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Are you looking for an orange couch? It’s funny how orange can be so controversial at times. It only has two sides. You either love it or you hate it. With orange there’s no going in-between and since you’re here, I’m guessing you’re a lover of the pumpkin color. For any room with an orange sofa, the vibe is usually warm and energetic however, everything else has to be less loud or at least neutral. The tricky thing with orange furniture is that if everything else around it is just as loud, your living room could end up with a loud and vibrant setting. Almost as if you’re preparing for a Halloween party or some high school dance party.

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Now since you’re here looking for an orange sofa, let me tell you something about this energetic color and what it will probably say about you. Looking at orange you can see the blend of red and yellow. Combining the vivid energy that comes with red, and the happiness and optimism that comes with yellow, you get the feel of orange. With this color in your home you will create a sense of welcome and emotional energy.

Psychologists say that it helps one recover from slumps like disappointments and heartbreaks. It’s also a great color to surround yourself with when your pride leads you to that fall they always talk about. This stimulant of a color is vibrant and flamboyant, it’s less aggressive and fierce when compared to its sister “the red”. If you’re one who needs their confidence boosted on a regular or your post requires you to make a lot of decisions, then an orange couch is definitely the way to go.

In A Hurry

Let’s go back to sofas now, we have already settled one score when it comes to sofa shopping. We have the color choice already, what’s left is the style and size amongst other minimal requirements, but we might as well look ahead and see what’s in store for us.

Of course, you’ll need a quick guide so that you get this done and over with. Here’s that quick guide and together we’ll look through a few selected orange couches out there and determine which one will suit your style and taste best, so without wasting much time let’s get started.



Before we dive in deep, here’s one of the best that’s out there. This Divano Roma Furniture modern adjustable sofa hit a home run for us. It’s designed for commercial and home use, so depending on your needs it can be used in either the living room, library or office. 

If you want to go overboard then as hallway furniture or entry-way furniture. It’s a multi-functional seatee with a modern contemporary look that suits rather any interior. So yes, it definitely deserved the spot as the top pick. Especially with the fact that it’s orange and multi-functional as well as versatile, how could we ever let it go unnoticed.


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Just by looking at this leather chair you can tell it was made for one to relax in style and not simplicity. It’s not for you sit and think or plan, it’s simply for you to let everything go and soak up some strength whilst you rest and shed off all tension. The burnt orange look is vibrant enough to feed one energy whilst letting them relax and soothe away all the aches of the day.

It’s made perfectly with few detailing especially on the fact that it’s a reclining chair. When others see it, they’ll probably think it’s any ordinary chair and would rather sit on one of the couches. That is of course until they see the reclining feature and you smiling in that relaxing posture.

This single sofa or chair, features a solid wood frame and sturdy dark wood feet for added strength and stability. On that note, it might not be the lightest to move or carry, but it’s definitely worth the weight(no pun intended). It’s upholstered in bonded leather with firm cushioning for that comfortable seating.

So you know it’s water-resistant, stain-resistant and very easy to maintain and clean. Just a general note on leather, unlike other fabrics, leather is quite strong and durable so you know sofa is going to last you long. With it’s heavy-weight, which you know will not allow for skids or slips, it sits at a dimension of; 27.17”L*33.46W*35.38H. If anything, this orange leather recliner would not let you down in anyway.


  • Comfortable
  • Upholstered with Bonded Leather
  • Has a firm seating with no sinking
  • Has sturdy footing and won’t move unnecessarily
  • Has a reclining feature that will help you relax


  • Quite heavy to move and carry

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Coming to you in 8 different colors, this sofa features a reversible chaise lounge. So you already know that with this one you have a 3 in 1 deal. It can be the perfect couch for sitting, lounging and sleeping as well.

The Reversible chaise can be configured to 3 different positions left, centre and right, where it can function as either a comfy footrest or a table/coffee table. It’s basically a small-space configurable sofa for small apartments, condos, studios and so forth, but can also be used in large-space areas as an additional piece in any room.

