are fabric but it does, however, come with straps for a firm grip on your couch so don’t worry about it sliding off as well. No matter what type of sofa you have, whether it’s a loveseat, recliner, or a normal couch. You’ll definitely find the right size for you.

Let’s have a deeper feel of this couch. It has an elegant quilted surface and is made from thick colorfast microfiber. It’s water-resistant and won’t let any liquids flow through or ruin your couch. It has elastic straps that keep the cover in place and two foam pipes that are tucked into the grooves on two sides to secure its position. It’s easy to clean and wash, however mild laundry detergents are advised and no bleaching at all costs.


  • It is very comfortable
  • Has elastic straps to secure its position
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • It is waterproof
  • Made from high-quality material


  • Straps can break when overstretched

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This Slipover cover comes in different sizes 9 different colors to suit your interior or match with your sofa. Unlike the other covers, this one will cover your couch top to bottom it’s non-slip and has no elastic straps but the bottom is elastic so that’s why the straps are not necessary. With this couch cover, you’re offering your sofa full protection head to toe with no opening except the bottom part which is elasticized to keep the whole thing in place. 


The material used for this cover is cozy soft and very stretchy. It’s super flexible and will easily shape the outlay of your sofa skin to skin. It will not only cover your sofa and protect it, but tucked properly it will be your sofa’s second skin. Every angle on your sofa that you want to be set out there will definitely pop out with this cover.

Let’s get deeper now. This slipcover is made from quality velvet. It’s trendy-watch will have your home looking elegant and sophisticated without the worry of having to continuously clean the couches. It’s conveniently strapless and Non-slip with an elasticized bottom to make sure that no matter what movements occur your couch is always protected from head to toe.

The velvet plush material is super comfortable for you and your dog and will definitely have you thinking why you hadn’t done this sooner. It also easy to care for, easy to remove and easy to wash. Within a few hours of washing, you’ll be able to protect your couch once again. 


  • Is made from super soft and plush material
  • The velvet slipcover is very comfortable and cozy for you and your pet
  • It has an elasticized bottom so you know it will stay in place even if the sofa is continuously moved
  • Easy to wash and maintain


  • It is not waterproof.
  • The cover is not stain-resistant
  • It is not fireproof or tear-resistant

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Finally, we have the majestic gorilla grip. With this cover, neither it nor the couch is going anywhere. It’s a definite non-slip cover that will protect your couch day in and day out.

Made from velvet it’s the softest cover you can buy out there that’s guaranteed to protect your couch from all harm without scratching your leather. It’s a functional piece that offers the very best protection for your furniture from pets, stains, kids and even yourself.

This cover is designed to stay in place, no millimetres moved, hence the name “gorilla grip”. The underside has a paw design marking to give it a cute feel. The cover is smooth is silky and smooth adding a cool feel to your couch.

The coziness will have you wanting to buy another one. Besides the gorilla grip, it also has one strap that you out at the back of the couch and one under the seat so that at all costs it does not shift. You can play and cuddle with your pet all you want to make shifts or move the couch, but this cover will stick to your couch like glue ensuring that your leather lasts longer and no harm comes to it ever.


  • Is very comfortable with a smooth and silky feel.
  • Is designed to stay in place.
  • Comes in different sizes so you find the perfect fit for your couch


  • Is not waterproof
  • Is not fire-resistant

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Do you want to switch your normal recliner to a leather recliner? Well here is your chance, this PU recliner cover will give you just that. It’s perfect for all sofas, especially leather sofas as it will still give out that refined and sophisticated look even when covered.

It’s not a full-on leather cover, but it looks, feels and smells leather plus it’s super-stretchy to accommodate for both settings of a reclining sofa. It comes in 6 different colors and will suit and interior giving your home that intense sophistication your want.

With this cover, not only is your sofa protected from dirt, fur and paw stains, but it’s also given an elegant look. Normally covers take away the natural feel is a couch but this will protect your couch whilst maintaining the style your couch gives out.

