Performance fabric vs Leather

What is a performance fabric?

Life’s daily furniture battles are easier to tackle because performance fabrics are brilliant. The high-performance fabric is considered a lifesaver for people whose furniture is required to withstand the daily shenanigans of kids, pets, binge-watchers, and sofa snackers. They are designed to be the most durable and easy-to-clean fabrics. They use advanced formulas that can help your fabric resist water- and oil-based stains. The maintenance is often as simple as wiping the stain with a damp cloth. This fabric has been tested to handle at least 40,000 rubs. The industry standard for durable materials is 20,000 rubs. 

To think about simplified high-performance fabrics, you need to know they are designed to do more for the consumer. You can consider this fabric to be the equivalent of high-performance athletic gear. The material is designed to wick away better moisture, prevent odor, and hold up to any stubborn potential stains. You can expect this stain to repel stains, be easy to clean, and not fade even with exposure to the sun. Modern manufacturers have gone far with this material, and you can now buy it to be formal or casual, indoor or outdoor fabrics.

What is the best performance fabric?

Olefin: Olefin fabric offers the consumers inherent performance qualities that come about without the need for chemical treatment. The natural resistance provided can remain strong even when faced with chemicals, stains, water, mildew, and abrasions. This resistance makes Olefin very easy to clean and maintain. It comes with a natural, reasonably smooth feel that can appear textured. Each type is different depending on the design you choose.

Acrylic: Acrylic fabric can resist chemicals, mildew, and water. It might be relatively easy to clean, but it often will begin to pill over time. This material is not the strongest and will struggle to resist abrasions. The visual appearance of the material is like wool. You will also not suffer from problems such as wrinkling or shrinkage with this fabric.

Nylon: Nylon is most popularly used for stockings. The fabric is synthetic, and this means it has many uses. Manufacturers appreciate using it because of its durability. The material is also resistant to mold because it doesn’t hold much moisture. The issues surrounding mildew and shrinkage are significantly reduced when using this material. This is because of Nylon’s unique elastic properties.

Polyester: Polyester is the premium material used in the furniture industry. It is top of the line and can resist water and abrasions. You will also be able to avoid accidentally stretching or shrinking, wrinkling, and pilling this material. You’re safe when cleaning because it is resistant to most chemicals. You must maintain this material because bacteria can multiply and cause unpleasant smells.

Advantages of performance fabric

  1. The chairs are childproof. The fabric is well suited to dealing with everyday accidents caused by small children.
  2. The chairs are also pet friendly. Pet hairs or pet claws will not be a problem with this material because it is durable. 
  3. If you have always wanted white furniture, buying some with this fabric is a sustainable investment. 

Disadvantages of performance fabric

  1. These top-of-the-line fabrics will cost you a large upfront sum to purchase.
  2. Material is quite challenging and not very flexible.

Is performance fabric worth it?

Investing in a piece of upholstery furniture is not cheap, and if you can afford it, you are better off going with performance fabric. It is like buying upholstery that comes pre-insured by just its durability. The costs involved seem to cover themselves in the long run. Having a low-maintenance sofa that can last you up to 15 years becomes cost-effective if you consider how many replacements you would have gotten in that time. 

This furniture is worth it for people who have sofas that experience a lot of traffic. If you live alone in your home, you might not see the value of the high-performance fabric. If you, however, live with children and pets, there is likely a daily threat to the health of your furniture fabric. These accidents occur in the form of spills or pet scratches. Buying this fabric will help you minimize the cleaning process involved and how many times you replace your furniture. 

If you have always wanted to buy white furniture but were always discouraged by stains, this option will ease those fears. The material is easy to clean and worth it for people who enjoy white furniture.  

Performance fabric brands


This brand focuses on making performance fabrics that combine different types of acrylics. This material makes the products durable, resistant to mold-mildew problems, and fading through harsh chemicals. The main disadvantage surrounding this brand is that it is not as stain-resistant as some other performance options. Its name should indicate that it won’t fade when you place it in sunlight.


Crypton is a brand that makes high-quality fabrics out of various durable materials. The secret to the qualities of the material is in the treatment it receives. The process involves completely submerging specific fabrics to give them a strong moisture barrier. In this case, water and other liquids cannot penetrate the surface.

Best performance fabric sofa

Revolution performance leads the line among some of the top performance fabrics. It is margins ahead in terms of durability and style. This fabric is the easiest to clean and is primarily stain-resistant. They offer you many scary, potentially stainable colors like white and other light colors because they are resistant to accidents.

Overview of Revolution Fabrics

  • 100% woven in the U.S.A.
  • Stain-resistant
  • Bleach cleanable
  • Chemical-free

Performance fabric vs leather

 Vintage brown leather couch with pillow in living room


Performance fabric is better because it doesn’t come with any cracks or peeling in the long term.

Ease of cleaning

The performance fabric is easier to clean. Most stains can be dealt with by using a water and soap solution that is easy to make. 


You will often pay similar costs for high-performance fabric vs premium leather. Both are pretty durable, but they do different things for the consumer. 

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