Getting into detail, this couch comes with a hardwood frame and mid-century modern linen fabrics with a quilted surface. It has overstuffed cushions and 2 decorative throw pillows of the same fabric to give it a unified look.

The seat cushion is memory foam, so you’re guaranteed a soft yet firm feel with no sinking unlike the feather filled cushions. Although assembly is required it’s very minimal and everything you could possibly need for the process will be provided for. Lastly this sofa sits at a dimension of 76”W*33H*26D


  • Very comfortable and firm
  • Has a unified and uniform look
  • Comes with 2 decorative pillows
  • Requires minimal assembly
  • Has a reversible chaise lounge
  • Can be configured to different positions


  • Is not made from waterproof material
  • Not resistant to stains
  • Is mostly suitable for small spaces

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This loveseat can come in 11 other colors but we will concentrate specifically on this orange one. It’s designed for both commercial and household use. So it can be a double taker especially if you have a home office. Looking at it, you will at first glimpse notice a contemporary style, however it’s transitional and throws off an element of elegance.

It’s a very decorative piece that would look good in a hallway, entryway or a living room. Also don’t worry yourself, it may look simple but this armless loveseat you see here is also a recliner. The color orange is neutral and versatile pushing it’s characters off to this beauty we’re seeing here. So besides the places already mentioned you can also add this piece into your bedroom or any other room in the house.

The ergonomic design on this couch allows for the comfort to flow through you from head to toe. It has a contemporary and transitional inspired design that sets it off with an elegant look. It sits on dark brown legs that give it a sturdy feel and is sponge upholstered with Linen covering.

All in all, it’s a multi-functional settee which can act as a bed or a sofa used for sitting, napping, relaxing, reading or watching tv. It’s very sturdy and comfortable and can carry up to 450lbs with its dimensions set at 44.5”*32.7”*34.3”


  • Has a contemporary and transitional design
  • Gives off an elegant look
  • Is versatile and can be used in any room
  • Is very sturdy and comfortable
  • Has sponge upholstery so had a firm and mild soft sitting


  • Is not waterproof
  • Is not stain-resistant

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This little one here comes in 6 different colors. It has a modern split back design which allows it to accommodate personal preferences in lounging. It’s plush comfortable with tufted linen upholstery that has a hypoallergenic fill to maximise the comfort that it will grant you.

If you want you can refer to this as a futon as it allows everything that a futon does. It’s a multi-functional sofa which can provide comfortable sitting and lounging as well as bedding seeing as the sofa can be configured to a bed as well.

It’s a modern split-back sleeper in which it can accommodate two lounge positions at once with one half of the sofa reclining into a flat position whilst the other one remains up. It’s a strong and sturdy sofa that has a long-lasting memory foam cushioning for optimal comfort in any position. It has a strong solid wood frame and metal legs that will allow it to last for a very long time.


Overall Dimension: 77”*31”*31*

Flat position: 70”*40”

Seat cushion: 70”*19”

Seat height: 18”


  • Is a 3 in 1 deal, providing for sitting, lounging and sleeping
  • Has a strong solid wood frame that is sturdy and long lasting
  • Functions like a futon
  • Affordable
  • Very comfortable with memory foam cushions


  • Is not waterproof or stain-resistant

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This fabric recliner comes in 11 different colors. This one being the muted orange that gives off the vibrant feel you want in your house. Unlike most recliners this one is easy to operate for when you need immediate change in your latitude and you really don’t have the energy to switch on a power source. It’s made from strong and durable materials to allow it to give you long-term pleasurable service.

With this couch you’re giving yourself a reason to look forward to the end of the day. Leave the yoga and just dive into this sofa’s welcoming comfort. It’s such a warm and inviting sofa that will surely reposition your body and mind bringing your spirit into perfect alignment. So yes burn that candle, switch of the lights and let your day’s work and tire leave your body whilst you relax and re-energize in this beautiful sofa.

