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Just a friendly warning about this sofa, when you buy it your friends may stay longer than you expected and they will always be at your house. So you’re looking for a comfortable piece of furniture, well I’m here to show you the most comfortable piece you could ever find. 

Here we have what is known as a Nockeby sofa. I’d say they termed it so because well if you sit on it in a few minutes you would have definitely knocked out. 

This sofa comes with thick pocket-spring cushions with a memory foam layer and high armrests that make the sofa invitingly comfortable. You get extra soft comfort and support because the thick seat cushions have a core of pocket springs and a top of cut foam and polyester fibres. 

The core of pocket springs is durable and keeps its form and soft comfort for a longer time. With this sofa, you get plenty of room for everyone so definitely its worth the smile you have on just thinking about what it will be like. 


  • Is very comfortable and cozy
  • Is medium-sized and is perfect for any room size 
  • Is easy to clean and maintain 


  • Is not waterproof proof or stain resistant 
  • Has a limited seat capacity


Let’s try to get visual here. To really understand how comfortable a Nockeby sofa is, I think you need to sit down on it or even lie down. Remember those times that you have that feeling and you just need to maybe curl up in a corner or lean on the high armrests. 

That is what this sofa is there for. The idea used to design this sofa was so that you could feel cozy and so very welcome in your own room. The cushions were made to be so soft for that exact reason. So this sofa comes to you in four different colors. 

We have peach, grey, maroon and as always grey. It’s the perfect sofa if you are looking to make your home look very cozy and I am certain that whatever you decide to do is on this sofa. The comfort you will experience will be the best feeling you would have ever encountered. 


This is a medium-sized sofa meaning that it can lean both ways depending on the size of the room. It is obviously big enough for three or more people to sit on at the same time it’s big enough for someone to take a very comfortable nap in the afternoon for a long sleep session. 

In the evening the sofa comes with a beautiful design that allows you to sleep comfortably curled up in a warm cozy blanket. You will not regret this sofa plus its size is perfect for anything you could ever want to do.

It has the following measurements starting off with the width which is 82cm followed by the height that comes at a low range of 56cm. 

Let us not forget the length of 124 cm which is perfect if you are an average person who likes taking naps. It weighs around 34kgs making it very easy to move around when you want to redecorate or clean up


This sofa is extra comfortable and extra durable. This sofa has a thick cushion with a pocket-spring core and a top layer made of memory foam, which helps it stay soft and comfortable for a long time. Meaning even in the next 10 years this sofa will definitely be as fine as the day you bought it. 

Isn’t that a blessing in disguise. With this sofa here there are no compromises and definitely no shortcuts when it comes to keeping their shape and comfort over time. Because if you know how cosy and comfy this sofa is, you’ll want to spend as much time as you can there so you will definitely get it. 


Tallmyra is a hardwearing chenille cover made of cotton and polyester and has a soft surface and a slightly reflective lustre. The cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed. Coming with a 10-year guarantee this sofa is set to last a long time. 

This fabric’s ability to resist abrasion has been tested to handle more than twenty thousand cycles. A fabric that withstands fifteen thousand cycles or more is suitable for furniture that should withstand everyday use in the home. You can use it for as long as you want. 

In simpler terms, it is a heavy-duty cover. The cover also has a superpower in which it has a lightfastness level of five. The normal scale is one to eight, so this means that it is way above the strongest sofa you know and is definitely best for everyday use. 


This beautiful sofa goes for €695. Firstly if you are on a tight budget and you are not as particular about sizes and style and quality then I think this sofa may be just a bit too expensive for you. However on the other end if you are looking to get yourself a special sofa that will not disappoint you in the coming years then I think this sofa is the one for you. 

Looking at its construction and the amount of time put to make sure that it meets any human’s desired expectation is what makes it all the more worth the price. So definitely this sofa is the one. 


This sofa is of excellent quality, and trust me it looks much more expensive than it costs. What it has to offer and the price tag on it is clearly an understatement. The cushions will obviously start quite firm but do squish up a bit with time. This sofa is it. 

Ladies and gentlemen add a flare of cozy and soft to your home. You could probably make a holiday resort and charge people to take a relaxing session on such a sofa. So trust your instincts and get yourself a beautiful Nockeby sofa for your home. 

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