Nova Elegant Convertible Leather Sofa

Considering getting the Nova Elegant Convertible Leather Sofa? Convertible sofas have become a popular trend in the furniture world as of late. However, very few convertible sofas can play a role that this sofa can manage to play in your life. This is an elegant sofa that will clearly add a gush of sophistication to your home. 

If you have ever thought about changing your home lifestyle into something with depth and a heavy meaning then this may just be your chance. Coming in an exquisite design, with flamboyant colors this sofa is definitely the sofa you need in your home.

Nova Elegant Convertible Leather Sofa

It comes in very beautiful colors and of course a beautiful design that will have you drooling all over your living room floors. The best part is that this sofa is convertible and can fit in even in the smallest of spaces. All you have to do is just find the right angle to set it in. 

In a few words let me just say that if you are looking to add a little bit of pizzazz to your home. Well this sofa is definitely your biggest contender. Look no further because your search is done. 

This elegant Nova Sofa comes as a sofa that is easily convertible from sofa to accent chairs, and smoothly fits into even the smallest of spaces. Nova is upholstered in Top Grain Leather Match and soft fabric, sits on a finely-crafted, low profile wooden frame, and is available in (3) classic shades to best match your decor. So all you have to do is find that that clearly matches your set and you’re good to go.


  • Is a luxurious sofa that is both visually stunning and comfortable
  • Comes in leather making it waterproof and stain resistant
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain
  • Is convertible to two accent chairs
  • Can fit in even the smallest of spaces


  • Is not resistant to fire and sharp objects



When it comes to looks this Nova Combines both luxury and comfort. It is an elegant piece of sofa that will have you literally drooling over your own interior. With this sofa, you can change any room you set this sofa into something more amazing and spectacular. 

Coming to you in three different shades with brown, black, and a white one that had grey arms, this sofa can definitely do things you would have never imagined to your home. It comes with a seamless design that can allow it to cut through as a classy modern sofa as well as a hippy fun sofa. 

Nova Elegant Convertible Leather Sofa

You can even further decorate it with more accented pillows and rugs just to add a bit of flavor if you feel as though it is too flat. It comes as a regular sofa in a picture but once it is in your home you will then be able to tell that it is not a regular sofa at all. 



With size, this sofa can be termed as an average sofa. It comes as a two-seat sofa but can obviously sit in more than two people at a time. It is not the largest sofa in the world but it can definitely not fall under the category of a loveseat. 

It is a sofa that was specifically designed to suit both large spaces as well as small spaces. You will find that with this sofa, even a small bedroom can accommodate it and if you feel that it is too wide you may as well separate the two pieces and work with them as accent chairs instead. 

Setting both of them at different angles to suit the living space. Now it comes at an overall dimension of (Hx W xD):31″ x 89″ x 32″ with each accent chair holding its end at (Hx W xD):31″ x 44.5″ x 32″. As you can see it can and will work as the perfect sofa for both cuddles and lounging.


Comfort can never be an issue when it comes to leather sofas. Definitely there is magic with the leather because never will you ever find a leather sofa that is uncomfortable.

However, this sofa comes with top-grain leather which is almost close to genuine leather hence you may feel it a bit rough on your skin but all in all, it will still be smooth on your skin. 

In terms of weather temperaments, leather is generally a cool material and at first sight, it may come off as cold but within a few seconds, it will generate some heat. Being made from hardwood this sofa is quite steady. 

It is not the sofa you may feel like sitting on at the edge in fear of toppling over. It is a good sofa that will definitely bring about change to your home and give you the firm and supportive comfort you need.


Leather is generally believed to last 25 years in its natural form. So this sofa is set to last you more than 25 years given that you take care of it well. That is by providing a moisturizer and conditioner to your leather and avoiding sharp objects from cutting though on the sofa.

With all this being said you may start questioning the frame. With an upholstery ad durable as top grain leather of course the frame will be just as durable and just as strong as the rest of the sofa. 


Betting on how much you’d be willing to spend for a sofa that can last you until your baby is in college, this sofa definitely deserves to be worth so much more.

Although it doesn’t come off as the cheapest sofa in the universe. With a will, you can make a plan and have this sofa in your home. 


When it comes to design, comfort, and durability this sofa is definitely one to be nominated for an award. Mixing luxury and comfort which very few sofas manage to do, this sofa can definitely be what you need. Now even though it is not the cheapest sofa on the planet it is definitely worth ann the cents you could put to its name.

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