Lets get factual now, this is a mid-century modern recliner designed with your comfort and luxury at heart. It features smooth lines and a clean finish, so people will hardly ever notice that it’s actually a recliner in hiding.

It comes with a wooden frame, tufted back and an extra padded seat cushion to provide maximum comfort and all this finished with a 100%polyester covering. The legs are birch material with a dark espresso finish and a very sturdy set. Dimensions are set at 32.25”D * 27.25”W and  38”H


  • Is strong and durable
  • Very comfortable
  • Has a discrete reclining feature
  • Has an extra padded cushion for maximum comfort
  • Had a mid-century modern look to give a simple and classic look to any room


  • Is a single seater
  • Is fabric and not stain-resistant

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Buyer’s Guide


With an orange sofa it would be wise to avoid mixing it with other loud and vibrant colors and the overall look may be a bit overwhelming for one’s eyes. Also adding too much black may become quite scary as that is the normal look for Halloween decorations. 

The best would be to match orange with other neutral colors that are not bright, for example white, brown and beige can work very well with an orange sofa. Pink also works well with orange but in minimum quantities like small throw-in pillows or just a throw over rug will be enough. 



Orange is a mixture of yellow and red. It carries with it all the energy and brightness that come with red. At the same time diluting all of that with the happiness and optimism of yellow. Orange hence envies string emotions in people such that they either love it or hate it with no in-between. 

For those who love orange they experience it’s warm radiation. It also gives out energy so those people who are currently in a slump may feel better after being surrounded by orange settings. Also it helps the mind internalize hence if one has to make a very important decision, being in an orange filled room would definitely help. 



Orange symbolises a lot of positive energies such as good health, vitality, cheer, adventure, excitement and warmth. However it’s such a controversial color and to some may be very brass. However, it can be associated with a lot of negative feelings such as anger, cowardice, dishonesty and loyalty. 

Some also say that it’s associated with warnings hence it’s a sign of alarm and caution. Whilst others claim that it’s associated with farcical thoughts as it complements two contradictory colors that is red and yellow. 



Whether a sofa can be stained or not depends rather on the material used to make it and not on it’s color. Of course orange stains will not be as visible as other stains but that’s as far as an orange sofa can go in hiding stains. 

Most microfibers and leathers are water resistant as well as stain resistant. In most cases, stains will be caused by something with a bleaching effect, otherwise under normal conditions they would be unstainable. 

However, other fabric materials that are not water-resistant or stain-resistant allow liquids to seep through them hence staining them. Some stains can be removed by washing, wiping or vacuuming  whilst other become permanent. 



The color orange tends to represent intelligent and intellectual people. It’s for people who fall deep into thought easily and find ways to overcome situations. Sometimes they can be described as witty and cunning, spontaneous, adventurous and optimistic. Orange is normally for those who are addicted to excitement and adventure. People who require freedom and hate being controlled. 



Chenille is strong, soft and durable that tends to hide dirt quite well. However the piled fabric can easily get caught in a pet’s claws. Unlike humans some pets don’t reason well and will just pull with the material on their claws leading to a tear in the fabric. So though cozy and fuzzy enough for your pet to be comfortable it’s best to avoid such at all cases.

Final Thoughts

Finally!!! We’re done. This was an exhausting journey. Harder than I thought it would be, but I’m glad we finally made it and hopefully we found what you were looking for. I’ve done my part, and I hope you have greatly benefited from it. 

I will now leave you so you can do the rest, I wish you luck in your shopping, and may the outcome be as vibrant and energetic as the color itself. Adding and orange sofa to your household is going to change a lot of things. It will give off that energetic feel that I’m certain you’ll love and appreciate in depressing moments. Enjoy your shopping. Not yet settled on a color? Check out our article about Blue Leather Sofa.

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