Made from 50% polyester, 10%spandex and 40% PU, This cover is extra stretchy and has a shine just like real leather, offering a soft and comfortable feel to your couch. It has a pocket on one side for convenient remote storage and doesn’t slide off your couch. So whether it’s you or your dog in that recliner. Your sofa is safe 


  • Has a leather feel
  • Is flexible and stretchy to accommodate sitting and reclining positions.
  • It is comfortable
  • Adds style and taste to your interior


  • Cover has a leather smell at first.
  • Is not water-resistant

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Buyer’s Guide


All materials are prone to damage. Just like how you coat the wood to keep it from wearing down, it’s the same way you cover your couch to prolong its term of service. So yes, covering your couch will protect it from so many disasters that can occur. From the dangers of having kids playing with scissors or to your pet’s claws, to your clumsy self spilling coffee or wine and staining it. A cover will not only protect your couch from physical damage as well but from losing its visual appeal as well. It will last longer, wear down slowly, and you won’t see stains as often and your cleaning habits will be reduced to maybe once a month or never actually. 



Like every other natural material, the leather may be resistant to some natural elements. However, too much of anything can and will make anything sick. For instance, too much sun can wear your leather soda down so much it’ll look 20 before it’s even 5. So the best way to protect your leather couch would be to cover it. Especially if it’s prone to the sun’s UV rays. It will need more protection than sunscreen can provide. Also, apart from natural elements, leather will start to show signs of giving in and breaking with time and this can be even faster is it’s continuously cleaned. One way to stop this would be to get your couch a cover that will protect it from both damage and dirt so that you go easy with the cleaning products on it.



Cracks on leather are usually due to dryness. Leather is made from animal skin after all. So it’s still skin. Dry skin will crack if it’s left to dry up for longer periods. The best way would be to moisturize your leather on a regular. Either with polish or leather conditioners out there they will the leather soft and more durable plus will give it a smooth and soft feel. So definitely no cracks will appear. Also, some cracks are cuts. Make sure to avoid using sharp objects on your leather. 



If you want to clean your leather couch at the same time making it less slippery and getting rid off that strong leather smell. The best if you don’t want to use commercial products would be the white vinegar solution. Use equal portions of water and vinegar and wipe the couch down. Make sure to dampen the cloth so as to not actually make the sofa wet. 



Basically animals get more attached than humans to their counterparts. They will always prefer somewhere where they feel safe and comfortable and if it’s on the bed with their human or on the couch, then best believe that’s going to be their favourite spot in the house. Some pets, especially dogs may get protective of their humans and may choose to either sleep in a position where they can easily watch over their humans. At times when their human is not around and they miss them. They may decide to nap where they can smelly their human and the scent is strong, explaining why you may find your dog on your bed or on your spot on the couch



If you have a dog in the house, in fact, if you have a pet that has claws you may need to resort to leather and microfiber couches. They are stronger and more resistant to tears and punctures also they are easy to clean and you and I both know that pets can be messy at times. Leather is quite resistant to a lot of things, from liquids to scents, so in case you forget to bathe your dog, no doggy smell will linger even if your dog takes a nap on the couch. Microfibers are quite resistant to a lot of things as well, and they are very easy to clean.

Final Thoughts

I guess we’re done here, you’re satisfied, I’m sure your pet is satisfied with the new look as well, I’m certain your couch is more than happy for the retirement from pet fur, paws, muddy and clawing, I’m sure the new look will definitely meet your standards, and I’m sure your kids are just as excited for the extra padding on the couch as well. At least now you can rest and never have to worry about cleaning the couch.

Just take the cover, throw it in the washer, or vacuum it and strap it back on. Easy-peasy like lemon squeezy. There you have it, let us call it a form of decorative protection. If you’re happy, then your couch is happy and so am I. Sadly this is where our journey ends. I hope you have a great shopping spree

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