Nova Colorful Convertible Velvet Sofa with (8) Accent Pillows

Are you thinking about getting the Nova Colorful Convertible Velvet Sofa with (8) Accent Pillows? Well if you are definitely looking to spice up things in your home, this sofa may just be your biggest contender. 

Coming to you not only with a convertible design this sofa also throws in a bunch of colorful accent pillows just to make things more fun. Who said furniture has to be boring and bold? This sofa completely ignores such lines of focus and conditioning and goes with its own style. 

Nova Colorful Convertible Velvet Sofa with (8) Accent Pillows

It’s like having a sofa that has decided to make its own stance and stand up for colorful right. Well, certainly you will never be bored with such a sofa in your home. At least now if you run out of things to do you can play around with this sofa and make your home a little interesting. 

This sofa comes with its own unique feature. It throws away any form of formality and still maintains its dignity, and I believe such a sofa is definitely worth it. So if you are looking for that sofa that is going to add a ray of sunshine to your home, look no further! 

This colorful Nova Sofa is easily convertible from sofa to accent chairs and smoothly fits into even the smallest of spaces. This convertible Nova sofa comes to you upholstered in soft velvet making it not only fun to look at but physically appealing as well. 

It features a rainbow variety of (8) eight accent pillows which will definitely bring that ray of sunshine into your home. It also sits on a finely-crafted, low profile wooden frame.


  • Comes as a uniquely designed colorful sofa
  • Is very comfortable to look at and sit on
  • Comes as a convertible sofa
  • It can fit in the smallest of spaces


  • The material used is not stain-resistant or waterproof



Well, what more is there to say. The name says it all. This sofa is one die-hard sofa that will bring a rainbow and sunshine rays to your home. With this sofa, you can literally transform any boring home into something worth smiling and laughing about. 

With a sense of class, this sofa has managed to remove boredom and boldness from the term ‘furniture’. So you will find that this sofa comes in four different colors. You can make a choice between light grey, dark gray, blue, and black.

Nova Colorful Convertible Velvet Sofa with (8) Accent Pillows

It is basically a modern sofa that cuts across so many design lines that it could probably blend in with any interior from classy to contemporary. It comes with eight accent pillows that are paired in orange, red, green, and yellow just to add more spice to the flavoring. 

The sofa itself is convertible in such a way that you can either join two pieces to form a basic two-seat sofa or you can separate them and have two accent chairs. Either way, the effect this sofa will have will not change.



In terms of size, as a whole, this sofa is generally not as big as you would think. It is designed to fit in even the smallest of spaces. It works just as well in large spaces because it has a loud appeal and it will probably fill up the room anyhow. 

It comes at a sleek dimension of (Hx W xD):33″ x 87 x 30″ allowing it to range in between being a regular sofa and a loveseat.

However, when it is set separately each accent chair will sit at a dimension of (Hx W xD):33″ x 43.5” x 30″ making it the perfect accent chair for any guest. Napping isn’t impossible on the sofa either as a whole or separately as it will manage you quite well.


For a sofa as visually exciting as this one. It would be close to impossible to imagine it being uncomfortable. With soft velvet upholstery, you already know that it is going to be a very soft, warm, and cozy sofa that you can cuddle up on easily. It is that sofa that will have you thinking twice before standing up. 

Even though it sits at a very low profile this is one sofa that will have you wanting more and more of it every day. Now the backrest is a part with the armrest meaning your support will lie in the cushions. 

It’s a fluffy sofa that will have you wanting to move out of your bedroom and on it every night. The best part is that because of its size you can just as well have it in your bedroom and use it as your second bed. 


Velvet is a stubborn material, it may not be the strongest but it definitely refuses to be amongst the weakest. You will find that this sofa is actually quite strong and durable. As shocking as it may be because of its softness and a welcoming ray of sunshine look. 

This sofa can last you up to fifteen years or more even with all the constant napping. It is that one sofa that will hold out until its last breath and even then, it may still stand strong. Now coming with a wooden frame this sofa is very light, as compared to other sofas. 

As so you may want to take caution on the number of people you allow on it as a given time as surpassing its weight limit may end in a disappointing way.


How much are you willing to pay to keep a warm breeze and ray of sunshine into your home? Well, this sofa is definitely not the cheapest out there, but it still comes off as affordable in the eyes of many. If you really want it, saving up won’t be much of hassle either way. 


Well you know what they say, all good things must come to an end. Sadly we have looked at almost everything you may want to know about this sofa. It is a colorful sofa that definitely rules out boredom and its modular design definitely makes it worthwhile. So why waste any more time. Get your sofa and add that ray to your home.!

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